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Reiki – Healing Through Energy Waves
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  4/1/15

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that is of recent vintage. While this form of alternative medicine has been practiced in Japan for centuries, it was in 1922 that Buddhist Monk Mikau Usui codified the rules and is hence considered the inventor of this practice.

Energy from the palms of the healer is transferred to the recipient and it sets right the latter’s energy flow. This energy is nothing by the prana of Hindu thought and Qi of Far Eastern healing philosophy.

A disruption in the flow of prana to an organ causes it to malfunction. The disruption in the flow of energy happens when we take into ourselves negative thoughts and energies. The channels of energy in our body become blocked.

And this event, which happens on a subtle plane, has a real effect on our gross bodies. Reiki directs positive energy to the affected parts and clears the channels for the flow of energy.

The healer never runs out of energy because he has reached a level where he can connect to the ever abundant source of transcendental energy. Reiki focuses on tapping the latent spiritual energies of the practitioner. You could be an adherent of any faith and easily learn Reiki techniques.

During a Reiki session, the recipient usually feels relaxed and senses the body’s tensions leaving him. Out-of-body experiences have also been reported. The flow of energy lets us connect with our own selves. This is pure positive energy that comes to us via the healer’s touch.

Be it sprains or niggles, or persistent conditions, Reiki works for all. Many people turn to Reiki for treatment and relief from the side effects of sustained medical treatment. Reiki practitioners can also direct the Qi to their own body parts that need healing.

There are five tenets or principles that Reiki practitioners consider to be the cornerstones of their art. These are to stay away from anger, avoid fretting and worrying, practice kindness, express gratefulness, and working hard.

Like other alternative modes of treatment, Reiki benefits holistically. The flow of positive energy benefits both body and mind.


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