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Taylor Momsen Plays on Witchcraft and Devil Worship in Revolver Photo Shoot
Posted In: Information and Theories  3/24/14
By: Sarah Wilson

Taylor Momsen did not always start out in the entertainment industry the way it apparently looks as if she will continue and end her career. In film, she embraced 'cutesy', age-appropriate roles, but soon evolved into a persona that now embraces symbolism and themes of a darker nature. In addition to promoting a new album with her band The Pretty Reckless titled, 'Going to Hell,' Momsen continues to push an agenda that supports hell, devil worship, and the dark arts with her recent photo shoot in Revolver magazine.

Decorating the cover of the February/March issue of Revolver magazine is Taylor Momsen. A partial glimpse of her bare breast peeks through a black hooded garment that she wears. In her hands, she is holding a skull. Her entire get-up and the photo theme play into the teaser that accompanies it – 'The Pretty Reckless Temptress: Taylor Momsen Raises Hell!' and 'The Baddest Babes in Heavy Music!' The headlines and teaser are an obvious play on her recent album title. She also appears in the magazines' 'The 25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock' list.

Taylor is #1 on the list, and the magazine starts off her tribute with the intro: "The rock spell-caster went through Hell making her band's new album…has only made her more ready to dance with the Devil." Accompanying the highlight on the singer, Momsen is holding the skull of a horned animal, which seems to send off a reference associated with Baphomet, one who is worshipped in the same vein as the devil. With opened mouth, she appears to be placing one of the horns in a seductive manner into her mouth. It's a disturbing scene all around the board.

In the featured from this same magazine piece, Momsen is positioned in inside of a "magic circle" made from a pentagram within a circle – known as a pentacle. This symbol is often associated with witchcraft and protection. Momsen is dressed in white, and the way her body is situated…appears as if she is a sacrificial virgin of some sort.

It is not uncommon for music artists and other celebrities to resort to pushing the envelope of controversy, and incorporate themes, lyrics, and other career-related moves that include ''shock value.' Appearing to embrace things such as the Illuminati, Satanism, or the dark arts, is one surefire way to get attention in the entertainment industry, but it seems that Momsen truly embraces this theme.

Other photos that appear in the magazine show the singer kneeling in the center of a pentacle drawn on the floor while holding a white candle, and standing in the middle of a circle of various candles, including one that looks as if it is dripping with blood.

Incorporating Satanic or dark references into her fashion statements, photo shoots, or music lyrics is nothing new for Momsen. In case you didn't know or remember, social media went abuzz with the cover art for the singer's group album 'Going to Hell,' which shows her naked body turned away from the camera. Painted along her back is a cross that points towards her buttocks – creating a disrespectful statement against religion.


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