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The Spiritual Meaning of Birds: Species
Posted In: Information and Theories  6/12/11
By: Yona Williams

When you can identify with a certain type of bird, the meanings of the colors and actions are usually more accurate. Every bird species is thought to have its own personal message. Some birds will also possess a closer significance to certain individuals – making a variation in interpretations. With all other forms of divination, it is suggested to take into consideration your heart and spirit when analyzing the presence and potential message of a bird.

Some of the bird species you may come in contact with include:

Bluebirds – They often signify happiness and spiritual awakening.

Cardinal – They could serve as a reminder to take care of your health or prepare for events that can change your life forever.

Cranes – They should encourage you to use all of the wisdom that you have access to.

Crows – When you see a crow cawing, it could mean that enemies could be plotting against you. Prepare to be on the defense for any unseen attacks. When a crow is in flight, they could signify travel in your future.

Doves – Known as a bird associated with the goddesses, the dove is a symbol of peace and joy that is also mentioned in the Bible. Sometimes, the presence of the bird symbolizes a promise for the future.

Duck – Encounter a quacking duck and you could be heading towards luck. The bird also symbolizes that you are part of a stable relationship.

Eagle – This bird should encourage you to use your skills wisely in order to bring success.

Hawk – When a hawk is soaring above your head, it is a sign that you will become victorious.

Hummingbird – This delicate creature is associated with joy, prosperity, and faithfulness.

Jays – This bird should remind you to be tough when the time presents itself, as well as achieving success through perseverance.

Owls – Known for their wisdom, an owl has a long history with superstitions and divination. If you hear the hooting of an owl (three times), it is a sign that an impending death will strike someone in your world. Others believe it also means that a big change in status is approaching. When you see an owl, its presence is connected with magic and wisdom.

Raven – If you are facing an obstacle and come across a raven beforehand – your chances of enjoying a victory is pretty high.

Robin – In North America, seeing a robin in the morning means that you may encounter guests later on in the day. If the bird nests close to your home, expect very good luck.

Sparrow – This species of bird indicates a peaceful, happy home. If you find a nest close to your window, it could indicate future issues regarding your love life.

Woodpecker – Pecking away at the trees in the neighborhood, the noisy woodpecker is also a symbol of successful endeavors at work.

Wren – When you encounter a wren, perhaps you will face improvement in your current situation.


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