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7 Steps to Experience Meditation through Vipassana
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  10/30/07
By: Asif Raza

Vipassana is an insight meditation in order to see things-in-themselves. It is concentration of mind on body where mindfulness and concentration are shared.  The main purpose of Vipassana is to perceive things as they really are, in order to free one from all types of mind-diverting activities, and be enlightened from being captivated by the dark forces of illusion.

It is done through contemplation of impermanence in order to counteract craving, conceit, ignorance and develops inner peace, freedom, clarity regarding nature of self, wisdom, and compassion in personality.

To perform Vipassana, one should refrain from stealing, killing, telling lies, sexual misconduct, all intoxicants.

One should also avoid eating after noon, bodily decoration and sleeping on high or luxurious beds.

Day 1:      Start observing the breath whether you are inhaling or exhaling. Breathe a little hard for a few moments if you are incapable to concentrate your minds or if you are unable to feel the breath.

Day 2:      Start observing the breath as before, with the further understanding and awareness of where the breath is touching the skin in the nasal region of nose.

Day 3:      The awareness of breath includes what sensations one is feeling on the skin in the nasal region (on the nostril rings, on the nose, above the upper lip and below the nose).

Day 4:      The sensations of breath continue with further control and limitation of the area on which you are believed to focus and shift their focus to the top of the head and carefully move it through each part of the body till the focus reaches the tips of the toes, feeling the sensations on each part of the body as they pass through the body.

Try to feel the sensations and the new area of concentration should be below the nostrils and above the upper lips. Don’t ever try to either like or dislike the sensations. Be calm and peaceful with your breathing sensations.

Day 5:      Proceed traversal of focus through the body in both directions: from the head to the toes and then from the toes to the head.   Sensations are to be experienced with balanced mind and equanimity in order to understand impermanence in meditation.
Day 6:      Keep on further traversal of focus through both the arms, both the legs simultaneously and symmetrically through the body in both directions.

Day 7:      Continue traversal process through as many parts as possible simultaneously through the entire body. Feel fine sensations all over the body are asked to perceive if you can feel the sensations inside the body as well by moving their focus sharply and penetratingly through the body.

After completing theses above mentioned steps, you start feeling delicate sensations all over the body and get a free flow. You start feeling satisfying inside your body. You start feeling fine both inside and outside the body. you start feeling pleasing in the spinal cord as well.

“One succeeds in spot checking of various body parts and immediately gets a delimited, subtle sensation at the spot check area.”


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