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There's Fear Brewing that Beyonce's Upcoming Half-Time Super Bowl Performance Will Reflect an Illuminati Message
Posted In: Information and Theories  2/1/13
By: Sarah Wilson

The ultra-popular R&B artist, Beyonce, whose been going strong for more than 10 years in the music business, has a long-standing dark cloud hanging over her head – she is a suspected Illuminati puppet. From embracing questionable symbolism and being married to Jay-Z (another musician suspected of having ties to secret organizations), the actions of the singer-actress is often scrutinized under a microscope. The latest news has been her lip-synched performance during the recent Presidential inauguration, but this news is now being replaced by a call to boycott her upcoming Super Bowl half-time performance because of her suspected association with the Illuminati.

At the urging of a super PAC that leans on the libertarian side, all Americans are being asked to turn off the halftime show during the Super Bowl on February 3, 2013 because Beyonce will be performing, and she may spread the message of the 'Illuminati.'

The super PAC in question is called Elect a New Congress, whose agenda centers on 'restoring liberty' in Congress. They believe that the Illuminati – an alleged clandestine group comprised of the wealthy and powerful whose been influencing America for centuries – has a hand in the actions and messages spread by popular figures in society. Actors, actresses, and musicians are often viewed as being the puppets of the Illuminati because they are respected and virtually worshipped by their fans, who listen to what they have to say. In the case of Beyonce, she has quite a following that spans across all ages, races and classes.

Last year, the Super Bowl half-time show with Madonna (and controversial musician Nicki Minaj) drew criticism. The performance ultimately raised eyebrows of those that zeroed in on Madonna's use of an Egyptian headdress as part of her wardrobe, and the pyramid that her male dancers formed during a dance sequence, which represents symbolism related to the Illuminati.  

According to Bill Fawell, the founder and president of the newly-formed Elect a New Congress, Madonna's halftime show was part of a hidden agenda. Fawell is under the impression that Beyonce will follow in the same vein as Madonna by embracing an Illuminati message. He believes that the upcoming Super Bowl show will reach the minds of millions of Americans and have a highly influential effect on the people.

Fawell views some of the themes of Beyonce's past performances as embracing the concept of a military industrial police state, such as performing with male dancers wearing protective helmets. He believes that imagery such as this contributes to the subliminal messages inserted into mainstream America.

Fawell is additionally using a YouTube video posted on January 31, 2013, to back his opinion. Created by right wing author and conspiracy theorist Mark Dice, the video suggests Beyonce's 2010 Grammy performance concentrated on the 'glorification of the police state and of the military.' Fawall would rather have people check out the Animal Planet channel to watch the 'Puppy Bowl' instead of absorbing Beyonce's message during halftime. He certainly has strong opinions regarding Beyonce and Madonna, as highlighted on the blog for Elect a New Congress.


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