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Bird Superstitions 2
Posted In: Information and Theories  9/19/09
By: Yona Williams

When it comes to the scavengers of the sea, air, and grocery store parking lots, beware of three seagulls flying together and directly overhead, as this is a warning that death may soon come. In this article, we will continue to look at superstitions involving birds, such as roosters, hens, and swans.

Since roosters crow at dawn to let everyone know that a new day has started, these creatures are looked upon for their connection with the sun. The animal is also seen as a protector of humans, possessing a watchful eye. However, if a cock crows at midnight, it is a sign that a spirit is passing.

If you live in England, it's commonplace to hear that a rooster crowing three times between sunset and midnight is a death omen. If the rooster crows at other times, it is seen as a warning that misfortune is just around the corner. A cock crowing while perched on a gate (or when night falls) means that the next day will bring rain. Colors also matter when it comes to roosters:

·    A white rooster is seen as highly lucky. It should not be killed because it is believed to protect all who live on the farm that they watch over.

·    Black roosters are often associated with sacrifice and often carry a reputation for misfortune.

A hen that crows is considered an unlucky event. If you come across a hen showcasing the same kind of tail-feathers as a rooster, there is cause for concern. In the past, these kind of birds were disposed of on most farms. When a hen roosts in the morning, it is said to be a foreshadowing of death – usually that of the farmer or one of his family members living in the household. If a hen should enter your home, take it as an omen that a visitor will soon come a calling.

There's something eerie about a crow, but whether or not you experience good or bad luck depends on how many you see. See one and you'll encounter bad luck, while two is said to bring good fortune. Seeing three crows are a sign of health, while four indicates impending wealth. Five crows represent sickness, while six crows indicate death.

We all know that storks have been associated with the delivery of babies, but did you know that they were sacred to Venus – the Roman goddess of love and beauty. If you find that a stork has chosen your roof as the location of its nest, it is considered a blessing and you should enjoy a promise of endless love coming straight from Venus. The stork was so respected that Aristotle made it a crime to kill one. The Romans also passed a stork law, which stated that children must take care of their parents when they become elderly.

There is a superstition that states you can ensure the fidelity of your husband if you sew the feather of a swan into his pillow.


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