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Ke$ha's Latest Ode to the Illuminati?
Posted In: Information and Theories  1/27/13
By: Sarah Wilson

Ke$ha is no stranger to being linked to the Illuminati, and she wastes no time fueling the flames of the fire in her latest share with her fans. Most recently, the singer took to Twitter on January 23 to share a link to an Instagram photo that shows off a fresh coat of paint on her nails… but it's the artwork that has caught the 'eye' of Illuminati watchers. Just how far will the singer go to prove a point and deliberately reference an organization bent on taking over the world?

Ke$ha is known for incorporating Illuminati-related symbolism (as well as Satanic and occult symbolism) into her music videos, and now her latest embrace of the secret society is seen in her new manicure, which seems to pay homage to the all-seeing eye. The artwork emblazoned on her nails depicts eyeballs – a known symbol of the Illuminati and secret societies. Interestingly, the photo taken of Ke$ha shows the musician showing off her nails with rays of light shining across the photo – possibly another reference to the depictions of eye symbolism often shown on the top of illuminated pyramids.

No Stranger to Controversial Symbolism

Following the Newtown tragedy, Ke$ha's music video and song 'Die Young' had been pulled from radio rotation because of the message it sent out and bad taste it left in the mouths of listeners. Not only was the message of the song not positive, but the imagery in the music video was also disturbing to many because of the blatant symbolism throughout

The plot of music video for 'Die Young' shows Ke$ha breaking into an old church located in a desert-like location. Joined by her companions, they destroy the contents inside of the church – creating chaos. It is here that she is worshipped by attractive beings with animalistic tendencies. Inside of the church, the singer eventually participates in what looks like an orgy involving various men and women. The very concept of such activities taking place inside of a church is disturbing to swallow. To make matters more chaotic, the number of Illuminati and other questionable symbols that appear in the video include:

•    Pentagrams – At one point, Ke$ha dressed in revealing leather is joined by a group of men, who dance in front of an illuminated, inverted pentagram.

•    Upside down crosses – Wearing nothing but a bra and panties, Ke$ha seductively poses on a mattress with inverted crosses flashing around her body.

•    Horned animals – Horned animals are often used to reference Satan, and Ke$ha is seen dancing in front of a car with a mounted pair of horns.

•    Pyramids – One scene shows the singer swaying in front of a pyramid shape comprised of several triangles. Periodically, triangles (or pyramid shapes) with inverted crosses flash across the screen.

•    All-seeing eyes – Covering one of her eyes, Ke$ha perpetuates single-eye symbolism and intensifies the statement by wearing a ring with an all-seeing eye design.

In the end, regardless if Ke$ha believes and embraces the meaning of the Illuminati, there is no doubt that she is guilty of glorying and promoting the symbols that represent the organization.


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