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Diets with Biblical Ties II
Posted In: Information and Theories  6/16/12
By: Yona Williams

There is a diet that consists solely of eating fruits – just fruit. Those who follow it believe in embracing what they believe is the original diet of Adam and Eve. There is also another diet that centers on items mentioned in the Bible.

The Bible Diet

Known as the Bible diet (or Maker's diet), people may follow a meal plan centered on certain foods that are deemed forbidden or acceptable to God. These items are usually described as being 'clean' or 'unclean.' The diet takes place over 40 days with three different levels – basic, intermediate, and advanced. Dieters will incorporate nutrition and spirituality in an attempt to lead a healthier life.

At the start and end of each day, a dieter will pray – usually centered on giving thanks, healing and making appeals. Exercises are then performed for two to five minutes at a time before the day when things are less stressful. The exercises are centered on 'life purpose.' Partial fast days are followed and it is said that to get the most spiritual benefits from their efforts, they should pray each time they feel hungry.

One of the main supporters and promoters of the diet was Jordan S Rubin, who claimed that this way of eating led to his recovery from Crohn's disease when he was 19 years old. In 2004, the United States Food and Drug Administration ordered Rubin's company (called garden of Life, Inc) to stop making claims about eight of its products and supplements that were unsubstantiated.

To learn what was accepted and not accepted with the Bible Diet, read the article titled, 'The Ends and Outs of the Bible Diet.'


There is a diet that consists solely of eating fruits – just fruit. Those who follow it believe in embracing what they believe is the original diet of Adam and Eve (based on Genesis 1:29). However, some people consider themselves a fruitarian if they eat a diet comprised of 75% or more of fruit. One of the passages associated with this kind of diet is: "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat" (King James Version).

Fruitarians usually hold onto the belief that they will return to an Eden-like paradise that requires them to live a simple and holistic approach to health and what they eat. However, a fruitarian diet comes with drawbacks, such as developing deficiencies in calcium, protein, iron, zinc, vitamin D, and most the B vitamins your body needs, - especially B-12. You will also lack a sufficient amount of essential fatty acids when following this diet.

Dieters that follow an all-fruit diet are also more likely to suffer hangar pangs, food cravings, obsessing over food, social disruptions, and social isolation.  A famous follower of the diet was Gandhi, who ate only fruit from time to time, but eventually abandoned the regimen because it was difficult to sustain. 


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