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Do Wormholes Exist?
Posted In: Information and Theories  10/21/05
By: Rookie

Do wormholes exist?

No creditable scientist can rule out the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life beyond planet Earth. Earth holds many perplexing enigmas that lack feasible explanation. If alien life forms do in-fact exist beyond our own world, many of the unexplained phenomenon may have an answer.

Assuming that extraterrestrials do exist, the daunting question still lurks, how would these aliens be-able to logically travel to Earth.  One of the nearest stars to our own sun is roughly 40 light years away, which means it would take 40 years to travel from the closest stellar body to the sun traveling at the speed of light.  A round trip voyage would take more than 80 years to complete, and let me remind you, we can currently travel several times the speed of sound, but we are no where close to traveling at light speed with today’s technology.  Could other extraterrestrial life forms be that more advanced than humans? 

One logical solution to this mystery is wormholes.  In theory, it is logically possible to travel great distances instantaneously by bending space.  It is said that space is like a piece of rubber than can bend and stretch. I this were true, with the correct technology, space itself may be altered making long distance travel possible.

Some conspiracy followers are under the impression that these wormholes do exist both naturally and artificially.  Theory has it that the Sumerians and other ancient cultures utilized wormhole technology to project their inner bodies to new dimensions. Although this sounds illogical to our 3 dimensional human brains, it is still a possibility until proven wrong.

Other claims also surface from time to time regarding human made wormholes. One of the best examples is the Montauk Project. According to sources, the government successfully created wormholes using great electromagnetic power. The proper magnetic field combined with a trained mind allegedly resulted in time travel, as well as the breakdown of the 3 dimensional barrier that keeps humans in check with reality.

Even more outrageous claims have been reported in history than the ones mentioned above. Some ex-governmental employees come forward from time to time with claims that the government itself is acquiring wormhole technology from various extraterrestrial entities that currently visit Earth. Some reports detail a trade agreement between certain alien races and human which in-turn give aliens the right to abduct people for their own biological purposes. In exchange for these abductions, the government receives great technological advancements in wormhole technology and the likes.

One of the greatest claims (yet to be seen) directly references wormholes and the upcoming apocalypse. Many great minds are convinced we are in the final years of Earth. The rapture or apocalypse is said to be right around the corner. During this time of destruction, human salvation is scheduled to take place (according to the bible).  Some believe during this time of evil, the star gates (or wormholes) will open allowing access. It is believed these natural star gates left behind from the Sumerians will open naturally and be the gateway to “heaven”. The theory suggests that wormholes will be the tool used for human ascension to higher consciousness and a new dimension.

Even though these incredible theories exist, none of it has been publicly proven to date.  Perhaps some of these stories have truth behind them, or perhaps they’re just a bunch of bluff. Until the day comes where solid proof is presented to the masses, talk of interstellar travel and hyperspace is just hype.

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