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Mars Rovers Send Back A UFO Streaking Across Mars Atmosphere
Posted In: Mars Coverage  3/20/04
By: jim

  Mars Rover Photographs A UFO Streaking Across Mars Atmosphere

Thursday NASA Announced a UFO (unidentified Flying Object) was captured on film by the Rover Spirit which is still rolling on mars. The image appears as a streaking light moving horizontally above the surface of mars.

The image was photo'd by accident NASA Says.  The picture was a glimpse of the martian surface with the horizon in the background.  When SPirit spit the picture back to Earth, a real true UFO was revealed. As of now, NASA can not prove or tell what the object was.  But early predictions say it could be a meteor or space solid penetrating through Mar's thin atmosphere. Other possibilities are the Mars Orbiter crashing through the atmosphere as it falls to its death in space,  Viking 2 orbiter, which was sent to Mars in 1976.

But if you as me, It would be highly irregular to accidentley photograph a falling space oribitor in the horizon.  While the explaination of the meteor is believable, there is still a case for the UFO enthusiasts to expand upon. As you know,  nothing is supposed to fly on Mars.

As we wait here at for more information to emerge, our hopes are high that ,ore UFO related information will emerge.  Some other anomalies Mars has produced are Human Faces On MarsUFO Crash Site on Mars, Ufo in the Horizon .

Latest Picture of The Unknown UFO Streak in the Martian Atmosphere.


If you notice or hear any other UFO information on Mars, Please submit it to us at

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