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What Do You Think of Lady Gaga Collaborating with the Muppets?
Posted In: Information and Theories  12/24/13
By: Sarah Wilson

When you stop to picture what Jim Henson's Muppets stand for, one of the last celebrities that you'd think would be paired alongside the colorful characters might be Lady Gaga. As the figureheads of a children's television show that aims to stay current in today's cultural and social climate, pairing the puppets with a popular music artist like Gaga is sure to grab the attention of viewers. It's no wonder that Lady Gaga managed to cause a bit of a stir with the Christmas special called 'Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular.'

The very thought of a singer like Lady Gaga appearing alongside puppet characters who are meant to set a good example for, entertain, and educate today's youth is a bit alarming. She's an entertainer who has made a name for herself within the industry by wearing dresses made out of meat and performing in half-naked outfits for awards ceremonies. She also has a constant habit of supporting, encouraging, and promoting symbolism often associated with the Illuminati, such as single eye symbolism and illuminated pyramids. Gaga also doesn't discriminate against symbols generally linked to Satanism and the occult, including horns and the '666' hand gesture that she often places over one of her eyes.

What better way to lure children into accepting the messages that such symbolism sends than to enlist the assistance of someone with a widespread appeal to viewers of all ages…like Lady Gaga. The singer is no stranger to making headlines with her appearances, and she didn't disappoint conspiracy theorists who believe she willingly embraces and perpetuates the concepts of the Illuminati with her Muppet special.  

During the 90-minute special which first aired on Thanksgiving night, Lady Gaga performed skits and songs with the Muppets, including a great deal of the tunes featured on her latest musical endeavor, an album titled ARTPOP. One of the songs that Gaga performs with the Muppets is 'Venus,' which embraces goddess worship (sometimes viewed as occult worship). It's bad business to have a mainstream artist such as Gaga promoting her music to the younger ages in this manner, as some of her songs contain lyrics and concepts that are too 'adult' for young listeners. It's oversexualized trickery packaged as child-appropriate material.

In addition to the racy concepts in her songs and lyrics, Gaga also exposes her young viewers to what has become one of her signature moves – the '666' hand gesture placed over one of her eyes which creates a double-whammy with its single eye symbolism. While the performer is known to make this sign in many of her photo shoots and during performances, incorporating the symbolism (no matter how innocent she may deem it) with the Muppets is unsettling.

Take a look at the commercial used to advertise the Gaga-Muppet special, and you will find the singer flashing what looks like an extremely creepy nod to single eye symbolism.

Incidentally, Gaga also has a cameo in the Muppets Most Wanted film set to release in 2014, so this isn't the last time you will see her and the puppet characters appearing together.


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