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Indigo Children
Posted In: Information and Theories  4/16/06
By: Ronan

A new kind of human are coming in our world, we call them indigo children. Are they really different or is it just a matter of new psychological characteristic influenced by our new society? First we will define what are the indigo children and then we will try to find an explanation and evidences proving their existence.The indigo children are the new generation of human being. They doesn´t fit in the common psychological scheme of the other generations. They come into our world principally around the 90s and later. Some have born earlier, 80´s and probably 70´s. They are recognizable by their unique behavior. They seem more aware of spirituality and global consciousness than any other human being. It is why, they often disagree with the system in which we are now. Our society is by far too much materialist for them. It is really evident in school, in which we teach the children to obey and act under laws without the learning of the life and its spiritual meaning. There is too much hierarchy for them in our society: parents govern children, employers govern employees... The indigo children love freedom and spirituality. Their first talk as baby are about the spiritual meaning of their life, they all feel that they are on Earth for a specific mission and don´t wait to express it. It is why their behavior is not common. They seem more wise than even their parents. Parents have difficulties to educate this kind of children because of their special behavior. Hopefully, indigo children are built for independence and they live their childhood with a wise mind. It makes them already ready for our world. Furthermore, it is said by many that some indigo children have paranormal power such as telepathy and telekinesis. Is it the beginning of a new world?

Indigo children is maybe just a new generation, their specific behavior can be just the result of the society influence (society which are changing). Several facts make us difficult to believe in this naive explanation. Indeed, Indigo children don´t have just only psychological uniqueness. They have also physical particularities. They have adult eyes at their birth for example. Their faces seem determined. What can explains this? Genetics? In fact, studies have shown that children identified as indigo have their junk DNA (as it is called by the mainstream science community), more structures than other children. Junk DNA is probably more important than what their name would make us believe. It could explain the Indigo children particularities. 70% of the population get this new genes structure already. Why do this modification come now so suddenly? It can´t be really explained right now, but one thing should be noted while trying to explain it: Many people are saying that we are entering in a new era: The Aquarius age. Indigo children would be the next step in the evolution of humanity. In China and US, many studies have been carried out and it seems that these new children have remarkable capacities like purging HIV and telekinesis power!


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