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The Occult and Satanic Symbolism of KTZ Clothing Company
Posted In: Information and Theories  10/23/13
By: Sarah Wilson

Is it a coincidence that a handful of entertainers in the music industry who are suspected of embracing the dark side or supporting secret society agendas consistently embrace some of the same kind of clothing companies that are known for incorporating Satanic or Illuminati-related imagery? Let's take the styles of the KTZ Clothing Company, which have found supporters beyond the usual Illuminati puppets, Rihanna and Kanye West. The designs associated with the company are distinctly tied into the occult and Satanism by using blatant symbolism and imagery.

KTZ (or Kokon To Zai) is a high-end clothing collaboration between designers Koji Maruyama, Sasko Bezovski and Marjan Pejoski. Part of the inspiration for the brand and its designs are reported to have come from movie director Kenneth Anger – a man who actually has the name 'Lucifer' tattooed across his chest. Anger is an open Crowley Disciple who has directed occult-inspired movies, such as 'Lucifer Rising.' The now-deceased Crowley, who established an occult secret society called the Order of the Golden Dawn, has also inspired clothing designs. Not too long ago, we spoke of R&B songstress Ciara wearing a coat and boots in her music video for 'Super Turnt Up' that bore a large-print tribute to the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn.

From sports jerseys with the name 'Satan' and the number 13 featured on its backside to Ouiji-board like designs, KTZ designers do not deny the influence that the occult has made on the clothing styles that they create and market. For instance, designers for the rather dark-looking women's ready-to-wear fall-winter collection gained inspiration from the occult and imagery from tarot cards that include the hanged man, the lovers, death, and the devil.

One of the first times that KTZ clothing made an appearance in the celebrity spotlight was when Rihanna wore a rock-and-roll looking tank top and pants set that incorporated winged skulls and the pentagram (five pointed star) to a basketball game. The pentagram on the pants points downward, and is seen as a symbol of Baphomet – one that is commonly associated with witchcraft and rituals linked to calling upon demonic spirits.  Kanye West was also seen wearing the same pants from KTZ.

Rihanna has continued to support the clothing company by wearing many different pieces, including a full-length dress, shirts, and a sweatshirt bearing the number '13' and a rough image of the horned goat. West has also worn KTZ clothing on more than occasion, most notably a pair of KTZ shorts that appeared in an advertisement featuring Kim Kardashian that aired during the Grammy Awards.

The popularity of KTZ clothing has made quite an impression on the celebrity world, especially with musicians, singers, and rappers. The following music artists have been seen in public wearing KTZ attire (some on more than one occasion) that depicts the number 13, the occult, goat heads, and pentagrams: rapper Wiz Khalifa, singer Miley Cyrus, singer Adam Lambert, rapper Jay-Z, singer Rita Ora (who is also under Jay-Z's label), rapper ASAP Rocky, entertainer Big Sean, and pop/dance singer Wynter Gordon.


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