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Healing Stones and Crystals: Malachite and Citrine
Posted In: Information and Theories  9/19/10
By: Yona Williams

If you're interested in healing with stones and crystals, it's important to become familiar with the selections that can help you achieve your goals. If you're favorite color is green or yellow, you're interested in chasing nightmares away, or wish to run a successful business, you may want to explore the healing and magic powers of citrine and malachite.


With a light to dark color, malachite sometimes offers a banded appearance that comes in varying shades of green. For thousands of years, malachite has been transformed into jewelry – especially during ancient times when it was thought that the mineral could be used to protect from evil when worn on the body. When polished, malachite is also used to carve ornaments.

During rituals, it is sometimes used to increase sending power. Possessing a receptive type of energy, malachite is associated with the earth. Aside from protection, the mineral is thought to bring power, love, peace, as well as success in business.

Malachite Deposits

Malachite is found all over the world, but the earliest materials came from a substantial deposit in the Ural Mountains of Russia, where huge pieces had been uncovered. Other places where the mineral is found include South Australia, Arizona, Namibia, Zambia, Zaire, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, Germany, Romania, and other parts of the United States.


Citrine belongs to the quartz family and ranges in colors, such as yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, and reddish-brown. Citrine with a red tint has been heat treated, as this shade does not naturally occur in the earth. Citrine is considered the most valuable of all quartz gems.

Jewelers will use citrine as a gem and to lower costs of pieces – as a substitute for topaz. Mineral collectors also enjoy gathering citrine on one of their many adventures. In magic circles, the gem is used to prevent nightmares and to encourage a good night's sleep. Others use the gem for protection, increase self esteem, and to enhance psychic abilities.

Citrine and Topaz Connection

Since citrine closely resembles topaz, some gem dealers try to pass off heat treated specimens as the gemstone. As a rule of thumb, whenever topaz is labeled with a prefix (such as Madeira Topaz, False Topaz, Gold Topaz, Brazilian Topaz or Citrine Topaz), you are actually looked at citrine that has been treated with heat. The exception to the rule is the following kinds of topaz: Imperial, Oriental, and Precious.

Citrine Deposits

Natural citrine is not a common gemstone to come across and is typically found in large deposits of quartz. The majority of citrine originates in Brazil. Other locations that supply the gem is the Ural Mountains of Russia; Dauphine, France; and Madagascar.

For more stones and crystals with healing powers, read "Healing Stones and Crystals: Turquoise and Fluorite" to learn how to avoid negative energy from becoming an influence.


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