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DMX Admits to Being Propositioned by the Devil on More than One Occasion
Posted In: Information and Theories  11/11/13
By: Sarah Wilson

With a long history of drug addiction, rapper DMX (real name Earl Simmons) is no stranger to speaking about fighting 'demons' in his music, and during a recent appearance on the Dr. Phil Show…he admits to being propositioned by the Devil not once, but three times. In addition to speaking on the Devil, he also proclaims that he will die a drug addict, and clarified that it doesn't mean that he has to be doing drugs to die as one. Media outlets are abuzz with clips of the interview, which shows the rapper speaking on his past issues, including drug use , as well as making references to his faith in God.

DMX has been making appearances on talk shows this year. One of his most memorable interviews took place with Iyanla Vanzant on her show, 'Iyanla: Fix My Life,' which aired on OWN. After the interview, he claimed that during his dialogue with Vanzant, he was tricked into speaking about his drug addiction, although he was quite forthcoming with the details. Although advised not to appear on another talk show, DMX decided to make his latest appearance with the very well-known Dr. Phil, who has a reputation for getting to the bottom of mental health and emotional issues.

As the interview between the two men delicately continue on after an intro, preliminary questions and playful banter, Dr. Phil starts to bring up the lyrics to some of DMX's songs. One song highlights the fame that comes with being an entertainer, as well as some of the consequences that often follow. DMX starts to freestyle the lyrics and ends by making the point, 'mow the grass to see the snakes.'

Dr. Phil then transitions into some of the more religious-centered lyrics of the rapper with his song, 'Lord Give Me a Sign.' After DMX pours out the lyrics from the heart, Dr. Phil makes the statement that the rapper has had a song depicting a 'conversation with God' (and a prayer) on every one of his albums. He then mentions how DMX has also had three conversations with the Devil. Dr. Phil asks the rapper why, and DMX replies that in order to make a fair assessment, you have to see both sides. He then goes on to say that he was approached three times by the Devil, and that he was able to recognize who it was by the type of things that he was offering.

This isn't the first time that DMX has mentioned being approached by or coming in contact with the Devil. A journalist from a local news station got a chance to speak to DMX during his incarceration in 2009. In the prison interview, DMX makes the claim that the Devil lives in Arizona, and states that he once loved the sunrises of the state before 'meeting the Devil.' No names were said as to who he was referring to, but he went on to say that the 'spirit of the Devil travels in and out of people.' It was also reported that DMX claimed that he would not be returning to Arizona after his release because of the Devil's presence.


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