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Dimensional physics
Posted In: Information and Theories  3/4/05
By: skyhawk

Dimensional theory physics

Source: (submitted) by Skyhawk

The dimensions we live in

The dimensions that I describe were described by the superstring theory, that may allow us to understand the dimensions better some day in mathematical form. This is the breakdown of them as I understand it. Dimensions are actually living states that people, of many kinds percieve and these states are best described as area of vibrational harmony. Each higher dimension has a higher vibration of life. Call this the harmonies of life.

Theres lots of protected subdimensions like the gateway dimension between the 3rd and 4th which is guarded by grim reapers, taking you to a sub dimension below the 3rd, commonly known as hell if you try to get to the 4th dimension because of unjust purposes, given by Caz. describes hell accurately. The temple of winds and time hold time wraiths and dementors between the 4th and 5th dimensions. The dementors are a terror like law abiding force that drain energy and time wraiths are invisible destructors that can appear anywhere or anytime to be abided by a good reason or thier own mood, to guard the 5th dimension by being terror wraiths that control by terror or death and drag those whose mean intrusion to a planar prison and try to death kiss you to claim your life or instant mazing. If a couple then its a tragedy to bring them down with jealousy strikes and family disasters.

The Subdimensions between the 8th and 9th are for higher beings and higher energies, there are beings such as planarions, or self-sufficient self-elevated demihumans that serve a neutral enlightening cause. Devas, or the Gods devoted demihumans serve the gods to aid themselves first and others second. Planarions and Devas are the greatest demigods that could exist and be seen at thier own will, with desire otherwise we just mentally perceive them as flickerings at the eye corner or not at all. Wizards perceive them with gold skinand people, and talk to them to exchange info on technologies or other things of interest in their sleep sometimes. They are unkillable beings that live sometimes unseen amongst the humans, and demihumans, unless they chose to be seen. They exist on all lower planes of existence and they can alter even demons in their course of existence, if they so wanted to. By powerful demihumans, they are called by summonings into viewable forms doing what the summoner asks.

Planarians (plane touched) can also be called higher planar humans that are evolved by power and self-sufficient by practice, they gain their power through infusions of energy over a long time like elves. Just like humans, they sometimes do things because of self-interest, and idealism ignoring the complaints. Devas are also called highly evolved humans that were devoted to their gods, and still are by serving as thier right hands. Call their power a reward by their Gods because of the devotion, to their Gods when they were on the plane of earth as they were killed, their faith was rewarded thus they raised to the higher planar existence. The subdimension between the 9th and 10th dimension is called dimensional space time and this is where hyperspace, can occur through an overlapping decaying dimension over another dimension. One day hyperspace engines will exist through natural speed of light to make instant jumps to another place and the graviton drives will exist, before that to harness the gravity energy or alongside hyperspace engines. Subspace drives, which are compressed drive space nth dimensional engines, allowing a ship to be sheathed in energy to flow much faster than the time around it, in normal space plus call this effect time tunneling. This type of drive for ships are easy to make compared to the other types, in my opinion and then there is the hyper jump drive that some people, can accomplish short hops across space time through wormholes to reach destinations.

The people of space live amongst this dimension and they are: the space crystals, the soul people, the ghosts that happened outside of earth, the spacial dragons, the Solars (sun people), and the spacial beings. These beings could live off of particles alone and they see in energy patterns as normal visions, plus the suns are the primary fuel for these people, and these spacial people wander thru space and void looking for interesting things, in hopes to achieve something gaining fame. They use planets to experience things that they miss or want to gain, on often looking like Gods in the process of achievement, and collect things to trade with for things of desire. Subjective to whims that make some people shiver they will attempt, to be unnoticed but always manipulate behind the scenes. The roles they play during thier planetary existance, will be acts they think of to achieve by and this is called the game of beings, in which a dimensional judge will oversee the activities plus when judgement be needed it is done without any of the players notice. Players are the beings within the planetary game of life that these wandering people act in.

A subdimension after is the superstring dimension. This is the space of black holes, spacial distortion and dimensional crossings plus the beings that exist here are the benign superstring beings. They have the power of manipulation of anything in existence, and the Q beings of the star trek series could be residence and the beings, of great idea could be the ultimate rulers of it plus considered Lords. Consider the Lords of Law, Order, Chaos, Destruction, Earth, Death, Life, Evil, Neutral, Good, Dark and the Light to be the rulers. The conscious that built the universes could watch over it called by conjecture "Ben" and when he built, it was so much to build that his body dissolved, and he became a conscious. He can be considered Centra ae "forever being" or "Ao", that be a being of energy made to look as he desired. He overrules all if he must and allows people, to do what they want while he watches. as long as its not too destructive.

To talk to him you must talk to everything at once or focus at him while talking to get him to listen, now the Q are extremely elevated humans who have taken in much energy to accomplish it and making, them omnipotent manipulators and they are self-serving, manipulative, conniving, true good indivisualists and to consider true good it is essential to know that a balance, must exist thus true good indivisuals are the type that make a role call, and decide on what is, to cause a good event using the tools of good and evil and what is at hand. They consider neutrals to be the playing pieces, on a field with the good and evil characters being the pawns of the games, they play so true good is to have no alignment except that which will raise them up in ranking in their own mind. This being said makes the beings of idea natures of themselves and when called upon they will always extract a price, plus they always go through with the act asked. Failure on your part of a deal is death so do not fail thier requsts, if they did something for you. Before asking them to do something, ask the price which could be what you want.

The guardians of the 10th dimension are in between the 9th and 10th and called nonexistant beings that live in the temple of death and destruction to exist of dark matter and live off energy itself like a kitsune with magic. They can take any shape and any ability as thier own, add this to a memory drain effect if they desire auratically. Except if its other than human unless aided with the best thing of changing events as thought on, talked on or desired. They are undefeatable except to none and yet they are temporarily convinced only to be reminded later, along with the idea that if they catch you thier ability is to set you on another planet and leave you there unless you deserved to stay. Otherwise they observe and report the activities to the authorities that can detain you any dimension you may be on. The last possibility if they give warning be to make despair on the person.

Other than the subdimensions, 1st dimensional people are at the atomic level, and never seen till the desire exists. 2nd dimensional people are shades, and can percieve in only black and white as sight, feeling and touch. On touch of a person or object, they drain the life from a victim much like a zombie or wraith. 3rd dimensional people are humans and subhumans, and we cannot see the dimensions above the 4th dimension. However, the dimensions we can physically see, are depth of space through light from eyes, the scents around us through the nose, and the temperature through the skin. Depth perception is made up of light in its many variations, that the brain makes sense of through the eyes. The other senses we have are of the mind that allows us to percieve the ideals of time by observation of events.

How to manipulate time? Try thinking of a clock that is controlled by you, now imagine the clock speeding up or slowing down according to what you want to achieve. To affect an area and nothing else, try to focus on the area you want affected. Now, change the clock in your mind, to stop time just imagine the clock and focus on the clock, not progressing any time and thus it is not moving. To make time go forward again, think of the clock and imagine it moving at the speed desired. When you do this, you have just changed time like the fey can naturally do. The fey or faery live on the 4th dimensional plane, of existence and the rest of the dimensions or living states we percieve are as ideals.

The fey are a natural race of humans that were driven underground, to avoid a very hot sun about 5 million years ago when humans, had first evolved so they lived in hiding and darkness during the age of volcanic eruption. In this dark place the fey evolved around a charged lake, of almost acidic water that became charged by planet particles, making the area highly irradiated. As the fey became at last into energy form they became smallish, childlike, flitful mind and entertainment seekers, thus the fey were making surface trips after awhile. It was after discovery of more humans on the surface that they began, to interact with others creating all sorts of events and monsters; their are two types: dark faery and light fairy.

Faery (dark children) do things to get fearful reaction or destruction, to satisfy the lust they have. Fairy (light children) love doing things to aid and achieve the surface dwellers approval, for thier acts and people respect. To make certainty of thier form is near impossible as they can appear, as they want and where they want apparating effortlessly to escape as needed. To spy a fey will get you in big trouble for the fact they are very like solitude nomads, but one can bait them and to get a picture of them will make bad events, until you lose the picture. The fey have a mariad of living structure societies but the most famed, be tuatha de danann (chilren of godess danann) which are imperial fey.

I will describe as accurately as I can the other dimensions, every higher plane of existence can affect the lower planes at will. For every dimensional plane above the 4th there, is almost an exact world like ours that we can't percieve sometimes, until we try or find a way. The 5th dimension works as an instantaneous movement through dimensional space, as if using a superstring to travel, where we just think where we want to go and we are there. This plane of existence is used as an energy transport for lower and higher states, of existence by people and beings. We can also use this space to fold space to be somewhere else instantaneously, and this can affect anything we want including space flight movement.

Also affected with the 5th dimension is any state of existence in the lower planes of existence, to use this fact for yourself, just imagine the event happening and it will happen in the order that you think it. Teleportation and gating are an ideal of this state of mind, and manipulation of events are also an ideal of this state of existence. Spellcraft is also manipulating through the 5th dimension as an ideal, or event to occur for us through spell rituals, concluding the 5th dimension is unseen, and made up of subatomical energy that collects as heat. Genies and Djinni are residents of this plane of existence and friendly to beings.

My drive idea for the 5th dimension is the the black gemstone dimesional jump drive which consists of three rings that twirl, around each other and a black gemstone in the center to make instantaneous jumps, to anywhere in existence plus this depends on the rings being made of deuterium or yttrium (time metal). The speeds of the rings are: The outermost ring is the slowest, middlemost is the the medium speed and innermost is the Fastest Speed plus these deuterium rings converge around a black diamond that, is empowered by lithium batteries to equal 12 volts. Surrounding all this, is the electromagnetic field to make certain of lethal gravity forces, contained and to make it work try to wield your thoughts, to project at the crystal where you want to go, feel yourself appearing where you want and project at the crystal that image. If it works you should reappear there, and disappear from where you are by focusing on thoughts of "Gem take me back home with what I want to take with me." Then you should reappear by the residual translation energies being brought back, through the forged black diamond symbolic link effect. In effect, this could also affect time space, communications as well plus events could be affected by time trips with this device operating.

The 6th dimension is considered the world of ghosts and the Astral Plane consists, there which is Dreamscape. This plane of existence can be manipulated through dreams, and Dreams can be made to happen through meditation and trances, and how dreams work is quite simple. People subsist on multiple planes of existence all at once, only aware of a few at a time so people dream, and they are there, focus your desire and make your feelings and thoughts direct whats around you.

People have disappeared for short periods of time, when having a dream if watched or dream prophecy. The subconscious manipulates the dreamscape at will or as the conscious, directs through meditation thus we have controlled dreams. We can also effect through dreamscape anything of the lower planes, of existence and travel is also part of the dreamscape, as we can accomplish this by a meditative trance and will ourselves there. It can also work by what is called lucid dreaming, where we control the dream as we want and we control it through a trance, that we remain in as we go to sleep.

When that happens, it is called deep trance and with deep trance we can even teleport, to where we want no matter where it is while awake, through dreams as in hypnotic trance. We do it by desire and need accomplishing the same goal and get their by laying absolutely still, and breathing deeply while drawing in energy from around us and willing ourselves to be there. Wnen we get back by thinking on the place of existence we were, in and the exact location plus will ourselves back to where, we came from it would be as if we never left.

Energy beings consist in the astral plane and beings of unkillable dream substance also exist there, as phantasms are a type of dream being given form by our power of mind, and emotions and when given enough emotion and power, they become us. To kill a phantasm, drain it of your energy in some manner, by denying it of your energy and emotion. Be absolutely unfeeling and don't react to its actions, except to reject it in your mind and it will go so far, as to project the false events it wants you to see, for your emotional reaction that it feeds on. Keep a gray wall around you mentally, to prevent it from reading your thoughts and draining you further, as a person dying from a phantasm will clinically go insane, first and be drained a few hours later never to have any energy. Don't give in to the phantasm and sucessfully ignore it, causing it to go away by distracting yourself through a trance activity.

The other denizens are spirits which are people waiting for another life, as souls exist on this dimensional plane of existence and in a separate part of this dimension, where the souls exist as just pure emotion and memory. They just happen along a gate to another plane of existence, or get reborn in the astral plane where they freely roam.

The 7th dimension exists for the elementals, or energy beings of raw force, and Angels, which are elevated christian mages. White lighters, or the Elevated by energy humans that serve humans, like angels and serves the source. Devils, which are the evil invention of humans by belief formed from the corrupted body, and Daemons, or the gods messengers who serve themselves to serve others, formed from tormented souls yet with concious. Finally, there are demons which are the personification of humans, that were dejected by the christians to make service of evil deeds, formed from the tormented soul. It is the plane of magic and elementals that one must be demihuman, to perceive and gain access to. All the manipulations happen from the 7th dimension, is done by magic acts which be magic wielded by demihumans, from the 3rd dimension and the focus of these mages can cause effects from the 7th dimensional plane, by that focus and direction through a myriad of means. Many affects can occur from usage by mages(trained energy manipulators), wizards(raw energy manipulators), sorcerors and each being type exist in thier own sealed off world, within the plane of the 7th dimension, only mages or the beings themselves can use the worlds they came from.

The idea that demons are fallen demihumans is correct where demons were once humans, who accepted magic only to be denied by death and reincarnated as evil demihumans, of eating itself power. Angels are very good mages and one could call them demigods, wheras angels are glorified mages in truth who call on you to do what they demand, and need. If you don't do it, they torture you a bit until you do, thus they sometimes choose to act as Gods messenger, where they will guide you to what they think is the right path, and blind you to any other. Angels are known to aid like personage of themselves or those of good natures, who call them. The christians claim them as guides only to be blind believers. The Elementals are a secluded group of people that exist as a force of neutral nature, and there are five elemental groups; the Ice Elementals, the Fire Elementals, the Water Elementals, the Earth Elementals, the Air Elementals, and the Void Elementals.

There is a princely class amongst every group, mages can call the elementals of any type by summoning them, for any duration they want. White Lighters are the angels of the wiccans, witches and good mages, and they will never pressure you into anything unless you allow for it, or choose to do the action for yourself. Devils are the group of fallen beings that serve themselves first and any evil minded person of chaotic nature second. So they will act as the evil mages guardian angels, the person has to prove themselves of that nature first, or they will never aid said person but hinder instead if proven, otherwise and devils can be called by summoning spells into doing what they don't like.

They make certain of fact that said person will remain along that path they choose and manipulate, said person too keeping said person to the chosen path. Devils will not think on who they serve once called by spell summons. Daemons are the messengers of the gods and they are the good demons, that will aid neutral to good people sometimes chaotically as angellic guardians. Most times to a gods instructions they act and they can be, summoned but if left on their own devisings they will kill the summoner just for fun, after overpowering the summoner for freedom to exist on the summoners plane. So be strict with the daemon as daemons are chaotic neutral by nature and if they see that a balance, is needed they will be the balancer force and do not lose your will to them, as its risking control but let them act on thier own.

Demons serve themselves first and the lawful evil, neutral evil and desparate people second, Demons and Devils hate each other because evil like nature personalities, will always conflict plus Demons are lawful evil by nature. They will honor a bargain as long as you give what you promised, in some form and if you break your deal they will break theirs, and sometimes kill the deal maker in the process. Otherwise, they will honor the deal and do exactly what they promised to do, but if bored they will mercilessly cut you down so the key to survival against a summoned against, you demon is to buy the demon with more than the other guy could offer, and sometimes the demon will only respect sheer will, a showing of respect or a showing of power. Summoned demons will always try your will and make you force them, into behaving under your will so make the summoning request without any loopholes, or they will get out of it. A trick is to not use anything they offer except when they offer, to use it against the enemies of yourself by giving it to you. The wise mage will use them with a neutral backbone accepting anything given by them, with suspicion but use freely and the act must be proven out by the demon, or you unsummon the demon for not doing as you say.

When we consider the 8th dimension, it should be named the dimension of energy and this plane of existence, the 8th plane of existence, is devoted to the energy beings acting as thier ower source. On thinking of elves we think of demihumans that are inhuman through immortality, plus we also consider dragons in the same manner. Except dragons, by any consideration are unkillable but are alike where the elves primarily live there, but choose to live in the third dimension when they want. They are considered true magical craftsmen and when they make an item it never gets destroyed, unless the wielder of the item gets destroyed first plus theelves can make items out of pure energies, or air itself and at will. The elves are called by humans from where they choose to live when born into humankind, like wood elves or sea elves plus they do this by choice of their own will. The dragons and the elves are the type of beings to be of pure energy in true form, as they can appear like anything at a whim or will and the pattern of energy is the key to their shifting.

Call the elves demi-humans and call the dragons immortal demigods where dragons came from humans by a druidic transformation spell, and then forced to mate. This transformation rendered them immortal and unkillable so Dragons have awesome abilities, that even a demigod could find difficult to defeat, plus this ability comes from the energy influx that causes the shift from human to dragon from the sun. Once a dragon, they can shift anytime they would want to and their form shifting, is not limited to just human forms as it can be any actual form they desire as the dragons true form is energy. The dragons form is the color of their alignment and how many personalities, they have thus per each personality their is an extra head for their natural reptile form and Gold is good, Black is evil or an absence of all alignment plus colors in between mark in-between alignment. Elves became existant through humans being infused with so much energy that they changed into energy form and from then on the elves were a force of magic will so the elves are truly demihumans that are natural formshifters.

Going to and perceiving the 9th dimension is impossible because of the fact, that it is the plane of the mind. It is only interacted with by the mind of the human and demihumans, and can be called heaven or other names. Each mind sent there will become a God of sorts, and unless the Gods so wanted a person to, nobody on the 3rd dimension except for the demihumans, could perceive them unless it was desired by said God plus the Gods, are pure mental energy given focus through human devotion. For every religion and way of life, there is a God for it altho some Gods are the same God except under different names.

Gods are made through this process: The worshippers worship the gods through thier actions of devotions, and if a million people worship a god for 10 years to 1000 years, the God gains enough energy so that it gains an intelligence. Then, that God goes back in time and changes the nature of that Gods followers, at the directions of followers from whence they started worshipping that God, plus it changes its followers from the moment that the follower accepts the Gods guidance. If said follower stops believing in it, then that follower stops getting affected by it, and the belief in how one interacts with God determines what type of interaction, and change that the person goes through with it.

When promises are made to Gods they better be kept or the jealous God will maim that person for life, the neutral Gods will ignore it and said promiser unless the promiser proves the actions were necessary, or that said promiser can be trusted again, the Gods of good will guide the person to the right path that they have promised themselves to, by choice and the evil Gods will outright kill or punish the person, mercilessly till the person learns of the evil Gods whim, to use them as tools again. The Gods actions are felt and observed in others but not without trying, and their actions are small in comparison to humans who act out of need, and self-interest because Gods have to consider the balance that exists before they act. They are the ultimate balancers of the worlds at large so if somethings pointed out, it will be fixed or if the Gods percieve something amiss thru self attention they will invisibly effect change.

Supporting this is the 10th dimension of dark matter and this space supports all others considering its the core, of a universe plus all other beings of matter make their living in this dimension. Dark matter follows the rule of energy conservation which be energy used comes converts, to another thus being reusable always returning to energy in the end, it is considered a storage space or treasure trove of those things lost and it is exactly the reverse, of the material world plus everything made of dark matter has a substance that is manipulative of the mind. Made by the mind through manipulation of subconscious through meditation and visualizations, these items are made to be indestructable. They are invisible to everything except second sight, magesight, or the subconscious mind sight called third eye vision. Yet these items will still effect as if material.

The third eye is opened by the visualization of the mind and by imagining a light source, outside your vision that is above you trying to stare at it with your eyes looking elsewhere. Do this as long as you can until the third eye opens to look at it and when this happens the third eye, is watching the source of light and at the same time you don't have to watch it. The vision of light is still there as when it disappears the third eye is closed and does this action. Many times for a week, do this activity until the third eye opens and then grab control of it by will but allow it, to work at the same time without constriction. Afterword, you have absolute control of it and it will open at your command with your focus on it. Treat it like an ally that will aid you in moments of absolute need and with respect, and it will aid you at your guidance by will and sometimes it will aid you without your willing.

When you have control of it, try this exercise; make believe that anything that happens and goes wrong will be able to be made undone by the power of dark matter. Believe that everything done has its reverse impression in dark matter and think of dark matter as a force that preserves, and if something gets destroyed the negative impression in dark matter can be used to restore the pattern of the item, back into an item. To even get this done believe that anything you do nothing will support you, and when you believe this enough the state of mind is achieved to affect and effect anything through use of dark matter. Thus, to reconstruct an item, try to make believe that it is still there and allow the transfer through 5th dimensional energy, of the negative pattern in your own mind to the positive pattern of the object, your body is the channel. Do this by imagining the item reappearing where you want it, with it building itself as it makes itself exist. For anything else to be done let air be the support or channel, as air is partly gases and dark matter.

You can see neither except in minds eye and imagination, thus the object pattern can evolve itself from any item wrought by dark matter from air. When allowing the third eye to channel and work with dark matter, cause an item to be self-restoring by thinking of it "You are now the self-restructuring item of my desire" while looking at the item and imaging, the item coming back to tip top shape after any damage is done to it. If you want to preserve any item. try to imagine the image of that item with a blue surrounding preservative force field, envoloping the object and this is called the shell force of inertia. By imagining it thus, you instruct the third eye to envolope that item of desire to preserve it. This protective force will keep books, food and other objects including people from decay, so to eat a protected food item inters agelessness to the body.

Imagining the color red does the reverse and destroys said object by rapid decay through chaotic, and rapidly sped up atomic structure causing a rapid destruction. To think to an object, "Let this object be not destroyed." makes the object come back no matter what you do to it. For building with nothingness try to imagine the item in your mind and then in your hand, or somewhere that you'd want and if your third eye does help out, then that item will be there for you. "I built a coke machine out of thin air in mind, by imagining it being there. This was in a school that I went to. Next day I went to that school and there it was! It was as if the machine was standing there, as if ordered by me. What they don't know, won't hurt them," Said myself as he went about playing with this method.

There is something that separates the two sides of matter and this substance is called gray matter, as this is the substance that keeps the matter and antimatter (darkmatter) from touching yet leaves imprints from the either side, and is the perfect barrier. Why does matter get supported by nothing and plasticlike when melted? Because of this gray matter that to react making a balance from both sides, of atomic force it will stretch to act the imprintable barrier. Creating channels will cross the barrier and channels are the act of a force, to punch a pinhole in spacetime of natural force that heals quickly, wheras these channels can be considered singularity wormholes. When creating with gray matter it can do anything that you imagine but be careful of unneeded desire, and only once can you imprint it. Where gray matter exists to make the sense of being there and balance atomic structure matter exists to be seen as objects and dark matter exists to support, some objects will have rigid atomic structures. It is created by the act of dark matter acting on material objects, creating any effect.

Think of a superconductor in which this superconductor of barium nitrate will act like a magnet, if electricity is applied to it by surrounding an iron rod and anything of a semiconductor metal, will make 1 part barium and 2 parts nitrium levitate above it. Dark matter will make matter react the same way through Gray matter, by using chnnels to allow chaotic electricty flux flow fueling the reactor, and Dark matter energy reactors could be an unlimited source of energy with an unlimited fuel source. Dark matter makes up 96% of the universe in the center of the spacetime and Gray matter is the material, of the mind which we manipulate through visualizations. Dark Matter through the use of gray matter creates a slight degeneration of materials surround called corruption. Beings of this dimension are called non-living beings that can reflect and act like perfectly normal humans, alien or other beings plus these beings are dark clones, that exist on calling by will and no imagination because if there was imagination it would be colored, whereas these beings are all black.

There are are more dimensions above the thirteenth that remain unknown, such as the hyper planes where things are instant on the thought of the moment. Just as instant as snapping the fingers to make the event appear and manifest, this place is the universal mind place which everyone knows each other. Thus in knowing there is peace and in peace there is sparring, to keep peace with little contests to know the persons place. The hyper planes are near impossible to be inflicting damage, in as if you do the damages, might come back at you so don't do anything thats regrettable. Only rules that count are those that you make yourself, and keeping our own council is a necessity so put your trust carefully, as most beings that exist in hyperplanes are very unpredicable, and have elemental like formation. Thier speed is 50+ times faster than a human body, a single move in an eyeblink.

The physics of dimensions
What dimensional physics are, the dimensions and the aspects of them, including how to travel them.

Its my belief, void empowers all and contains the dreamworld, where all things are possible, known as root 0 and looks like a black circle. Then there are root worlds represented by 360 arc degrees, supported by void and in the picture represented by the grey spheres. These arc degrees have arc tangents, 180, that represent alternatives from the root world. These alternatives, each start at a different point in history, farther back. As in, the root world, is the future. Each arc tangent, is 5 minutes back. They look like arced out lines from the void. Each arc tangent has different thema event associations, Thema events are compatible but different ideas similiar to one another. Making different reality arc tangents, with each arc tangent to be a different world, with a language variation of similiar languages, plus this makes the language mean different things, even if sounding similiar. With the different thema, theres a different viewpoint, with each viewpoint alien from the other. Each arc has a parallel universe or negative world that is opposite and goes backward, 180 negative arcs, they look like the other half of the arced lines, to make a complete loop.

Time amongst these worlds flow backward, and events go backward. As events go backward, the timeframe goes forward, in 5 minute increments. For negative arc tangents, the time advances, from the future to the past, as in a modern age, low tech world, of steel machines, not at industrial level, this for tan -180. At tan -1, its a high tech samurai, medieval world, that uses crystals and magical machines, via metallic and crystal parts. The religions, are reversed, as in entirely magic based, in the negative world root. At tan -180, its a world of unreligious nature. A psychic would percieve events from the end to the beginning, in the negative worlds. In the positive worlds, psychics would percieve events from beginning to end.

Then we get to the mirror world dimensions, or alternative inverse worlds. These are demonic, and monsterous worlds, with some humanlike worlds. They have no world roots, but exist on there own, as demonstrated by the surrounding line. They are almost infinite in number, yet I can safely say, these worlds have separate tangents, and exist by feeding off thier negative mirror worlds, in a self-supportive loop. Same goes for the negative mirror worlds, and they start at tangent 181-360. There may be more arc tangents (tangent 361 to 540, 541+), but these are safe, as the other worlds are unsuitable for carbon based life. They are on the picture, like ever expanding circle layers. These worlds are the outer realms, and one can use a mirror to pass through to them.

Each arc tangent and mirror arc tangents, furthermore have alternative variations resembling each other, from alternative 0, which is the main alternative. They look like curved lines in the picture, crossing the looped lines, yet in truth, they circle around the alternative, as in a ring of highly comprssed, tiny pocket worlds. Alternative variations (var) start with letters A-Z. Then to the double letters for above letter 26, like 90Aa, in signifince of 676 world alternative variations. These variations are different schemas of the alternative, represented by a curved line through the alternative world sideways loop. How this relates to the superstring theory of todays time is to use the 4 dimension model. Each layer is a container or p-brain of more than one similiar highly compressed and small dimension world, with the first layer a main earth area of root worlds.

Second layer is the small rings of alternatives going to the negative alternatives branching out sideways. The third layer is mirror words that self support and are considered realms and fourth layer is the outer rings beyond tan 361+. Altogether, from 360 root worlds + 360 tangent alternative worlds + 360 tangent mirror worlds + [360(676)] = 243,360 variation tangents + [360(676 alternative mirror tangent worlds)] = >487,800 dimensional worlds, that are possible. Most of these worlds are similiar enough to not be detectable unless you observe your surroundings, some may say its your imagination, but its not entirely true until, somebody talks to you that you didn't know before yet recognize, and appears to know you. That person could be anyone, you talked to in your dreams or other dimension, you will know it when you see said person. Depending what you do, the traveller might aid you or hinder you, this theory holds for any planet in the multiverse. Until that happens you might consider this a myth.

What allows for these worlds to exist is universal energy, that links the worlds together. This void source is represented by a circle, which contains nothing but mind and dreams. Energy passes from the void source root 0, through a root world, and through every arc tangent world after it. This energy flows as a sine wave, in a regulated flow thats both ways, going from the positive worlds to the negative worlds, and then back again to void. In other words, it makes transfer to other worlds possible. This represents, the superstring that vibrates back and forth. All arc degrees and arc tangents have the void circle source as arc 0.

Superstrings, are the main support for the multverse, connecting the places of existence, in the galaxy. For more information on superstrings, goto the Official superstring theory website. The way of superstring travel, is to get the ss measurement, to detect it. An ss measurement, is the mA power rating, as of energy amount per second, for the super string. To know when your near a superstring, the energy amperage near the area, will make a match to the ss rating, and the temperature needed. Superstrings, are made up of, both positive and negative energies.

This energy makeup, puts it in a separate hyperplane by itself. When thought of, and the energy high enough, then travel is possible. Superstring travel is at the speed of thought, proven by the Superstring energy formula. To travel with a superstring, be near it and travel by thinking at it, the thought "bring me to where I want to go", the superstring will respond, by yanking you from where you are, placing you at the spot, where you think on next. An alternative, think where you want to go, then feel yourself shift.

To shift to a world, think of this like a ritual that, that you state the arc degree for the root world first. Then state the Tangent for the alternative, and finally state the variation for the alternative variations. The way it would be is to state "Arc 11 Tangent 150Aa", for Root arc 11 and Tangent arc 150 with variation world Aa. For dreamworld, state "Arc 0 Tangent 00". If done right, you will feel a shift and things will gray out, you might pass out or you will blink once.

To go back to where you came from, think "Take me back to where I came." When in dreamworld, all you have to do is think the action or event for it to occur. Need the occurence, it will happen. Due note, there are hunters that search for travellers, so lie when your asked about yourself, unless you feel its safe. Ask yourself this, ehen you attempt to travel, "Do you feel lucky?" If so, then go right ahead and do your travelling. If not, wait till dark, and do wait till you feel luck or something bad might happen.

Time effect waves

Time effects are possible by synergy, or amplified energy sine waves(time waves). These synergy sine waves, carry the event on its path, through the worlds, with extra charge built up from activity. To more or less feel the air charge, or tension in the air, will denote the type of activity, without a sine wave reading. A negative feel or vibe, will denote a bad moment. To feel a neutral vibe, will denote an upcoming neutral event, that leads to nowhere. To feel the positive vibe in the air, makes the upcoming event positive. The time wave will cause time distortion and disruption, as the wave passes through an area.

Time is the measure of events, and actions by any means, as the events happen. The time wave is only applicable when an action is occured in a place. Time events happen, as you achieve a result somewhere else or through your own actions, focusing a synergy effect to yourself, or others. This event links in some way to you, and a power wave passes through the area, near you. The synergy effect dissipates, when it reaches its target. When it dissipates, things change with an eyeblink, or things weren't there that suddenly are.

You could fix something in the past, it causes a time wave, and your house isn't there suddenly over a few days to a week. You could say that you have this stuff at your house, and cause a house robbery. That is a radical time wave or extreme focused sine wave done by only a fix in the past. When you try to thwart it, it comes back twice, and if its thwarted three times. It won't repeat itself, thus any destructive time wave, won't affect.

There are nine time waves: Event remaking time wave that remakes the event right before your eyes. Done by setting a pattern of change before the event. Like a statement that means nothing, yet destabilizes a person over time. Destructive time wave and considered a dysfunctional wave, that makes anything it passes by, not function right. This is set off by the use of a bomb somewhere in the past, or a linked by a device that stops functioning and forces the device linked to it not to work. Reconstructive time wave, that will force you, or another, right after you destroy something, to remake it.

Repeating time wave(loop wave), which is set by a loop spell. To be broken by doing anythng, out of the order that you remember, of the original event. Disturbance time wave, that happens after you do an action, that should not have happened. The event reflects on you to cause you disruption until you fix it in some manner, or make reparations. Deconstructive time wave, causes an event to occur that makes dissasembly happen to any particular thought or device. These deconstructive time waves happen by someone else making a remark somewhere, or proving sometime in the past or future the device or thought was unaffective.

Shifting time wave, happens by an event, like a wish, oath or an intent to accomplish a deed or action. Sometimes a misplaced item, things shift before the persons eye as they want. Relational time wave, causing through the desire to understand someone, who refuses to work with you or hates you, and you somehow switch with the person. Hold the intent to make things happen by imaging the event or feel the event necessary. Then touch something or someone, the event happens through the subject you touched, by a relational time wave. Timeblock wave, which happens to block any event you desire. Focus your life energy, and imagine the event or action. Say, "stop" or think "stop" to stop the action or event. Release the energy as you think it or say it.

Dimensional coordinate descriptions
World arc degree descriptions

Arc 0 for root with nothing but imagined worlds representing a circle for mind worlds or dreams. This is the void root and will do any world representation or evnt you think of. Each void or dream area is considered a pocket dimension, and rootless.

Arc 1-360 for various world roots from circle root. Arc 1 for least radical, and arc 360
for most crazylike or radical. They are more crazylike because of the ideas, thoughts and people, these people are sometimes monsters. Whereas, the people near arc 1 are conservative. There are no wars at arc 1, at arc 100 and after, there are minor wars. Arc 360 has allot of wars.

Alternative world tangent arc descriptions

Tangent 1 for most powerful with magical science based off mental energy as its near the dark matter void, (the circle) source of 0 arc degrees. They use destruction and chaos as thier purpose.

Tangent 90 for having some psi, technology and magical science base. These worlds exist off skirmishes, yet no actual wars. A medium sine wave flows here, this causes the worlds at tangent 90 to use manipulation, duplicity and innuendoto rule the worlds or area. The base of these worlds are to gain what you can and passion.

Tangent 180 for having all technology and psi ability (mental mastery) with a physical
based magic (machinelike) base. This world is bent on peaceful intervention through time. The smallest energy sine wave flows here. There are no wars here, as if a fight broke out, then the assailant would be ignored till they were intolerant or if caught, reprogrammed (brainwashed).

Tangent 181 for mirror world 1, with all of whatever the traveller or citizen desires. If so desired, there would be no conflict at all as hell grants any desire, yet sometimes a wish or will. This is the beginning of hell and all its sections. If the person thought it, there would be conflict, yet only to serve as a punishment. Consequences rule this world, and the only rules are what the person thinks or desires them to be. If previous rules exist, then they are self evident, written down or explained. These rules exist for visitors and not the owner. The supers are the only ones, not relegated to follow the rules, they make thier own rules and live by them.

Tangent 270, for mirror world 90 and achievements rule this world. Anything that is an achievement, is applauded. No credit given, except by the achiever, and there are supporters for anyone that needs or wants them. In these worlds, there is a balance maintained, by the self actions made on behalf to you or yourself. On first appearances, these worlds are exactly the same as if it never changed. Events will tell the difference, as to what you desire to happen.

Tangent 360, for mirror world 180. Fate and nothingness, rules these worlds, as whatever is fate will occur, if its desired. Bigotry and disturbance are balanced, self-deprecism are balanced with enlightenment, intuition and understanding(instinctive knowledge and taught by others). Emotion is the guiding force of the two sides. Fate binds every action according to other actions, done with spiritual guidance. Whether not the person is aware of it, through a guide.

The natural form are dragons, weres of many variety and superhumans. The policy makers, rulers, punishers and counsellors, are fates in hidden forms. Muses are the historians (eternal writers). For which, they; disguise themselves, lie, steal and cheat, to get information. God is the creator under many different names. The secret police are aurors (mage cops), hidden under many guises. The police are the magistrates or civil servants, called by many names including; police, gaolers, constabuls and detectives. The fates rule the government, yet leave the government ruled as the people wish.

Tangent -360, for negative mirror world 1. These are the elemental worlds, ruled by superhumans and elementals. These natural laws guide it: The law of energy, energy recedes into itself, or gets converted to another form, thus is not wasted. Similiar to the law of energy conservation, energy is never wasted, its converted to some other form. The law of restoration, anything of matter will have relation to other other things, that interact off each other, making a self restorative pattern. The law of compliments, anything complimentary are natural allies, any nice comments are treated well, gaining favortism.

The law of interactive repair, anything negative or exactly opposite will attract, opposed or unapposed, causing repair by interaction. Similiar to Newtons law of Universal Gravitation: Every two objects attract each other in the universe. The law of opposition, if opposition exists, then there will be growth when separate. If forced together, will meet yet never meet, and yet will be destructive. The goals for these worlds, are to gain something, like potential.

Tangent -270, for negative mirror world 90. Lost world, or antithesis world. For these worlds, to endorse any illegalities, will make you a legend. To endorse law, will get you hunted or killed. Use your own justice (vigilante justice), to ensure peaceful relation. Everyone in these worlds, has similiar ideas, and are free to express them. To cross someone gets death, as this place is ruled by gangsters and assassins. If caught plagarizing, is considered a death sentence. Magic is condered tolerable, yet if caught, overdoing it to somebody, means you crossed them. So many ideas are confusing, published or otherwise. So look carefully, so you don't get burned.

Tangent -181, for negative mirror world 180. Purgery rules the worlds, and fate is made by the person. Fakery is abundant, but the elite are hackers and warez pirates. Drug users are tolerated, but police units are frequent. The guardians protect the criminals and will kill or use those who exceed expections, as a natual force of crime. These guardians are unkillable, and tend to take the form of the person nearest the targets. Debauchery rules over the relations, wanton need rules the businesses, and if you don't serve a purpose, you could be destroyed. By your own actions or by other people who dislike you, except if you have allies to support you. People in these world, are very proactive, laid back, relaxed, and yet ready for anything. Corrupt government rules the laws and civilization. Everyone is corrupt to some point, but won't tolerate idiots.

Tangent -180 for negative world 1, with all magical science based off mental energy, with non destructive prospects, and peaceful intent. It has a moderate psi base (telekinesis, telekinetics) along with the magical. Its goal is prevention and this world is the tip of the arc tangent.

Tangent -90, for negative world 90, these worlds have a strong technology, magical, psi and mild spiritualistic base. This world uses anarchy, uprising and control to manipulate thier world. Theres outright war, if the person or nation thinks they can get away with it. At first, it seems all calm and peaceful, but underhanded tactics are the only winning tactics. There are pirates of many sorts here, as thieves rule the world unseen through organisations. There are shamans, wizardkind, technologists and a combination of them, all seeking power in there own way.

Tangent -1, for negative world 180, with all non-magical science and alternative ideas thats based on psi, but can cause abberations. This world uses spiritual pursuits as the alternative idea focus. Shamans are the magisters and spiritual guidance for the world. This world is bent on control via any means necessary. Security is a focus for this control.

Alternative variations chart with these being proximate glances to make sure they were what they seem, some most likely won't be what they are listed as. So please email me at

Var 0 for the root alternative, this doesnt even have to be stated.

Var A-Z are active alternative variation worlds 1-26. Found many different means of a single subject within them. They are primaterial plane worlds.

Var Aa-Az are Mastery worlds 27-52, based on mastery of ideas like zen or mathematics.

Var Ba-Bz are soul worlds 53-78, that arent meant for physical visitation. If you appear
then you appear in a soul form of thought projection. Your body will still be in the physical world, yet your soul will be in the spiritual. These worlds have shared universal concious.

Var Ca-Cz are proactive worlds 79-104, consistent with health, consideration and trials.

Var Da-Dz are daytime worlds 105-130, with no nighttime activity except for vampires and other night creatures. These creatures rule the night and the normal people rule the day, and they terroize the living. In this world, events happen fast, like in dartlike moments.

Var Ea-Ez are selective worlds 131-156, that thrive off creations of many possible inventions.

Var Fa-Fz are worlds 157-182, based off structure and commands. The more structure the better for them. Possible structures to know, are: military, law enforcement, gangs and groups.

Var Ga-Gz are worlds 183-208, based off creative moments that outlast people, fame, or desires.

Var Ha-Hz are worlds 209-234, based off thoughts and depictions, Any thought that comes to mind, may be acted upon.

Var Ia-Iz are worlds 235-260, based on release and relief. Vacations and copouts are common here.

Var Ja-Jz are worlds 261-286, based on negative view, music and opinions. The biased views in these worlds are ruled by negative thinkers. The listeners are the optimists in these worlds. The jaundiced views are sometimes used in music.

Var Ka-Kz are worlds 287-312, based off human resources, energy force, life and crazy people.

Var La-Lz are worlds 313-338, based off law, trials, punishments, civil order and giving
natures. These worlds are to be avoided for any criminal inclined person. The punishment,
usually is reprogramming, stasis, payment or death.

Var Ma-Mz are worlds 339-364, based on selfishness, renewal, repairs and protection. People of mothering nature exist in these worlds. For people who hate overprotectiveness, don't come here.

Var Na-Nz are worlds 365-390, based off appearances and reactions. Always be appearing as what you want people to see you as. For people will sometimes prejudge you. Dungeon and dragon rules work well here. For people who dislike falsity and lies. avoid these worlds.

Var Oa-Oz are worlds 391-416, based off dangers and past actions. These worlds are for thrill seekers and death seekers. People who are sane stay away, for within 10 minutes the ideas will make you think crazylike.

Var Pa-Pz are worlds 417-442, based on patriarchy, contracts, deals, restrictions and fatherly behavior. For people who like ambition and discipline, come to these worlds. For those that are free thinkers, stay away.

Var Qa-Qz are worlds 443-468, based off information and arguments. For people that love to learn, come to these worlds. For those who hate debate or be looking for an easy time, avoid them.

Var Ra-Rz are worlds, based off priestly types, clergy and induced healing. These worlds are for zealots, shrinks, unstable people, priests, priestesses and religious fanatics. These worlds represent counselling and religions. If you have a provable faith, then you are a citizen. To be a zealot or religious fanatic, your a model citizen. Stay away for people that dislike religion.

Var Sa-Sz are worlds 469-494, based off workmen, heat and workgangs. The mafia rule these worlds, with the government seconding them. If you don't want to be killed, avoid these worlds.

Var Tu-Tz are worlds 495-520, based off tasks, jobs and give or take. If you you don't like working, avoid these worlds. Some have strict rules, against those people that don't like to work.

Var Ua-Uz are worlds 521-546, representing ships, employment, piers and mainland. These worlds have a shipping and trade related economy. For those that love ships and trade, visit these worlds. For those that love communism, stay away.

Var Va-Vz are worlds 547-572, based on quality and animal control. Quality assurance is a guarantee, but you get a strict punishment for bad quality. For those without good behavior, stay away as you will be.banned from places.

Var Wa-Wz are worlds 573-598, representing conniving, brats, worryworts and dupes. If your an idealist, you will love these worlds. If you hate being tricked, don't come here.

Var Xa-Xz are worlds 599-624, based off banks, heroes, heroines and fairness. If you hate pompous asses or cannot get along with banks, don't come here. If you love adventures, these is the places.

Var Ya-Yz are worlds 625-650, that represent agreements, knowledge, medicine and disagreements. If you have no love for doctors, don't come here. For love of learning and medicines, feel free to visit.

Var Za-Zz are worlds 651-676, with indication of high powered weapons, technology and philosophy. There are people to tell thier philosophy if your a willing listener. To dislike philosophy, will drive you away. To love high tech and not mind philosophy, you will suit these places.

Dimensional mechanics

The symbols for the formulas, are as follows

To determine the amount of energy flow of a dimensional world, use the sinx formula of sin(x)^2 = A. The arc degree+tangent, is x. Say you wanted to know, what the arc 120, tangent 91a dimensional power rating was. Ignore the a in 91 and apply in the formula, as [sin(120+91)]^2 = sin(211) = 0.241^2 = 2.41 deciamps. For arc 360, tangent -91Eg. The dimensional power flow is [sin(360-91)]^2 = sin(269)^2 = 8.54 deciiamps.

Time waves are amplified energy sine waves for sina(A) = sin(A)^3. The units are sA for a timewave(time amp in radians). As in [sin(180)]^3 = -5.14 dsA. To accurately get the time waves, take two metal ends of the volt meter, and if theres any upcoming event brought by time wave, there will be a spark between the metal when you focus on the metal by bringing them together. If the metal continues to spark, something very bad or very good will happen, due to excess energy. Measure the electrical charge using a volt meter on .001 volt setting. For 0.009 equals to 9, or sin(9) = 0.07 = 7 csA. For a clearly strong signal, 0.055 equals to 55, [sin(55)]^3 = -1 sA. The negative results are a negative event, per magnitude of each point. Same for positive numbers, making positive results. Numbers close to 0 or no result, are a no result event, including beyond the decimal, like .05 sA or 5 csA.

To determine the amount of energy, or magic, in the area, measure the heat or look at thermometer. Convert the temperature to K(Kelvin). Then use the cost formula, of E% = cost(x) = K/4 = % ~ >399.8 K w/%-100 ~ >=799.9 K w/%-100 per each 100>=100. Treat the end result as percentage of energy rounded up, in degrees. Say the temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, 86-32=54/1.8=30+273.15=303.15. Cost(303.15) = 75.8%. This energy can be used by focusing the energy through spells and crystal, to run devices. To determine the charge amount, take the energy percentage and apply it to P = VxI = W. V = energy %, I = the Rb percentage converted to decimal, like the energy was 75.8% it is 75.8/3 = 25.2% = .252, Then apply the power formula, P = 75.8x.256 = 19.4 W. If theres not enough power, then there will be no working applications.

The chaos energy as percent, chaos energy, or radioactive decay = Rb = cost(x)/3 = Rb % = chaos energy or background radiation. Apply as, cost(400)-100/3 = 0%. To explain this, take the cost of Kelvin, then square the results, times by 0.333. To beget the result of 0 percent chaotic energy for 260 degrees Celcius. This is for the determination of percent chance of failure. The more chaos in the air, the more failure and amount of decay. Per each spell, decay can happen to an area, this % can depict this, and this is an inexact measurement for radiactive decay. 30% or more means rapid decay. To get the exact chances ae 1 outta 4 events, try converting Rb% to decimal and dividing 1 into the decimal. Example: 25% Rb = .25 = 1/.25 = 1 from 4 events will go wring unless care is taken.

To tell your inner strength, you should know, a few things first off. Your inner strength is the chi, ka or karma. It matches the outside energies, for whats within the body, or mind, is matched outside by, the energy in strength. So what you see, and feel within, is what the outside energy matches. Since thats out of the way, we get to how to check on it. Your inner strength, is the only thing that powers your aura, and is your aura. The strength of your aura is how strong your aura is felt. Some auras are very strong denoting strong people, some are weak denoting a weak person, and some are hidden denoting a hidden or unrealized potential.

To tell your inner strength, you should know, a few things first off. Your inner strength is the chi, ka. han or karma. It matches the outside energies, for whats within the body, or mind, is matched outside by, the energy in strength. So what you see, and feel within, is what the outside energy matches. Since thats out of the way, we get to how to check on it. Your inner strength, is the only thing that powers your aura, and is your aura. The strength of your aura is how strong your aura is felt. Some auras are very strong denoting strong people, some are weak denoting a weak person, and some are hidden denoting a hidden or unrealized potential.

To measure your inner strength, you can attempt to use this formula. IJ = E/xs = J, where E = energy %, xs = exercise time. Exercise as long as you can and as fast as you can, before quitting for a break. Then note the temperature, and do a cost(x) on the converted to Kelvin, temperature from celcius. Say your room temperature that you exercised in, was 80 degrees Celcius and your xs was 360 s. 80+273.15 = 353.15, cost(353.15) = 88.3%, IJ = 88.3/360 = 240 mA. Your body would have 240 J inner strength. Just for the fun of it, your xs = 324 s, E = 82.4%, IJ = 82.4/324 = 250 J inner strength.

To determine the very accurate time flow in the area, count using a verbal count, the time between events and actions. Count between any three actions, use f=(E*((t1+t2+t3)/3))^3=s/a. Event flow = f, energy % decimal = E and time(s) = t. To show an example, say energy level is 9%=..09, t1 = 4, t2 = 5, t3 = 4, plug the values in as f = (.09 * ((4+5+4)/3)^3) =( .09 * (14/3))^3 = (.09 * 4.66)^3 = 0.419^3 = 0.074 s/a at 9% heat level.

To get the less accurate speed of time flow of somebody or area, you need the time, of how long it takes between at least 2 actions. Divide the total by how many recorded action times. Use f=(t1+t2)/2=s/a, like a count of 2 and 1 with (1+1)/2 = 2/2 = 1 s/a. You watched a swordsman, he kept changing his moves every 4 to 2 seconds. The count was 3, 2 and 4, this applies as 3+2+4 = 9/3 = 3 s/a. This applied time flow can help win a fight.

How much energy used per action, can be calculated by the inner strength, and the time to do the action. Is=J/((t1+t2)/2)=J/s is the formula, I=49 J, t1=3s, t2=2s, then apply, Is = 49/(5/2) = 49/2.5 = 19.6 J/s. Another example, I=100 J, t1=3s, t2=5s, then apply, Is = 100/(5/2) = 100/2.5 = 4 J/s. When the J/s = J, then the body will feel tired. If J/s > J = the body will need rest. As J/s = twice the J, then the body will die, for the body can support only so much energy.

To shrink something, or enlarge something. Use the, I = cosa(x) = cos(A)^3 = mA for shrink(A) or enlarge(-A) effect. A shrinkwrap machine, will shrink the material by means of heat appliance. This is at a measurable amperage, or heat amperage. Represented by ampheres, or A. To use this, you need a power settable laser with a black diamond, or black opal. Without a flaw, its able to be used. The power settings must be in amps. To solve, take energy % decimal or amp amt, then apply. E = .38, I = cosa(.38) = 0.801 = 801 mA. A= 10, cosa(10) = - 592 mA. To convert to power, P = VxI = W, V = energy %, I = A. Like V = 38%, I = 801 mA = .801 A, solved as P = 38 x .801 = 30.4 W. Using 30.4 watts, to make any item shrink.

Time energy is the amount of energy, needed to travel backward, in time. Let sE = time energy = m/s, m = kg, c = 3x10^8 or speed of light, C = c^3 = 2.7x10^25 = 27 Y(yotta), sE = mC (mc^3) = time flow = f/s. For sE, m = 86 kg, sE = 86 kg * C = 2.322 MY (megayotta). This energy is built, up from rapid kinetic motion or movement.

The dimensional area = D = pi^3 = 31, represents the power amperage, in an area that each item has. This energy needs to be accessed by the items usage. The human body has bioenergy, that is refueled by sleep, drink and food. Excercise and other activity, will reduce the body energy amount, by each action. For objects, some have bioenergy and some have electrical energy. This amount of energy, is small compared to live electricity, some products have a lot more than seems noticeable. Where enenergy and bioenergy is concerned bioenergy is unnoticeable, electricity is felt, and very noticeable.

To measure the energy possible of objects, is called dimentrics. The dimentric (area current) circle = dIc = Dr^2 = Amps. A dimentric rectangle current = dIr = (w(width) x h(height))^2 = Amps. The dimentric right cylinder = dIrc = 2Drh = Amps. For cone and pyramid dimentric current = dIcp = (1/2*B*slant)^2 = Amps. Dimentric prism and 3d rectangle = dIpr = (right section perimeter*H)^2 = Amps. A dimentric airflow, waterflow or otherflows = dIf = s*E% = Amps. For how much power (watts), in each device is dimentric power = dP = V or E(%)*A = W. The solutions for these problems are:

For dimentric of watch battery = dIc = r^2 = .25 in, dI = 31 * .25 = 7.75A * 1.5V = 11.625W. The watch battery will last, only so long till, the stored energy disappears.
For the dimentric of AA battery, r = .25 in, h = 2 in, dI = 2 * 31 * .25x2 = 31A * 1.5 = 46.5W.
For dimentric of soda can, r = 1.5 in, h = 4.75 in, dI = 2 * 31 * 1.5 * 4.75 = 441.75A * 74.8% = 33,042.9 W.
For dimentric of waterflow, t = 2s, E = .27, 2*.27 = .54A * 27V = 14.58W.

Time speed is how fast, a moving object must go, to go backward in time. A small time shift will occur, at the speed of which is depicted, and the objects will seem to slow down around the object. Go fast enough, and the objects surrounding it, will stop and go backward. This object can be a person, or item. To discover the time speed, use m = mass = kg, and ts = m/f^2 = m/s for mass per second. For time speed, this example uses, m = 94 kg, f = .27*((1.5+2+3)/3)^3 = 2.75 s/a, ts = 94/2.75^2 = 12.43 m/s. When the temperature is, a particular temperature.

To determine the location you are in, Arc = sind(x) = D*sin((t1+t2+t3)/3)^2 = arc radians, for D=31 times sin(time of action 1 + time of action 2 + time of action 3 divided by 3) = arc degree in radians. To solve, allow sind as D*sin(4+3+1/3)^3, for sind(8/3) = 31*sin(8/3)^3 = arc 31. For Tangent, use cosd(x)=D*cos((t1+t2+t3)/3)^3=tangent radians, where cosd = D*cos(time of action 1 + time of action 2 + time of action 3 divided by 3)^3. Let cosd = D*cos(4+2+1/3)^2, for cosd(7/3) = 31 * tan(7/3)^3 = tangent 209. So, a general rule, use two different sets, of timed events, and you get a more accurate account. As in this example, the persons in arc 31 tangent 209.

Determination of how long a spell lasts or energy effect, use an energy durability check = Ed = cos(E(%)-Rb(%)*180/pi)^2 = the cosine of energy, minus chaotic energy, radian converted and squared = s (second). Solving for E = 13.7%, Rb = 6.9%, Ed = Cos(13.7-6.9*180/pi)^2 = .004 s = 4 ms (milliseconds). Let E = 93.2%, Rb = 31%, Ed = cos(93.2 - 31)^2 = .363 s = 363 ms.

Determining the amount of time, energy will be effecive, per effect. Energy bridging, effectively extends the effect, to greater extent. By coupling the energy, through a focusing crystal or oyher focusing device, to link with negative energy, extending the spell, to a different degree. The length is calculated, by the Eb = energy bridge or power extension = cos(E(%)+Rb(%)*180/pi)^2 = s. E=26%, Rb=8.5, f=1.43 s/a, m=96 kg, Eb = cos(.091+.028*180/pi)^2 = 968 milliseconds per extension.

Superstring frequency is the mA measured by, ss=E(decimal)*Rb(decimal)*t(time between events) = mA = super string powerflow, Ss = .26*.09*1.43 = .43 = 430mA. Related to this, is the superstring energy. The superstring energy, denotes the speed of travel, by the amount of mass, that goes at the speed of thought, and is an energy amount, derived from the mass, that moves within, at the speed of mass per second. The variables, SsE=superstring energy, E=energy percent, Rb=chaotic energy, m=kg or lbs mass, c=light speed=3.0 daM=3.0*10^8, c^2=18P(peta)=1.8*10^16, solve for E=26%, Rb=9%, m=85 kg, and SsE = E(%)*Rb(%)*mc^2 = m/s, SsE = 26*9*85 kg*9.0*10^16 = 1.79*10^17 m/s = 179 Pm/s(petamass per seconds).

To find the human energy, solve for m=mass of kg or lbs, f=time flow, c^2=1.8*10^16, hE = 1/3mfc^2 = human energy = V; hE = .333*84*9.2*9.0*10^16 = 2.392*10^19 V = 23.92 EV. For human energy used per action, hEu = hE/IJ*Rb = V/s, for f=9.2 a/s, m=84, IJ=484, Rb=3.33, and to solve as 2.392*10^19/484*3.33 = 1.437*10^16 V/s.

To test for error and success rates, e = error = f-(.333f) = error %, e = 1.43*.333*1.43 = 1% error rate. Success testing is ne = f/(.333f) = success %, ne = 1.43/(.333*1.43) = 3% success rate.

The human force amount, is to use more force, than your body has, meaning push amount. To find it, solve for Fh = force = IJ(J)+m(kg or lbs) = N (Newton), IJ=494J, m=84 kg, Fh = 494+84 = 578 N.

Push force(like magnet) = Fo (object force)= fms = flow of time * mass * time = N. f=time flow, m=74, s=3, Fo = 9.2*.908*3 = 25.061 N.

Pull of object (gravity) = Po = G = f/E(%)tm = flow of time / Energy % * time * mass = N, f=9.2, E=10%, t=4. To solve, Po = 9.2/10*4*.908 = 3.341 N. For the suns gravity, f = 1.22 ds/a, E% of sun = 35.6%, Suns supposed Diameter = 1.06x10^10 in^3, t = 1 sec.
Po(sun) = 1.22/35.6*1*1.06x10^10 = 3.66x10^7 N.

Pull or lift of human = Ph = IJ(J)/m = Inner strength/mass = m/s, for IJ=541, m=34 kg, solve for lift with. Ph = 541/34 = 15.912 m/s.

Timeflow energy = sEf = mCf = m/s; t=92 kg, C=2.7*10^18 m/s, f=38.57 s/a;
sEf = 92*C*38.57 = 9.581*10^28 m/s. Makes out how much timeflow, energy exists per activity.

Consumation = Cm = (E(%)m(of object)*s(seconds per action as of a count)/Fh = Energy percent * mass * time / Force of human ~ (E(%)m(of object)*s)/Fo = Energy percent * mass * time / Force of object = %/s consumed or consumption; For the Suns consumation of energy, Fo=3.66x10^7 m/s, E=35.6%, m=1.06x10^10 in^3, s=1 sec, Cm(sun) = (35.6*1.06x10^10*1)/3.66x10^7 = 1.031*10^4%/s consumed. For Cm(human) is Fh=589 m/s, E=10.7%, m=92 kg, s=10 sec. solved as Cm = (16.7*92*10)/586 = 26.9%/10s consumption.

Csf = consumation timeflow = (E(%)m(of human))/(f*Rb) = s/meal; E=10.7%, m = 92 kg, f=6.059 s/a, Rb=3.6%, for Csf = (10.7*92)/(6.059*3.6) = 45.13 s/meal for 92 kg human.

Sab = t(seconds per active eating or count(1001+))/E(%) = % saturation or absorption point; >=1.00% no absorbtion; >1.0 = percent fat gained; <infinity=1, for >1.00 as in 1 percent, for the actual percent without 100x.

Used heat = Uh = (E(%)-Rb(%))/4 = % used heat per action, measures per spell, how much heat used up to cause less heat. Solve for, (16.2-5.4)/4 = 2.7%. Application include, times by heat amount, to get new temperature, as K-(K*Uh(decimal)) = K, in 302.15-(302.15*.027) = 294 K. Then do the energy level all over again.

Ec = (E(%)-E(%))/4 = % energy cancellation, E1=63.7, E2=43.1, Ec = 63.7-43.1 = 20.6/4 = 5.2% cancelled. This can be used for one desttuctive energy field, to counter another. As in explosive against fire or water against fire, as this means any opposing force. If the force is greater than 1% then its weakened, 20% is very weakened, 40% is overwhelmed, 60% is greatly overwhelmed, 80% is destroyed, >100% is great destruction.

El = E(%)/4 = % energy loss, E=33.6%, El = 33.6/4 = 8.4% energy loss. This describes the energy loss as in heat loss, or radiation reduction for half life.

Efq = E^2(%)*t = % focus energy, E=40.8 t=3s, Efq = 40.8^2*3 = 4,994% focused energy. Things like sunlight focused into a lens, causing flame on where focused.

Wr = IJs/Ctp = s resistance = willpower, IJs=1883 J, Ctp=13 s, Wr = 1883/13 = 144.846 = 144+8 = 152s resistance. Use this to measure the seconds of resistance, for how long someone tries to control someone.

Wong = E% decimal-Rb% decimal*t = Effeciency %. Use this to measure the percent of efficiency, for how efficient an effort is.

Summoning ritual
To form a being of soul, body or both. be by yourself, in a protected area, or with a group as needed. Now, to work this ritual, be in a circle, surrounding a 5 pointed star in chalk or any salt. Use 5 candles placed at the points and any except red for color. With only yourself, and a focus device, the device is the focus, and you become the anchor. hold the device like a crystal, then think while saying "May it be, make it be, I wish for a being (or demon), that exists for me. May it live for me and do as I command. Now mote it be!" The charm will make a soul being or demon appear, much like you in every appearance, or an image will appear in your head, of an area much like your area. The outside area will be different, but it will feel similiar. It will follow exact, your thoughts and voice commands. Feel free to get stuff by exploring, or find information as you look around.
If there is two people, The beneficiary is to form the being. The anchor is the person, designated for using thier body to keep the being alive, and guiding the being, yet not controlling it. A focus is a person, or crystal that will channel the energy. A controller, will control the being by thoughts, and spoken voice. When, the being goes beserk, or out of control, the anchor will take control, or dismiss the being.Stand on a figure 8 with the Controller behind the Anchor and the Anchor with focus crystal. Use a negative anchor for the negative being.
Chant together, "May it be, make it be. We wish for a (choose being here) to appear for us. Do not go berserk on us and rend apart dominance or control on us. May it live for us and do as we command. ow mote it be!" This can be used to summon any being as mentioned below. Use 2 candles at the tips of the figure eight any color except red.

If there are 3 people, draw the same circle, with a triangle and a upside down inner triangle, as described in picture. Place any color 6 candles along the edges of the triangle, on the corners and middle. This group can bring two types of beings; the super soul = archangel, angel, elemental(any), elven or source being, or super negative soul = wraith, archdemon or any other demon. Super souls, cannot be hurt by physical weapons, except for a few, and only soaks up spells, they can eat any foods or water, spellblockers cannot block the supersoul for long. Super negative souls, are the exact opposite, able to be snared by spells, and unable to be killed by anything. They use any energy, as a source, and only if the negative being wills it, will the being reject the snare, or spell.

The positions needed, to call a super soul. Anchor at the center, focus at the right star point, and the controller on the left star point. They all look to each other, in a sitting position. Any one can start chant, yet it it must be done by all. The chant is "May it be, make it be, I wish for a being, that exists for us. May it live for us and do as we command. May this being be [name being]. Now mote it be!" After this, the lights should flicker, then the group will see the being appear, or the image will appear in thier minds, of a similiar place much like thier own. With the negative super beings, only the anchor is changed, its a negative anchor, that gives negative support to the being, and thier separate viewpoint, as guidance. This person has to be, other than good, so the being will respect the group, and chant is the same.

With 5 people, again the circle and inside it, the 5 pointed star. Now, the difference is the placements yet with 5 candles of all except red at the pointed edge. The main point of the star(top), should not be stood on or have a candle at the tip. Anchor at the center, focus top left and top right point, focus at lower left, and negative controller, with opposite or neutral view, is the lower right point. What this group can call into existance; superbody or supersoul = superhuman, demigod, sea-elven, deva, animal or sahn(super ape). Negative superbody or supersoul = lich, ghoul, zombie, vampire, drow or other similiar.

The supersoul as above, for 3 member group, whereas the superbody, could be any benefactor. or create anew. For a benefactor, thier body becomes a superhuman body, and the benefactor, sits in the main starpoint. The negative supersoul is, as for the 3 member group. A negative superbody, can be a benefactor, or a new negative superbody. If its a benefactor, then the body undergoes, an evil change, of heart or mind.

To do ritual, turn to look at anchor, and chant " May it be, make it be, I wish for a body, that exists for us. May it live for us, and do as we command. May this being be [name superbody]. Now mote it be!" At the end of this chant, thier is a possible failure chance. If it works, a body might appear, in the benefactors spot, or the group will recieve a vision, of a body in a room. This room will be similiar, yet not the outside of the room. Control the body by voice or mind. For the benfactor, everyone look at the benefactor, and say in a chorus "May this body, be embued, to effect superhuman strength. May the benefactor, bear a boon of superhuman attributes. I thank thee, oh great spirits. Now mote it be, for [person]!"
The control position, is positive for the negative superbody summons, and the anchor is negative, guiding with negative impulse. To do ritual, its the same, as the superbody chant, and the same warnings. For the benfactor, its the same as well, except the benefactor, will undergo a drastic change of some sort. This change will go to the evil, or neutral side, excepting an ambitous change.

Standard energy patterns are, for understanding how much energy, is needed at the Kelvin temperature, and at what is, needed per ritual. Solve for En=energy(decimal), n=index(1-infinity), t=time(seconds) and Rb=chaotic energy. To find how much, energy your group has, take the means of the inner strength energy totals. Like GI = In/n = I1+I2+I3+I4+I5/5 for 5 members of the group. For 3 members of GI = 428+268+504 = 1200 J.
snE = Rb(decimal) negative anchor + E1(decimal) focus + E2(decimal) control * t(of event) = super negative soul = J/s(Joules per second), snE = .085*.255^2*14 = 995 J/s to sustain super negative soul.

sE = E1(decimal) anchor + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) controller * t(of event) = super soul = J/s(Joules per second), sE = .255^3*10 = 735 J/s to sustain super soul.

sb = E1(decimal) anchor + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) focus + E4(decimal) focus +
Rb(decimal) control * t(as event) = superbody = J/s, sb = .255^4*.085*3 = 1.078 J/s superbody sustenance.

snb = Rb(decimal) negative anchor + E1(decimal) focus + E2(decimal) focus + E3(decimal) focus + E4(decimal) control * t(as event) = negative superbody = J/s, E=14.2%, Rb=4.7%, snb = .047*.142*5 = 0 J/s negative superbody sustenance.

bnE = Rb(decimal) anchor * E(decimal) focus(can be object) * t(of event) = J/s = soul or demon being, bnE = .047*.142*9 = 60 J/s. bE = E(decimal)-Rb(decimal) * t(as event) = J/s, bE = .142-.047*7 = 665 J/s.

How spells and energy work

Short theory explanation on the focused energy effects be to focus through kung fu or ritual where kung fu is daily practice to achieve a result and ritual is drawn out thought with activity by kung fu to direct minor to major results. These effects are active from whence energy began with chaotic energy to cause actions to gain your spell focus, yet it seems like it started from the beginning of time. A like saying "I cast a spell yet recieved its results yesterday. Only now did I REALIZE it."

Long explanation, energy have nondisruptive patterning to effect without much chaotic energy as it disrupts the effort like leeching energy from an event, yet it may cause more events if the same energy type is used to make subsequent increase for uncontrolled growth ae nuclear reactions. Disruptive patterning is to use alot of energy to make a large increase of activity till the same energy type forms that gets disruptive. For more control have feedback loop circles, using two types of chaotic energy that can create the controlled exponential growth with the positive upward self-reinforcing cycle that has one positive event and two negative events with a controlled upward spiral that almost doesn't end. The negative, disruptive source is an controlled downward self-balancing spiral and these are two positive and one negative event to create the downward pattern, to end the cycle eventually as energy is gone.

Effects and energy work in reverse as it will use chaos energy of tachyonic subatomical interchanges that curves backward to create the event. This E for energy is small enough not to fractal and cause chaos due to short waves, like in a self inhibitive activity cycle aka entropy to cause endings. Unless it has no path to events creating chaos by buildup as a effect through creative usage or each action, with ritual like activity. Most consider this bad karma in likeness, as it consists of disturbing events done by you and the energy collects to deter the evil event creator. As this has a two-fold path due to chaotic effects by chaos mathmatics used to detect, the amount of interaction with events first and then by order where logic can detail the events second, called tracing. With the creative moments focused by energy with mental activity directing mental focus aka mind over matter.

An E% measurement of Cost(x)=K/4 ~ =399.8 K ~ >=799.9 K w/%-100 per each 100>=100 gives you possible chance and energy level. Lets give hells temperature as measured in the dig from hell, 2000 degrees Farenhet. With (2000-32)/1.8+273.15=1,366.48 K/4=341.62-300=41.62 %. How E% fits into science is when positive events start the event as energy by mental focus, that counts as aether and rebounds backwards without fracturing by balanced activity and causing chaos to reduce failure. There is always a chance to fail and this is Rb% as entropy with Rb=E%/3=% except it doesnt effect simple movement unless you have to focus ae firing, because simple movement is autonomous or automatic and this includes most of the body.

E% is comparative to a very short energy wave pattern brcause from a nuclear type reaction, as you break a subatomical particle bond to get energy and a energy burst that will only be detected by a nuclear interchange to find new molecules as small sparks, called tachyons in which energy manipulation uses by mind focus. This makes its effects naturally rebound backward, like a car that moves forward fast enough to cause time to move backward and seem to let the viewer see the area go back in frame of reference as in Newtons 2nd law of relation caused by the event reaction from behind or from the beginning of time due to energy going back to its source, the big bang or some say the void. Manipulated through ritual of activity and when the energy hits the opposite energy, the energy event of moments is dispelled or goes another route. Another persons desire of other for desire in itself can make or break the moment or break it. It can disrupt the event pattern into pieces causing chaos with interference of decay from the energy burst of the particle. These moments are used for meeting people, recognition, to get achievements or miracles or weather as it is a disruption to the effect pattern via natural rebound, to cause nondisruptive effects with no storm disruption at higher energy. For higher energy will pattern itself into recognizable forms making light actually turn to visible fire and etc..but due to the higher energy patterns will the chaos be higher as with each kung fu energy effect.

What is this with weather simulation is to take a medium powered laser and blast the clouds for 2 second bursts for nondisruptive pattern and 4 seconds for disruptive behavior patterns. With starting the storm its caused by nothing at first and identified with a strike to the clouds, with 4 second bursts every 2 seconds till it gets large and keep striking till it turns dark. This probably won't be effective at first but will get a storm sometime. To lessen the storm strike any storm cloud with 2 second bursts every 3 seconds till effectively reduced. Alternatively, use response to chemicals as a reactant ae silver nitrate bursts or AgN2 to cause or reduce the storm.

Time & Energy units

sA = timeamp = seconds per amphere = radians^3
s = second, t or time
V = volt, W = watt, P = power
E = energy, energy % as decimal or energy %
I = current = A, Q = coulomb, Energy or Volts
J = Joules or 0.001 mA
IJ = Inner strength
tan = tangent
sin = sine or sine wave
cos = cosine
A = Amp = amphere = radians^2
K = Kelvin
Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius
Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit
TK = temperature in Kelvin
Xs = exercise time or exercise in seconds
f = event flow = s/a = seconds per action
sE = time energy = m/s = mass per second
m = kg or lbs, c = 3x10^8 or speed of light
C = c^3 = 2.7x10^25 = 27 Y(yotta)
D = dimensionsal area = pi^3 = 31
radian = 180 degrees
n = index(1 to infinity), ! = factorial
Rb = chaos decay energy = Rb % = chaotic energy
Eb = energy bridge or power extension = s
ss = super string powerflow = mA
ssE = superstring energy = m/s
e = error rate, ne = success rate
Fh = human force = m/s
Fo = Force of objects = m/s
Po = Pull of objects (magnetic) = m/s
Ph = Pull force of human = m/s
Fp = Force per thought
Tw = time wall = repeated event energy needed = m/s
Stw = stonewall or cancellation wall = s/a cancellation
sEf = Timeflow energy = m/s
Cm = Consumation = %/s
Csf = consumation timeflow =s/meal
Sab =absorbtion % = % saturation or absorption
Mrd = Mass reduction = % reduced fat or mass
Ts = Timeslipping is Timeslip = s
Fr = Flowrepulsion = f/s
Fp = Force per thought = m/s
Stb = breakage or breaking wall = s/a
IJs = J = spirit strength w/o body = willpower
Vh = velocity of human throw = m/s
VhE = velocity of human energy = m/s
VE = velocity of energy = m/s
hHP = Human horsepower = HP
Ere = regen rate = % energy replenished or regeneration %
v = natural velocity = kph
lF = Lift force = N
hEcp = internal combustion point = K
Ls = Lifespan or weight gain = 1 yr/# years or #lbs/year
Ctp = Amount of control = s
Aoa = Amount of actions = % activity amount
Famt = Focus amt = seconds attention
Edu = Event duration = h = hour
Erb = star radius mass = in^3
Es = Entropy or inertia = s
Rs = animal or person running speed = kph
Fho = Frequency of object, or human = A(Angstrom)
Fp = m/s = Force per thought
Sf = time fractal = m/s
Sw = time flow = s/a
Stw = s/a cancellation
GI = Group energy = J
snE = super negative soul = J/s
sE = super soul = J/s
sb = superbody = J/s
snb = negative superbody = J/s
bnE = negative soul = J/s
mi = mile, km = kilometer, mph = miles per hour
kph = kilometer per hour, N = Neuton
A = Angstrom = 0.0001r*10^-10
Nd = 1/3 or .333, is the natural decay rate
Nf = Natural failure = % failure
Ns = Natural success = % success
Mre = s tissue growth = body regeneration
Ia = A(power from generator) or mph (for aircraft)
Da = Spacetime area = in^3
Wp = Warpspace area = in^3
St = Spacetime timeflow = s/a
Wt = Warpspace timeflow = s/a = warp factor
Wg = commerce or trade = $ or money amount
Wgs = Conversion to dollars or funds = $ or money gained
g = 9.807 m/s^-2 = gravity
Uh = Used heat = heat used up
Ec = % energy cancellation
El = % energy loss
Efq = % focus energy
Wr = s resistance = will resistance
Wong = Effeciency %

SI Prefixes


Y = yotta = 10^24, Z = zetta = 10^21
E = exa = 10^18, P = peta = 10^15
T = tera = 10^12, G = giga = 10^9
M = mega = 10^6, k = kilo = 10^3
h = hecto = 10^2, da = deka = 10
d = deci = 10^-1, c = centi = 10^-2
m = milli = 10^-3, r = micro = 10^-6
n = nano = 10^-9, p = pico = 10^-12
f = femto = 10^-15, a = atto = 10^-18
z = zepto = 10^-21, y = yocto = 10^-24


! = 5! = 1x2x3x4x5
sin(x) = -1^n*x^2n+1/(2n+1)! = sine wave angle
cos(x) = -1^n*x^2n/(2n+1)! = cosine
tan(x) = -1^n-1*x^2n-1/2n-1 = arc tangent
radian to degree = x * 180/pi = deg
degree to radian = x * pi/180 = radian
cos(x) = sin (x-90)
Sina(A) = [sin(A)]^3 = sA = time amp
I = Sinx(x) = [sin(x)]^2 = E%/s = Q/t = W/s = V/s = P/V = A
V = Tanx(x) = [tan(x)]^2 = Rb% decimal*t = Ixt = Ixs = IxP = Volts
P = Cosx(x) = [cos(x)]^2 = E%*Rb decimal = VxI = QxI = IxW = W = Watts
Cost(x) = K/4 ~ >399.8 K w/%-100 ~ >=799.9 K w/%-100 per each 100>=100 = energy % = E %
Cosa(x) = (cos(A))^3 = mA = shrink(+)/enlarge(-)
K to c = TK-273.15
c to TK = Tc+273.15
K to f = (1.8*(TK - 273.15))+32
f to K = (Tf-32)/1.8+273.15
IJ = E/xs = J inner strength
f = (E(% decimal)*((t1+t2+t3)/3))^3 = s/a
Is = J/((t1+t2)/2) = J/s
1 ft(') = 12 in(")
lbs to kg = lb*.454 = kg
kg to lbs = kg*2.205 = lb
E = mc^2 = m/s
sE = mC (mc^3 )= f/s = time energy = event flow per second
dIc = Dr^2 = A
dIr = (w(width)*h(height))^2 = A
dIrc = 2Drh = A
dIf = s*E (% decimal) = A
dIcp = (1/2*B*slant)^2 = A
dIpr = (right section perimeter*H)^2 = A
dP = V or E(%)*A = W or W/s
Ts = m/f^2 = m/s
sind(x) = D*sin((t1+t2+t3)/3)^3 = arc radians
tand(x) = D*tan((t1+t2+t3)/3)^3 = tangent radians
Rb = E%*.333 = Rb % = chaotic energy %
Ed = cos(E-Rb*180/pi)^2 = s = energy durability
Eb = cos(E(decimal)+Rb(decimal*180/pi))^2 = s
ss=E(decimal)*Rb(decimal)*t(time between event) = mA
ssE = E(%)*Rb(%)*mc^2 = m/s
hE = 1/3mfc^2 = human energy = J
e = f-(.333f) = error %
ne = f/(.333f) = success %
Fh = IJ(J)+m(kg or lbs) = m/s
Fo = fms = m/s
Po = f/E(%)*tm = m/s
Ph = IJ(J)/m = m/s
sEf = mCf = m/s
Cm = (E(%)m(mass of object)*s(seconds per action as count)/Fh ~ (E(%)m(of object)*s)/Fo = %/s
Csf = (E(%)m(of human))/(f*Rb) = s/meal
Sab = t(seconds per active eating or count(1001+))/E(%) = % saturation or absorption
Mrd = Mass reduction = t*E(%)/Fh~t*E(%)/Fo = % reduced fat or mass
Ts = Timeslipping is Timeslip = (Rb(%)/f)^3 = s
Fr = Flowrepulsion = E(%)*Rb(%)/f = f/s
Fp = Force per thought = FhE(%)-Rb(%) = m/s
Sr = time rebound = mcf = m/s
Stb = breakage or breaking wall = g*Rb(%)/f = s/a
Vh = velocity of human throw = IJ*m^2 (of object)= m/s
VhE = velocity of human energy = IJ*E^2 = m/s
VE = velocity of energy = c*E^2 = m/s
hHp = Human horsepower = IJ*s = HP
Ere = Energy replenishment = regen rate = E(%)-Rb(%)-El = % energy replenished or regeneration %
v = natural velocity = d(meters)t(1001+ count or seconds) / Rb(decimal) = kph
km to mi or kph to mph = kph or km * .621 = mph or mi
mi or mph to km or kph = mi or mph * 1.609 = km or kph
lF = Lift force = E(%)/v = N
hEcp = Rb(decimal)*m*IJ = K(Kelvin) = internal combustion point
Ls = Lifespan or weight gain = IJ/t(yr) = 1 yr/# years or #lbs/year
Ctp = Amount of control = E(%)/Rb(%)+t(second) = s
Aoa = Amount of actions = IJ/E(decimal)*t = % activity amount, 100%
total disaster or ruination

Skyhawk and others including my brothers Daniel, Paul and Jay
Inspired by Steve Kamm, physics teacher
Inspiration with weather for spell working by Gary England and doppler 9000
Inspiration for the spell works idea Grianne and Bek Ohmsford from the Voyage of the Jerle Shannara series
Book "The web of life" by Fritjof Capra pg 60-61 for feedback loops


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