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There's Interesting Symbolism Found in the Kardashian's Christmas Card This Year
Posted In: Information and Theories  12/2/13
By: Sarah Wilson

The Kardashians are known for producing an annual Christmas card that they share with the rest of the world. This year, a showy, highly stylized photo shoot took place which included all of the female members of the Kardashian clan with the exception of an encased Bruce Jenner positioned close to matriarch Kris Jenner. There's no doubt that many features of the card are meant to drum up controversy or chatter, and it's no accident that the glitzy, Las Vegas-setting gives off the feel of a tabloid news wasteland. However, it's pretty hard to ignore some of the hidden symbolism and subliminal messages throughout the overall layout.

The All-Seeing Eye Pyramid

Recently, Kim Kardashian swore that she knew nothing of the Illuminati, and yet, one of the most glaring symbols associated with the secret society is the all-seeing eye pyramid. A large graphic in blue appears not once, but twice in the Christmas card. The family could very well be sending out a message to taunt the critics, but having two pyramids is a bit excessive.

Kanye West as Jesus

While Kim K's fiancé, Kanye West does not appear in the flesh in this year's Christmas card, there is still representation of the rapper who is believed to have ties to the infamous secret society. In the February 2006 issue of Rolling Stone, Kanye West blasphemously appeared on the cover of the magazine as Jesus – complete with thorn crown. This particular magazine cover can be found amongst the rubble of headlines. Interestingly, the same photographer responsible for the Christmas card is the same photographer who shot West as Jesus.

Kylie Jenner's Headpiece

The headpiece that one of the youngest Kardashian sisters wears can be viewed in two different ways. At quick glance, it looks as if the young woman is wearing something that resembles a pair of horns. However, others across the Internet have pointed out that the headpiece looks like something out of the German film Metropolis, which has been identified as a movie that incorporates references to the occult and the Illuminati.

This isn't the first time that the Jenner sisters have been suspected of embracing the symbolism linked to the secret society. When Kylie and Kendall worked with Pac-Sun to put out their own clothing collection, the advertisements that featured the girls relied heavily on poses that incorporated intentional single eye symbolism.

A Celebration of their Elite Status

The Kardashians are considered 'elite' within the social circles of the entertainment industry. Members of the family are seen everywhere – from reality TV to magazine covers to clothing companies to perfume…and participate in many other endeavors that bring in a great deal of money. The Christmas card also includes a handful of references to their elite status. For starters, an interesting graffiti statement (subliminal message) on the staircase that Kim Kardashian stands on is the word 'fame.' This word is also graffitied in at least three other places in the card. A large, lit-up, gold dollar sign is positioned alongside Kim. The words 'fame' and 'money' are situated overhead mother Kris Jenner, where one of her hands is conveniently placed in between both.


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