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Healing Stones and Crystals: Turquoise and Fluorite
Posted In: Information and Theories  9/20/10
By: Yona Williams

Turquoise is a popular material used in creating eye-catching jewelry, but the mineral is also important to people who use crystals and stones for healing rituals. In this article, you will learn how turquoise is used, as well as fluorite – a  mineral known for its cleansing abilities.


Turquoise is a mineral comprised of hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. It comes in shades of turquoise, blue, green, and yellow-green. For people born in December, turquoise is important because it serves as their birthstone. The mineral is also connected to individuals born under the following zodiac signs: Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces, and Sagittarius.

The stone is seen as a purifying object that dispels negative energy. This is why it is worn by some as a way to protect against outside influences or pollutants found in the air. Possessing a receptive type of energy, turquoise is associated with the earth. It is also used for people seeking courage, love, friendship, money, healing, and good luck.

If you are interested in affecting chakras, turquoise is most associated with the throat, heart, and third eye. Turquoise is a balancer known to align all the chakras, promote inner calm, and stabilize mood swings. People suffering from depression and exhaustion may find use in the mineral. Some also believe turquoise has the power to prevent a panic attack from occurring.


Fluorite is a mineral composed of calcium fluoride, which is used in healing circles as a cleanser and for balancing the aura. Since fluorite is linked to enhancing the concentration and mental abilities in an individual, it could pose beneficial for people in school and at work. Physically and mentally, the mineral is believed to also improve balance and coordination. The body is said to respond well to fluorite and some may seek its assistance to boost the immune system, rejuvenate cells, and heal wounds and ulcers. Other medical concerns that fluorite may address includes spinal injuries, arthritis, shingles, nerve pain, and rheumatism.

Sometimes, fluorite is used to strengthen the power of other stones and is considered significant for achieving results during meditation. It can be used to encourage an inner peace during sessions of meditation and cleansing the aura.

The mineral also comes in a variety of colors (such as blue, blue-green, yellow, green, white, pink and red), which possess their own set of benefits. For example, blue fluorite is said to calm emotions, as well as make it easier to clearly speak to another. Green fluorite is thought to balance out the hormones, as well as recharge all chakras. To achieve balanced spirituality, consider the powers of purple fluorite, which is believed to aid in connecting intuition and the rational mind.


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