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The Satanic Messages Found in UNIF Clothing Company

By Sarah Wilson    12/30/12

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With a disregard for religion and embracing signs of chaos and other disturbing symbolism, the designs of the UNIF Clothing Company are riddled with Satanic messages. Appealing to a more youthful crowd of consumers, there are no hidden messages, but instead, blatant imagery and phrases that also include Illuminati symbolism. The fact that celebrities, such as Lil' Wayne and Justin Bieber have embraced this brand has helped the clothing reach a wider scope of youths.

There's a rebellious nature to UNIF clothing – seen in their T-shirt designs, ball cap messages, and advertisements. The slogan used to advertise the release of their new collection in February of 2012 was, "Hell is so hot right now." The brand logo also makes a significant statement – the eye of Lucifer at the center of a pyramid, which signifies the 'I' in UNIF.

In an effort to strongly promote sex, another design incorporates popular company logos to attract the eye to a different message. The iconic 'enjoy' from Coca Cola ads is paired with the word 'Sex' instead of 'Sox' from the sport's team, the White Sox. This is not the first time the clothing company uses familiar symbols to send a more distorted message. One shirt offers the image of the classic yellow smiley face, but is joined with the words 'total hate.'

UNIF has a knack for using familiar images to lure consumers. They've been known to incorporate powerful 'role models' such as their design showing Mickey Mouse with an upside-down cross and pentagrams with the image of Baphomet. This is not the first time the Disney character has been included in the demonic imagery of UNIF clothing. Another T-shirt places pentagrams inside of Mickey's ears while he holds onto a skull and is displaying his middle finger.


UNIF often uses religion as a theme in their clothing designs, but not in a way to promote prayer and worship, but to instead ridicule faith. An example is seen in a white T-shirt decorated with a black cross. The brand name is written upside down on the cross, which may signify their intended positioning of the cross. An upside down cross is a representation of Satan. The company can take a peace symbol and insert a broken upside-down cross inside with a skeleton illustrating in a crucifixion position.


UNIF seems to enjoy incorporating a range of problematic symbols in their T-shirt designs. For instance, the All-Seeing Eye is placed within a pyramid below the Tao yin yang symbol. The message of the T-shirt reads that Lucifer is in control of both the good and evil of a balanced world.

Other questionable clothing designs by UNIF include:

  • Mocking God with a T-shirt slogan: "Dear Satan, I miss you, come back – God"
  • A green skeleton hand making the 'devil horn' sign
  • Jackets with skulls and the promotion of illegal activities
  • Exchanging the iconic Chanel No. 5 brand logo with a No. 666 and the words "scent from hell."
  • Upside-down pentacles decorating a shirt that embraces 'the other side"
  • A large eye in the center of a T-shirt makes a reference to Eye of Lucifer.
  • Used 'Go to Hell for Heaven's Sake' as a slogan on a shirt
  • Makes references to witches
  • One T-shirt uses a cross to intersect an 'S', which makes a dollar sign. Below are the words: "Jesus saves, I spend." The message clearly encourages materialism and disrespects an important religious symbol.

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