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Stargates in Iraq- From the Sumerians to the 911 Attacks
Posted In: Information and Theories  3/14/07
By: Rookie

Stargates In Iraq

It has been theorized by many credible sources that there are Stargates buried in the sands of Iraq. According to popular beliefs, Iraq was once "The Garden of Eden". Iraq also marks the home of the ancient Sumerians who held strong extraterrestrial beliefs relating to interdimensional travel and may indeed hold the key to human creation. Many great names have came forward and proclaimed that the US Government not only knows about these Stargates, but are in pursuit to acquire them. Dan Burisch, an area 51 (S4) worker, claims that a stargate in Iraq actually does exist, and confirms the accusations that the Iraq war is a cover for the "fight for the stargate".

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin, author of "The 12th Planet" has been studying ancient Sumerian text for many years and claims to have an accurate interpretation of how the Sumerians believed humanity came to exist on planet Earth. According to Sitchin's studies, a superior race of beings once inhabited this world. Travelers from other worlds arrived eons ago and planted the seed that would later blossom into a remarkable race.

The Sumerian Stargates

Clipped from

The Annunaki (The Gods From The Sky) placed a Stargate on our planet for instantaneous transportation of humans to communicate peacefully with other worlds. The Annunaki hoping that the Earthlings intentions were pure and goodhearted left this in control of the civil heads of government in Uruk, the city also possessed airstrips for the landing of levitation craft for Alien craft. The mass amount of western interest in this area including Egypt have led to many crazy conspiracy theories, but if you disregard all the fallacies in those theories, you come out with the truth.

Dan Burisch

Dan Burisch has made a huge splash in the UFO community over the last past year or so. According to sources I have read, Dan worked in the S4 underground base as a microbiologist. He can offer notarized documents and other forms of proof to back up his story. If your looking for credentials, google his name. Dan has some truly amazing stories including direct contact with extraterrestrials, Mind Melds with aliens, The Ganesh Particle, and much more. According to Dan, the 2012 theory is indeed true, and the US Government is in a dire struggle to acquire the Sumerian Stargates before the great change happens.

911 Attacks

Popular theory suggests that the 911 attacks on the World Trade Towers were orchestrated by the US Government and the Bush administration for the prime purpose of acquiring the Sumerian Stargates. As the saga goes, a great attack on America is more than enough reason to start pouring troops into the Eastern World, than move directly into Baghdad. Baghdad is believed to be the prime realty location where these Stargates lie.

Bush Father and Son

If anyone would have access to this knowledge, The former Head of the CIA would. It may be mere coincidence that George Bush Senior was head of the CIA, and in 1991 set his targets on Iraq. One decade later, the next George Bush is in office and a HUGE catastrophe happens which results in US Troops returning to Iraq.

The Current War In Iraq

I have asked many credible and  intelligent people, what is the real purpose for the war in Iraq? Iraq does have oil, but not as much as many neighboring countries, and if we were after oil, the results certainly did not help the American Gas Price. Iraq has never attacked America, and never showed any violence towards our people, and no weapons of mass destruction have been found that could harm America in any way. The Bush administration claims that the ousting of Saddam Hussein was a major goal because he was a tyrant that caused the Iraqi population much unneeded pain and death (which I can not argue with), but if that was the prime reason for the Iraqi invasion, why are we still there pumping more troops in as the years pass?  It has already come to a point where we lost more Americans seeking revenge than we lost due to the 911 attacks.

Stargates in Iraq Conclusion

I can continue this article all night, but in the end I do not have the resources to prove any of it. The US Government is operating on it's own agenda and the average citizen will never receive full disclosure. The US Government responds promptly to ALL UFO encounters and reports, and has ran Many Many top secret projects studying and learning about advanced technology such as time travel, Stargates, Teleportation, Invisibility, and the likes. The US Government knows for a fact that much of this technology does exist and they know whoever masters it first will control the world.

We have come to a changing point in humanity where the impossible is becoming possible. There is a new future ahead, and the USA wants to make certain they are in complete control.

I personally believe that the Stargates in Iraq theory is more believable than the mumbo jumbo the Government feeds us. As civilians, all we can do is listen and try to decide which stories to believe. To many, Stargates may sound outlandish and silly, but to me the Stargate philosophy sounds more realistic than the rest.


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