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Who is Jessie J and How Many Times Illuminati Symbols Appear in Her Recent Work?
Posted In: Information and Theories  11/22/13
By: Sarah Wilson

Although she's been associated with the music industry since 2006, it hasn't been until relatively recently that the United States has become aware of the London, England singer and songwriter named Jessie J. Before singing the lyrics she wrote for herself and appearing in her own music videos, Jessie penned hits for artists such as Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus when she landed a songwriting deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Lately, Jessie J has been incorporating Illuminati symbolism into her music videos, including single eye symbolism and pyramid imagery.

With a soulful pop voice, Jessie J is often compared to suspected Illuminati puppet Katy Perry, and she doesn't take it to heart. She cites the singer as being an inspiration, and has often praised the singer's work ethic and considers herself a big fan of Perry's music.  Interestingly, just like her 'idol' Katy Perry, Illuminati symbolism has been appearing in a handful of Jessie J's music videos, including the following songs:

'It's My Party' is the second single from her album, 'Alive,' which Jessie co-wrote. Released on UK radio in August of 2013, the song officially made its rounds in the United Kingdom through iTunes in September of 2013. The official video was produced around the end of June, and was directed by Emil Nava. The storyline of the music video highlights three different parties that Jessie encounters, which represent a variety of extremes – one is refined while the other is quite rowdy. Jessie decides to party at the more out of control get-together. The chorus states: "It's my party/ I'll do what I want."

In the music video for 'It's My Party,' we see Jessie give a 'wink,' which some will interpret as being a form of the single eye symbolism often linked to the Illuminati, and the all-seeing Eye of Horus. Jessie also seems to flash or conceal the '666' hand gesture that resembles the 'A-OK' hand signal. In one scene, she outright displays the symbol. In another scene, the singer's fingers create the sign as she lowers a pair of sunglasses away from her eyes.

Jessie J also embraces the Illuminati-related symbolism in the music video for her song, 'Wild,' where she collaborated with rapper Big Sean. She uses the '666' hand gesture to create single eye symbolism over one of her pupils. Some people have also pointed out that Jessie manages to incorporate pyramid symbolism in an elusive manner. In one scene, the singer wears a pair of triangular shaped earrings. It's not the only time pyramid shapes make an appearance in the video, others have noted an inverted pyramid shape that appears on the front of a T-shirt, and 'hidden' triangles that appear in the corners of screen shots.


'Thunder' was released as the third single from Jessie J's second studio album titled 'Alive.' The music video, also directed by Emil Nava, utilizes single eye symbolism – it's quite clear that it's becoming a recurring pattern to encounter the all-seeing eye or Eye of Horus reference in Jessie's visual representation of her songs. You'll see a dressed-in-black Jessie consistently hides one of her eyes in the video.


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