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The Sad Case of Courtney Stodden – Sex Kitten Programming at Its Best?
Posted In: Information and Theories  7/19/13
By: Sarah Wilson

One of the levels of Monarch programming that seems to have a way of infiltrating the entertainment industry is sex-kitten programming. Obviously, this type of mind control is one that centers on sex, as it aims to erase any inhibitions that a female may have, encourages a more primal sexual instinct, and tries to remove any morals regarding sexual behavior. Over the years, Courtney Stodden has shown signs of being a victim of such programming, which is viewed as one the most recognizable approaches for female celebrities, models, actresses and musicians.

Courtney Stodden is not exactly a household name for her singing or overall talent, but her claim to 'fame' occurred when news hit the headlines that she married 51-year-old Doug Hutchison (actor in movies, such as 'Bait,' 'Green Mile,' and 'The Punisher') in 2011 when she was only 16 years old. Across the nation, critics deemed the marriage inappropriate, not only because of how young she was, but also because of the great difference in age between the two lovers.

Stodden and Hutchison met when the aspiring country and pop music singer signed up for an online acting workshop taught by her future husband. At the time, Hutchison was allegedly unaware of how old Stodden was when he initially started a courtship over the Internet.

In a period of four to six months, the two believed they had fallen in love before ever having a face-to-face meeting. Once Hutchison learned that Stodden was just a teenager, he supposedly told her mother (who all along had been watching over their online exchanges and knew of both their relationship, and just how old he was) that if her parents disapproved, he would stop the relationship. However, her parents allowed Stodden to make her own decision.

Stodden and Hutchison married in Las Vegas in May of 2011, making Courtney his third wife. Of course, their relationship was deemed controversial and attracted a great deal of critics. When the two became husband and wife, Hutchison reported that his agent resigned, his family disowned him, was called a pedophile, and that he had received death threats.

In what some believe was an attempt to stretch their celebrity status, Hutchison and Stodden appeared on the television reality show, 'Couples Therapy' to supposedly work out some issues that have arisen out of their age difference. While on the show, Stodden had been described as 'a creepy overtly sexual person.' She was also briefly removed from the series for 'refusing to adhere to a demure dress code.'

With bleach-blonde hair and heavy makeup, the now 18-year-old Stodden looks well beyond her years. She's often dressed in skimpy, barely-there tight, high dresses with extreme heels. The signs of plastic surgery run rampant on her body. Oftentimes, she resembles a prostitute, which fits right into the scheme of sex-kitten programming. Her choice of clothing, actions in public, and overall appearance calls into question whether or not Stodden is a youth under the control of handlers (or just one handler).

Oftentimes, sex-kitten programmed females lose their sense of self, and have trouble expressing or acknowledging their true identity. Victims are also known to create altars to deal with the 'abuse.' Stodden has also drawn attention to the possibility of being a programmed 'slave' through her YouTube videos. Equipped with varying accents and going by different names, Stodden takes on the persona of a few different women, and transforms into the likes of a 'Goth' female and a Latina.

Sex-kitten programming is also associated with the 'good girl gone bad' image, and Stodden definitely fits into the mold. Before marrying Hutchison and entering the world of 'celebrity' gossip, she was a fresh-faced teen pageant winner.



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