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The Tactic of Using Backmasking to Spread Evil and Subliminal Messages to Listeners
Posted In: Information and Theories  8/18/13
By: Sarah Wilson

The subconscious mind is a powerful machine, and it is constantly bombarded by images and audio messages that the waking mind does not readily detect. One of the most damaging consequences of coming in contact with hidden messages is the negativity that becomes absorbed, which has the potential to affect an individual during their waking life. The practice of backmasking attempts to achieve this sort of effect – it's a technique used in music recordings where sounds or messages are recorded backward onto the track so that when they are played in reverse, they are revealed. It is not uncommon to see music groups use this technique as a way to insert demonic, Satanic, and questionable messages into their albums.

In the United States, backmasking has been a controversial point ever since the 1980s when Christian groups claimed that the technique was used with a Satanic intention in mind. As the movement against rock musicians suspected of using the practice grew, record-burning protests took place and anti-backmasking legislation was even proposed by governments on the state and federal level.

Throughout the years, both well-known and less obscure group/solo musicians have added hidden messages in their music using backmasking. The practice continues to this date.

A few examples include:

Ash: In response to being questioned about a hidden message in the Northern Irish alternative rock band's song 'Evil Eye,' lead singer Tim Wheeler replied, "Yeah, we did hide a secret message in 'Evil Eye', but it's not that bad." The hidden message turned out to be: "She's giving me the evil eye, suck Satan's c*ck."

Bloodhound Gang: Initially hitting the music scene as a rap group in 1991, this American group transitioned into different forms of alternative rock known for their satirical lyrics. In the "Lift Your Head Up High (and Blow Your Brains Out) album, a deep, strange-sounding voice is heard saying "Devil child will wake up and eat Chef Boyardee Beefaroni," which was preceded by "I hope you take this the wrong way / And misinterpret what I say / Rewind and let me reverse it / Backwards like Judas Priest first did."

Boards of Canada: This Scottish electronic music duo have been in the business since 1986, and are no strangers to the backmasking technique. In 'You Could Feel the Sky,' listen close to the second minute mark to hear a clearly audible "A god with hooves, a god with horns." In '1969,' the group also inserted the name David Koresh into their music. They say "Although not a follower of David Koresh, she's a devoted Branch Davidian," where the rest of the sentence is not backmasked. Koresh was the leader of a religious sect who believed that he was the final prophet. He ultimately led his Branch Davidians to their deaths in what has become known as the Waco, Texas shootout/standoff – more than 80 people (including children) died in the fire that overcame his ranch. The duo, which is consists of two brothers, have also recorded music using the alias of Hell Interface.

Danger Mouse: Known for collaborating with many well-known music artists. In "Lucifer 9 (Interlude)," he intentionally backmasked "Six, six, six, murder murder Jesus" in the remixed version of Jay-Z's 'Lucifer'.

Marilyn Manson: It's no wonder that Manson has inserted backmasked messages in his music. Appearing on the B-side of the single "Get Your Gunn," various messages emerge, including "You are on the other side now...there ain't no going back once you been here, brothers and sisters...there ain't no going back." Forward and backwards, you will hear "uh uh the apocalypse."


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