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Aphrodisiacs: Chinese Herbals & More
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  6/22/06
By: Yona Williams


Need a little help getting in the mood? There are numerous herbs and foods that can be eaten that will produce natural attraction for romance, sensuality and love. The word for these edibles is aphrodisiacs and they not only get you in the right mood for lovemaking, but can also increase your attraction, make you feel sexy, increase potency, as well as make you more fertile.


In Cameroon, there is a tree native to this location, which possesses a potent aphrodisiac within its bark. This is called the African Evergreen Tree. When it comes to something that is in almost everyone’s kitchen cabinet, you will find that cinnamon holds aphrodisiac powers. Some chew the sticks like tobacco to get the effects, while others have been known to grate the cinnamon and place it in eggs. It is said that this will bring a woman to arousal. Cloves can also be found in many kitchen cabinets and are great for seasoning pastries, especially with apples, but what does that have to do with getting ready for the bedroom? Clove in the edible form are considered an aphrodisiac, as well as when it is left as a scent in the air.


If you are wondering what may win the most disgusting aphrodisiac award, this next one is definitely in the running. There are several cultures that believe that the cockroach possesses a powerful aphrodisiac when eaten. One of the most common ways to digest this option is to grind one up and mix it with cinnamon. This mixture is then added to coffee.

In Mexico, there is a plant that is used to produce that warm and fuzzy feeling all over. It is called Damiana and when the heads of the plant, as well as the leaves are mixed with small portions of plantain or pennywort, it can be added to the food. For great results, the mixture should be added to your food for at three to four times per day.

There are many different Chinese herbals that are used to arouse individuals. For dealing with male impotency, deer antler has been known to work. Another Chinese herb, which has been used for sustaining a longer sexual capacity, is called Fo-ti-tieng. Another Chinese herbal aphrodisiac is called Goto Kolo. The next Chinese herb is something that is commonly mentioned when it comes to gaining strength and stamina. Ginseng is a Chinese herb that is thought to bring about stamina in the sexual department as well. Some will take ginseng vitamin pills to achieve results, where others may opt for a ginseng tea or chew.


When you wish to get in the erotic mood and want to be filled with tons of naughty thoughts, there is an aphrodisiac called gypsyweed, which is better to take when diluted. The liquid should be diluted at least three times, where it is to be taken three times per day. The amount you should use when going this route is ten drops each of the times that you administer this choice.



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