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Phoenix Mars Lander Looks For Life On Mars
Posted In: Mars Coverage  5/26/08
By: Rookie

Yesterday, May 25th 2008, NASA's "Phoenix Mars Lander" successfully landed on the surface of Mars in attempts to find the pre-cursors of life outside our planet. This day marks a huge step, as it is the first official mission to dedicated to find life on Mars.

The Phoenix Lander is designed to stay in one place, and use a robotic arm to dig into the soil. The Lander is equipped with a miniature laboratory that can identify organic matter, and signs of past or present life on Mars.
Upon landing, the Mars Phoenix Lander allegedly has some kind of wrapping that failed to come off during it's landing. NASA officials say that this is a minor situation, and it should cause no negative side effects. NASA will be able to still use the digging arm without problems.

Major Press and Mainstream News have been covering the events, but the underground conspiracy community has already chimed in with allegations of immediate coverups by NASA. According to preliminary claims, NASA may already be altering and screening the images that are being sent from Mars, and purposely de-colorizing the images to cover anomalies that may be present.

Any conspiracy follower already heard the claims that the Martian Atmosphere and sky is not red, but blue, and the surface of Mars has as much life filled color as our mother Earth. Some early whistle blowers were pointing out the delays in the NASA TV broadcast, and pointing out the possible muting of audio.

The main questions being asked by the conspiracy group is: Why are we receiving black and white images when we are fully capable of producing color images? We have already seen black and white pictures takes over 30 years ago when the Voyager landed on Mars, and now in 2008 our picture quality hasn't improved?

Whatever the scenario is, we are anxiously awaiting the results, and are glad that a "real attempt" is being made to finally prove that life can exist on other planets.  We will be watching this situation closely.


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