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Mars Rover Reveals Possibilities of UFOs on Mars
Posted In: Mars Coverage  4/6/04
By: jim, Rich Roach

It seems we at aren't the only ones who who think some Mars pictures look suspicious of Life or UFO's. While scrolling the internet today, I came across many sites that have posted pictures of Martian Terrain, anomalous objects, and suspected UFOs in Mars Horizon.
What is the possibility these really are UFOS we are seeing in Rover Photos?  Well we know they aren't the Martian Moons (which Mars has 2 of).  Some people say the objects may be rocks blowing in dust storms.  While that conclusion sounds reasonable enough, it is deflated by the fact that most pictures only show 1 or two rather fair size objects.  If a dust storm was responsible, Wouldn.t there be more tan one or two rocks flying around?
Rich Roach Writes:
"I must tell you, I saw your posting of UFOs on Rover pictures and was relieved.  I have been noting UFOs in both the Rover and Opportunity pictures for a long while and have quite a collection.  One of them has three in it, another has even more.  There are some in the newest pictures.  I wish there could be some way of zooming in even closer.  I find it very interesting that when you DO zoom in to these pics, the shape of the UFO is different.  In one picture I am almost afraid of what I see as it appears to show one large mothership type of UFO with a whole string of potential UFOs around it"
I just want to thank you for being brave enough to post the picture
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