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The Freemasonry Symbolism Found in 'Sherlock Holmes' Movies
Posted In: Information and Theories  12/27/12
By: Sarah Wilson

When the public watches a movie, they are not always aware of the meaning behind the symbolism that may appear in a film. Sometimes, these pieces of imagery are blatant, while other times they are hidden so that the subconscious mind is exposed to such subliminal messages. In the Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, there are several instances where Freemasonry symbolism appears.

For starters, the plot of the first Sherlock Holmes film (2009) centers on occult murders, secret societies, and conspiracies affecting the world. You will find numerous symbols and references relating to a 'New Order' and Freemasonry.

Although the character of Sherlock Holmes was not a Mason himself, he was quite knowledgeable in the ways of Freemasonry and could easily detect Masonic rings and other associations. Interestingly, the original Sherlock Holmes tales were written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was known to express an interest in spiritualism and Freemasonry.

The checkered pattern symbolism associated with the Freemasons appears in 'Sherlock Holmes,' including a scene depicting a study/library. While this pattern may seem like a popular feature in home décor, to the Freemasons, it means something much different. The black and white checkered floor has existed in temples since ancient Egyptian days. The ritualistic floor found in the Masonic lodges is supposed to refer to humanity being 'checkered with good and evil.' This old symbol was used in the earliest form of their rituals.
In 'Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" (2011), Sherlock and Moriaty meet for a final confrontation which takes place on the checkered floor pattern of the Masons. The checkered floor pattern also appears in the same film during an overhead shot that shows characters dancing across it.


The spell book of Lord Blackwood (featured in the first movie) includes symbols related to Satan worship and Freemasonry, including a creature that resembles Baphomet. A reference to the Freemason emblem also appears on more than one occasion in the movie, and is seen displayed on the pages of a booklet.

During a visit to Lord Blackwood's prison cell in the first installment of the Sherlock movies, Sherlock Holmes sees odd markings on the walls that include a crucified rose. This symbol is thought to represent the Rosicrucian Order, which was a hermetic brotherhood possessing a history that traces back to the Middle Ages. There are some accounts that link the Rosicrucians with playing a noted yet hidden role in influencing the world today – even surpassing the power of Freemasons during the start of the 18th century.
In the first Sherlock Holmes movie, there is an occult brotherhood called The Order, which carries many similarities with the Freemasons. The Order is described as a 'secret system' that has good and questionable intentions. The Dark Arts or practical magic are mentioned. The Order also has numerous members that belong in high positions, such as the government and police department.

The Blackwood character in the movie takes over The Order by force, and wishes to create a new future – one that is headed by the Brotherhood. Interestingly, when Blackwood takes a seat at the Throne of the Order, you will notice a pyramid in the background with an illuminated capstone, which resembles a symbol of the Illuminati.


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