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Can I Feel Relax Without Any Relaxation Technique?
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  11/23/07
By: Asif Raza

Our minds need relaxation, and give way.
Unless we mix with work, a little play.
Molière (1622–1673), French playwright.
Yes! There are some very simple and natural rules; you can follow these rules to feel peaceful and comfortable. In your busy working schedule, it is necessary to spare some time for mental and physical rest. But it is difficult to exercise hard relaxation techniques which demand more time and effort as well. So there should be some useful and healthy tips that make us more comfortable and fresh to work again with more energy and motivation. Here are some tips in following lines.
1.    First of all, lie down on a comfortable place where you can stretch your arms and leg in order to relax all of your body muscles.
2.    With closed eyes, concentrate on your breathing and regulate it gradually. Continue the process of breathing by inhaling through nose and exhaling through the mouth.
3.    Imagine! You are enjoying a picnic party along with your best friends near fresh water lake on a winter's bright sunny day and playing soccer with them afterwards. Focus on your breathing and feel inside that you are absolutely relaxed, happy and healthy.
4.    Clear your mind from negative thinking and suspend all your thoughts one by one. Your body will definitely follow your mind and calm you down for some time. It is hard to relax if your mind is still working in multiple directions. So be cool, light up and free your mind for rest.   
5.    You may easily relax in your office sitting at your desk even in very hectic and busy situations. Ok hold on! Close your eyes and do slow breathing and repeat your thoughts that you are absolutely composed and relaxed. Imagine yourself in that place where you very much comfortable. By doing this, you will pick yourself up and active in your behavior and business affairs.


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