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2012 Ascension and Turbulence Not Exclusive to Western World
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  8/7/11
By: Chris Capps

The belief that 2012 will bring with it a time of considerable ascension and turbulence is not exclusively a western concept, although in the East the perception is less polarized in the west.  Currently any prophecy about the future is being seen through the lens of an ever changing spiritual tradition, or series of spiritual traditions that have changed ever more dramatically as time goes on.  If we think of 2012 as an exclusively western idea we miss the vast wealth of knowledge contributed from Eastern astrology as well.

Considering the intense amount of change we are expecting in the next year and four months, many have been tempted to dismiss 2012 as nothing more than a fad which grows more popular with each successive world changing event.  The fact that the theory behind the date and a coming age of change was started long before these events began to unfold is largely ignored.  In fact, the astrology of China places 2012 as the Year of the Dragon.  Many compare the astrological symbol of Leo to the Dragon, and suggest the two may be linked due to the representations they share.  Both are symbols largely corresponding to the element of fire.  Both denote characters of communication and an interest in the self.  And both will be in interesting positions as December of 2012 comes around.  And perhaps most interesting is the fact that the dragon is a bridge between heaven and Earth.

The numerology of the dragon states that the numbers associated with this figure have some interesting correlations to December 22nd, 2012.  3 and 4 are both multiples of the month and year this transition will be taking place in.  And just as 21 is an important symbol, and December will be the last month in the year of the dragon we will be entering a new period just as this transition takes place.  The dragon will be the last symbol of this time before we enter a new era, effectively being bridged by this ancient symbol which is in itself a bridge between heaven and Earth.  2012 is believed by Chinese astrologers to be a tumultuous year when we will be seeing the apex of the clashes taking place on Earth which have already started.

Rarely do all astrological belief systems converge on a single date.  The year, month, and day each correspond to a time of importance in a number of traditions in a way that simply cannot be ignored.  And so as we move into the next level of consciousness and everything in our world indicates to us that the world is changing in ways never before seen, we turn to these ancient systems of analysis for guidance.  And it's certainly nice that they all agree with one another for once.  Even if they do suggest the change will be difficult, this can allow us to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for what is becoming an increasingly hopeful period in human history.

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