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The Mind Control Symbolism in Katy Perry's Music Video "Wide Awake"
Posted In: Information and Theories  1/5/13
By: Sarah Wilson

If you've ever seen the movie 'The Manchurian Candidate' (remade with Liv Schreiber and Denzel Washington), then you already know a bit about mind control. Monarch mind control is a form of control that taps into the brain's trauma response of dissociation in order to establish a different personality. The concept involves creating triggers that causes the 'slave personality' to emerge, where they react to certain commands that a 'handler' (or master) dictates. Monarch butterflies play an important role in this form of mind control, and have appeared in many popular music videos.

The Monarch programming technique of mind control has been embraced by the military and other levels of authority, including politicians and medical professionals. The objective is to create what is referred to as a 'programmable' being. This sort of technique also appears throughout the entertainment industry. Not every wildly popular musician is a victim of mind control, but their agents, directors and producers of their music can wield their influence in a way to insert the practice into their lyrics and music videos.

One of the most blatant uses of Monarch mind control is found in pop sensation Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' music video. It is unclear whether the video is going against the concept or intentionally inserting symbolism related to Monarch programming to expose her fans to such a message. With a distinct similarity to the storyline of Alice in Wonderland, 'Wide Awake' possesses a range of hidden messages and symbolism that the average fan would not pick up on – especially young teens. These kinds of music videos romanticize the concept of being under the control or influenced by another.

Mirrors, Butterflies, and Mazes…

Duality is an important part of mind control programming, and in 'Wide Awake,' the concept is seen in a handful of imagery. The dual persona of Katy Perry is seen when she removes her pink wig and becomes another persona. While she stares at herself in a mirror, she becomes dissociated from reality. It is this element that plays a significant role in mind control. She enters a fantasy world, which is also a part of Perry, as she is joined by a younger version of herself. This world includes a dark labyrinth with tricks and hazards – it could represent her mind. If so, perhaps she cannot trust what's inside her mind. Inside the 'world,' Perry encounters a strawberry hanging from a dead-like branch, which is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden and the fruit used to trick Snow White.

At one point, a young Katy joins the older Perry. This young girl represents the singer's core persona, and is an essential part for overcoming programming techniques. She is also representative of the personality Perry had before she was introduced to mind control techniques. Reconnecting with the younger version of herself will help her navigate the maze 'inside her mind.'

Scenes in the music video show Katy Perry walking down a corridor filled with mirrors – a symbol of Monarch mind control. After viewing paparazzi in one of the mirrors, she is momentarily mesmerized until she decides to break the mirror and leave the room. This act causes butterflies to flyi off of her dress, which could represent the singer breaking free from the clutches of Monarch programming.

are another symbol of Monarch mind control, and according to commentary of 'Wide Awake,' the entire song is about Perry and the 'maze of fame.'


In a disturbing scene, Perry appears strapped to a wheelchair with limp head. The setting somewhat resembles padded insane asylum walls. Her younger self is fighting to escape, but is interestingly blocked by two 'orderlies' with Baphomet-like heads. Does this scene represent the reprogramming of the artist, or what happens when you oppose your 'handler?'

Mirrors, mazes and the butterflies not only represent the psychological aspects of Monarch programming, but also serve as visual 'triggers' for those under 'control.' Watch the storyline of Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake' again, and decide for yourself if there are hidden meanings you weren't of before.


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