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The Illuminati and Masonic Imagery of OBEY Clothing Company
Posted In: Information and Theories  12/22/12
By: Sarah Wilson

Movies and music are not the only industries guilty of spreading the messages and imagery associated with underhanded organizations. There are other types of businesses that capitalize on the unawareness of consumers. For instance, you'll find clothing companies that perpetuate the symbolism associated with the Illuminati and Masons (whether intentionally or not). Take into consideration the OBEY Clothing Company, which formed in 2001, and is the brainchild of artist Shepherd Fairley.

Some will defend the imagery of OBEY Clothing Company products, such as their graphic T-shirts, and say that the artwork is meant to poke fun and support an anti-establishment agenda. However, the use of symbolism that represents a New World Order still spreads the message nonetheless. The word 'obey' in itself is a powerful term that constantly appears in the clothing designs. The use of the word rubs some the wrong way as they question what exactly we are supposed to 'obey.'

The concept of the New World Order is to bring order out of chaos, which is a similar notion embraced by the Masons. Their motto "Ordo ab Chao" refers to this way of thinking. Interestingly, the OBEY Clothing Company has a shirt that highlights disturbing imagery that represents this concept.


The man depicted in the design is holding a staff-like object with what looks like a pentagram with a face inside – the logo of the company. The man is also covering one of his eyes, which is a similar gesture seen throughout the music industry and is known as single-eye symbolism (linked to the Eye of Horus). The dollar sign also plays a significant role in the design. The face in the logo is supposed to depict former wrestler Andre the Giant, who has since become known as the 'OBEY Giant' and the logo for Fairley's company. It has been interestingly pointed out that giants appear in the Scriptures as the offspring of the Fallen Angels.


Another questionable OBEY T-shirt design incorporates a snake and two pentagram-like shapes that form to create the shape of the sun. The logo within the pentagram takes on a more demonic appearance. The imagery of a serpent eating its own tail is associated with an occult symbol that signifies an eternal cycle of renewal, which can once again reference the Masonic Motto that a new order can come out of chaos.


The Grim Reaper is a character that appears in different clothing companies, but OBEY goes one step farther by adding a pentagram as a mark on its forehead. The Reaper is known as the personification of death, and the company has no problem associating the brand and logo with this kind of evil imagery. One could interpret this design as 'obey death.'

The infamous brotherhood known as the 'Skull & Bones' uses some of the same imagery seen in an OBEY T-shirt to represent the organization. Here, you can see a similarity in the emblem of the secret society (whose headquarters are found at Yale University) that has involved a host of powerful individuals throughout history, including two Presidents of the United States. The skull and bones imagery is also used to represent death.

Other debatable design choices regarding the OBEY Clothing Company include:

  • The use of the 'all-seeing eye' of Lucifer coupled with the word 'obey'. Look closer and a tiny skull is embedded in the pupil.
  • A shirt that actually suggests 'all hail the ruling elite' – whether a political or religious pun. This same shirt shows an eye inside of an illuminating pyramid.
  • The eye inside of triangular shapes is used on more than one occasion.
  • A gold, shining Illuminati Pyramid with an eye releasing light on the top.


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