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Practical Steps for Following Brahmacharya
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  3/22/15

Hindu scriptures place great importance on brahamacharya. The mind, soul, and semen form a trinity…the three pillars on which a seeker builds his edifice of spirituality. A crack or instability in one leads to the edifice coming crashing down.

Brahamacharya or the sublimation of the sex impulse leads to an upward rising of spiritual energy. This is something that yogis strive for. Brahamacharya is a great way to turn the senses inward and meditate on the self. By nature, the senses are outward looking and desirous of sensual pleasures.

But the fleeting feeling of joy or the perception of happiness that accompanies sensory gratification requires to be sated every now and then. The feeling of bliss that accompanies the act of sex is transient and the act itself is most debilitating to the psychic and physical self. A little common sense will tell us that fluid capable of creating life has to be powerful and worth preserving.

Those that can successfully implement the theory of brahamacharya even for a couple of months invariably report a sharpening of the senses, improvement in physical vigor and they find it easy to focus while meditating.

Men who conquered death through the practice of brahamacharya include the warrior Bhism from the Mahabharat and Lakshman, brother of Lord Ram. In recent times, Muhammad Ali, the champion boxer was a votary of practicing celibacy. He considered it his secret weapon. And the world knows how he took on and won against much bigger boxers like Sonny Liston and George Foreman.

Useful tips to implement for practicing Brahamacharya


  1. Keep the mind and body clean. Cleanliness is verily next to godliness. Form a routine for regular bathing for external cleanliness and meditation for internal cleanliness.
  2. Track your thoughts. Don’t let them stray towards sensory pleasures. Remember, the body is a chariot and our soul is the passenger. The senses, always pulling outward, are the horses that have to be kept in control or they will pull in different directions. Our intellect serves as the charioteer. It has the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. And the mind, ever so ready to follow the senses is akin to the reins that should be pulled to keep the horses in check. Control your mind and your senses will obey you.
  3. Eschew the company of people that display poor self control. Those that instigate or cajole you into smoking, drinking, womanizing, or sensual activities of any kind will prove to be a hindrance in your practice of brahamacharya.
  4. Spend time in the company of people with elevated thoughts. It is rightly said that average folks discuss people while wise men concern themselves with ideas and concepts.
  5. Perform any activity in moderation. An excess of physical or mental exertion can be debilitating for the practitioner in quest of maintaining brahamacharya.
  6. Eat the right kind of food. Food that is neither too rich nor too spicy is the prescribed food. Avoid meats. Practice fasting once a week. It helps build the necessary mental discipline required to keep sexual thoughts at bay. Remember, physical brahamacharya follows mental brahamacharya.
  7. Take a good look at your own body. And then, consider the fact that even the most beautiful body is made up of the same perishable elements as yours. It is changing every moment. External beauty, which is only skin deep, lasts but for a few years. Such contemplation accompanied by asking yourself the question “Who am I”, will help you in maintaining brahamacharya.
  8. Pray to God that he grant you strength to stay away from lust-inducing thoughts and situations.


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