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Elements of a Good Science Fiction Movie I
Posted In: Information and Theories  6/10/12
By: Yona Williams

From 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' to the 'Terminator' franchise, there are certain elements that go into creating a good science fiction (or sci-fi) storyline or movie. In this article, you will encounter some of the characteristics that go into shaping a piece for the science fiction genre.

Advanced Technology

From the futuristic methods of crime fighting seen in 'Minority Report' to the speedy transport seen in 'Tron', advanced technology is usually an element in the science fiction genre. Writers often incorporate the advancement of technology as a way to explain what the future may hold. Movie-goers become absorbed in these concepts because time and time again, scientists have proven that they will always push the limits of technology. Other movies that show examples of advanced technology include:

•    I, Robot (2004) – This science fiction-action film highlights the integration of robots into daily human life – taking on more important roles than humans.

•    Iron Man (2008) – The technology shown in this superhero flick centers on a billionaire engineer who creates a powered exoskeleton and transforms into a technologically advanced crime fighter that can fly.

•    The Matrix (1999) – The science fiction-action film based on a future where humans engage with a different reality that deals with energy sources and electrical activity. There are dream worlds and those who wish to fight against the machines who wish to control the humans.


In the future, the fear of aliens coming to invade the world is a threat often explored in science fiction movies and books. From the creature of 'Predator' to the attacks on humankind from 'Independence Day,' many of the aliens portrayed in the science fiction genre are seen as the mortal enemy to the human race with plans to kill, enslave or rob the planet of their resources. There are some cases where the aliens are friendly and attempt to assimilate into human culture. Common uses of aliens in the science fiction genre may include aliens coming to Earth, humans coming in contact with aliens during space exploration, or humans being kidnapped by aliens.

Popular alien movies include:

•    'E.T.' ( ) – Not all aliens are bad – some are cute and cuddly as E.T. This science fiction movie centers on a young boy and his family who befriend an extraterrestrial. They try to keep the government from interfering before the stranded alien can make it back home.

•    'Cocoon' (1985) – Ron Howard directed this science fiction film that focuses on a group of elderly people who become rejuvenated by aliens.

•    'Men in Black' (1997) – With a handful of sequels, the 'Men in Black' franchise focuses on government agents who are put in place to protect the public from coming in contact with aliens who walk about the Earth while in disguise as humans and other things.


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