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Asteroid Warning System Would Alert and Educate the World
Posted In: Information and Theories  6/9/12
By: Yona Williams

According to a new report, the world needs to come up with a system that would warn and communicate with other nations across the globe if a catastrophic asteroid should strike the Earth. If an impending strike were to take place, the system should be able to send international warnings, as well as educate the public on the threats associated with objects that come too close to the Earth. In this article, you will learn more about the proposed system and why it is important to consider.

Asteroids are becoming an increasingly significant topic when it comes to the safety of the world. On a scientific and economic level, government leaders and the public need to take heed to the seriousness of the threat. Many scientists believe that the effect of asteroids could turn into the chaos caused by whatever wiped out the dinosaurs.

However, this is not an easy task to pursue. Since nothing like this has been attempted before, establishing something that would satisfy all international avenues could prove difficult. The closest thing to a system like this is an early-warning system used to alert the public about tsunamis.

Last November, a meeting was held to discuss the importance of making such a system. A report was created that summarized the findings and dialogue about developing a proposed Information, Analysis and Warning Network under the guidance of the United Nations. The network (dubbed IAWN, for short) would be used for near-Earth objects, such as asteroids. Establishing such a system is significant as asteroids have been colliding with planets (including the Earth) for billions of years. However, if a colossal asteroid should strike, the threat could kill millions of people and set environmental catastrophes into motion.

There should be something in place that could warn the rest of the world that something so detrimental has taken place. To date, scientists have pinpointed close to 9,000 near-Earth asteroids with the possibility of much more roaming about the Solar System. Various astronomy teams around the world have been keeping an eye on the activity that happens in space, as well as tracking the asteroids they are already aware of. With numerous teams working in different parts of the world, the warning network could help pool all of their information together to better prepare the world against any potential threats from space.

A system for near-Earth objects could also help people outside of the scientific community, such as lawmakers, stay in line with the latest information regarding asteroid threats and data. Working on such a project could also make significant information available to the general public. A more educated world can play a role in keeping the nations safer. For example, some space rocks could not only damage property and take lives, but also affect the environment. By establishing a system that keeps the public educated and informed can only lessen any damage that could come from an asteroid that has collided with a part of the Earth.


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