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With an Upcoming Album Release, Will Kid Cudi Still Embrace Illuminati/Occult Symbolism?
Posted In: Information and Theories  2/26/14
By: Sarah Wilson

The Cleveland, Ohio native known for his breakout hit, 'Day 'n' Nite,' Kid Cudi is a rapper whose single reached the number five position on the Billboard charts. Active in the music industry since 2003, Cudi has also made the transition into movies and television shows, including the upcoming Need for Speed due for a movie theater release in mid-March. Over the years, Cudi has been known to embrace and support symbolism often associated with the Illuminati and the occult.

One of the reasons why Kid Cudi's embrace of Illuminati and occult symbolism is considered by some as being significant is because he is noted for gaining what has been described as a 'large cult-like following among high school students, college students and stoners.' Therefore, if he is seen embracing such symbolism, it can have an influence on his young 'following' that can certainly trickle down to affect the actions, thoughts and perception of these symbols.

Throughout his career, Cudi has been seen photographed flashing the '666' hand gesture, as well as the Moloch horns (or 'Il Cornuto') hand gesture. He has inserted images of all-seeing eyes and pyramids in a music video that some say the artist uses to 'mock' conspiracy theorists. The cover art for singles and albums often highlight a lot of outer space imagery of moons and planets. This affinity for space references continues to be seen in the visual elements for Cudi's upcoming album titled 'Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon." These recent illustrations highlight goddess worship.

Interesting background information about Kid Cudi that should also raise an eyebrow:

•    When Cudi signed under Republic Records, he also had his own record label imprint that was called Wicked Awesome Records. 'Wicked' is an interesting word choice.

•    It was a mixtape released in 2008 titled 'A Kid Named Cudi' that gained Cudi a great deal of attention for his musical talent. It's also how he caught the attention of rapper-producer Kanye West, who also happened to be a record executive for his own GOOD Music label. West eventually signed the young rapper to his label, which is one of the reasons why he has gained such notoriety within the music industry. It's interesting that Cudi managed to connect with an artist in the industry who is also known for embracing Illuminati and occult symbolism.

•    Cudi has a connection to another suspected fan of Illuminati/occult symbolism…Lady Gaga. He opened up for Gaga during her Monster tour. Some say that Kanye West had an influential hand in making sure that Cudi was added to the Gaga tour.

•    When Cudi expressed an interest to leave the music industry, sources say that it was Will.I.Am who spoke with the young artist and encouraged him to continue. Some believe that the Black Eyed Peas member has his hand in the industry as a 'programmer' of some sorts for the Illuminati. When he returned to complete his 'Man on the Moon' album, some of his concepts and themes had shifted.

•    In his song 'I'm Alive' from the 'Man on the Moon' album, you will find the lyrics quite telling:

"Everytime the moon shines I become alive"

"I'm feeling strange in the night,
I'm not myself, I feel I'm thrown into a fight,
nowhere to run nowhere to hide, nothing's right,
my skin is burning when my rock begins to speak,
there's something going wrong with me
I'm changing what I believe
I'm feeling stronger, I'm more alert, I'm on the move"

"I'm a beast in the night,
I'm on the prowl and I'm hoping to find some light
you call it heaven, and I do it for the same"

Some believe this is a reference to the occult, and that using terms such as "without light" is a way of referred to the presence of evil or darkness. Also saying that he is a 'beast' of the night…well, another well-known beast is the one that represents the number '666.'


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