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Disney Programming's Dirty Little Secrets
Posted In: Information and Theories  12/8/12
By: Sarah Wilson

The Walt Disney Company has come a long way from the black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons of yesteryear. With the upcoming re-releases of popular Disney cartoon films in 3-D, such as 'The Little Mermaid,' one can't help but to remember the supposed bulge in the priest's pants or phallic-looking structure appearing on the artwork of the Classics VHS cover that has since been edited out of later releases of the DVD. Angry parents and Christian organizations have become outraged over the years with Disney constantly inserting inappropriate images and words into their programming. The vulgar imagery continues today with the scantily-clad girls and hormone-happy boys that appear in their Disney Channel programming. Disney is a master at hitting the young mind hard with negative messages.

Subliminal messaging is a powerful method of communication used to tap into the subconscious mind without the conscious mind ever picking up on the act. Although we aren’t aware of it, the majority of the things we see and hear is absorbed into the subconscious mind, and can have an effect later on. When these messages appear in children's programming, it greatly affects minds that are still developing the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, or good and evil.

Members of the Illuminati already know the power of reaching today's youth. The fact that Walt Disney was a known freemason (possibly high ranking) with suspected ties to the Illuminati is all the more troublesome. One cannot help but to wonder if the dirty little secrets of hidden imagery in Disney films have a deliberate purpose – to program young minds to become more exposed and open to sex. First, the subliminal programming started with cartoon films, and then graduated to cutesy teenager characters that young viewers can relate to. To get an idea of the kinds of hidden obscene or inappropriate imagery that Disney programming is associated with, consider the following instances:
  • The Rescuers – Extremely controversial and hard to deny, a naked woman appears in a background window while two characters are seen flying through the city. The woman is only visible when the scene is slowed down. Lasting only two frames, it's difficult to detect without freeze-framing the movie.  
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit – As Jessica Rabbit jumps out of a taxi cab, a couple of frames depict the character's dress being blow in the air to the point that a nude woman's open legs are seen.
  • Aladdin – In Aladdin, it is said that when listening very carefully, the words "Good teenagers take off your clothes" is whispered in the scene where Aladdin reaches for Jasmine outside of her balcony.
  • The Lion King & Pocahontas – The word 'sex' is believed to appear in a handful of scenes – spelled out in the animation. For example, there is a scene where a dandelion is blown and particles in the air allegedly form a space around the word 'sex.' Disney's response was that the letters spelled out 'SFX.'
Today, the vulgar imagery of Disney programming is no longer hidden. It comes alive in the teenage "role models" who wear tight pants, short skirts, cleavage-bearing blouses, and heavy makeup. Many have complained that the majority of Disney programming is geared towards pre-teen and teenage girls. The messages the company sends to our young girls does not prepare them for the real world, but instead, forces them to compete with scripted subliminal messages and the characters that do not exist.


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