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Posted In: Information and Theories  5/7/06
By: Ronan

The current fundamental theory of humanity apparition (or creation) is the evolution theory. This theory have been first established by Charles Darwin, a British scientists who discovered strange animals and tried to explains why and how they become alive and survive in their environment. His theory say that each species come from one single one at the origin of life. Each species evolved differently with their own specific capabilities. It says that these new capacities come from random mutations of the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which is the molecule that contains the information about the structure and metabolism of the body. According to Darwin's theory, the environment is continuously choosing (or selecting) the best mutations by killing species which are not able to compete with others with their own capabilities: This is called "natural selection". Some also said that thoughts and ideas follow the same principle of evolution and creation. The problem with this theory is that lots of facts don't fit with it. We should remember that the theory was in competition with the Church philosophy of an omnipotent god. Darwin's ideas permits to improve the mentality against the church dogma. It is the principal reason of its success.

But now, the evolution theory is itself a dogma. To be accepted in the scientific community you need to believe in this theory. Schools teach us that Darwin's theory is the only one capable of explaining the creation humanity. It is time to change the mind and adopt a more realistic theory. In fact, at the time of Darwin, many theories was emerging and some have been studied again this last forty years by what we could called the creationists. Their theory explains the creation of humanity without any omnipotent god neither randomness (the new god of the science community). It is the theory of exogenesis. According to this theory, humanity have been created by an alien civilization coming to Earth for some reason (need of energy, need of water, need of gold...). They created us as slave robot in order to build cities and maybe other things. Many ancient texts from Americas, India, Africa, Middle East talk about this story where gods are in fact these alien beings. Their power come from their advanced technology. They performed genetic manipulation (probably around 200000 BC) to create us from an already existing animal: Homo Erectus. Imagine how it had affect our mind to be a slave of our creator. It is why we still have all these books about it. Monotheism came later, maybe in order to some humans (elite) to drive other humans (aliens being back home).


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