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Ron Pope's 'Lick my Wounds' Music Video Relies Heavily on Triangle/Pyramid & Eye Symbolism
Posted In: Information and Theories  1/2/14
By: Sarah Wilson

Ron Pope is releasing a new album due out on January 6, 2014, titled 'Calling Off the Dogs,' and the first single called 'Lick my Wounds' includes eye-catching imagery that sends an odd message in regards to the lyrics. If there's one way to transition from a musician seeking mainstream artist status to a musician creating an instant buzz, embracing the triangle symbolism and single eye symbolism often associated with the Illuminati seems to have worked.

Ron Pope is a rock-pop singer-songwriter who has been in the business for some years now, gaining notoriety with an Internet hit titled "A Drop in the Ocean" with Zach Berkman. The positive response to that song led Pope to pursue a solo career, which brings us to the odd music video for his single 'Lick my Wounds,' which has caught the attention of viewers who would have probably not heard of the singer otherwise.

Pope seems to have had an up and down ride in the roller coaster-like world of the music industry. In March of 2008, the singer was featured as an up and coming artist on MTV's TRL show, where he gave a performance. As an independent artist, Pope penned, produced and released four full-length albums: Daylight (2008), The Bedroom Demos (2009), Goodbye, Goodnight (2009) and Hello, Love (2009).

In mid-2009, he signed a recording contract with a record label called Universal Republic for one year. During that time, he released two singles, 'I Believe' and 'A Drop in the Ocean,' which previously attracted an online following. Since leaving the label, Pope has continued to produce and release music as an independent artist.

However, it is the music video for 'Lick my Wounds' that is particularly interesting, as it contains a great deal of pyramid symbolism. In addition to the number of triangles that appear in the music video, the pyramid shapes are also positioned over a single eye of people in the video. The single eye (all-seeing eye) symbolism is intensified by the fact that the pyramids are used to create the imagery.

Vevo is showcasing the music video for 'Lick my Wounds,' which shows Pope sitting at a desk with a pink triangle in the background. For a brief moment, as the video fades into view, 'sparks' of lines seem to 'illuminate' from the triangle shape. Throughout the video, a filter is used to reference a sort of 'electric' charge that interacts with some of the features of the room and characters, including the singer.

As the music video continues, a flash of a skull shows before a female character appears. If you blink, you might miss the skull.  Later on, imagery of a butterfly is shown – is this a nod to MK Ultra programming? Single eyes also appear in the middle of the video. The female is wearing a mask at first, but later is seen with a triangle covering one of her eyes as well. A different female is shown with a double triangle symbol over one of her eyes. At one point, a demon-like figure appears in front of an illuminated triangle.

Overall, triangles and eyes play a rather significant role in the music video for Pope's 'Lick my Wounds' – the question is – is it an intentional move to grab the attention of viewers by creating a buzz, or is he sending a message with his choice of symbolism?


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