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Crystals and Divination
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  6/25/11
By: Yona Williams

When choosing crystals for healing or other reasons, it is important to listen to the attraction you may have to one stone over another. Choosing a crystal simply because of its size or physical appearance is not always the most advantageous approach. Listen carefully, as some say that certain crystals will speak out to you. In this article, you will learn about the connection crystals have to foretelling the future and divination.

Using Crystals for Divination

The image of a fortune teller or witch peering into a crystal ball to tell the see into the future is well known. This technique is referred to as crystallomancy (or crystal scrying). A large ball of clear quartz crystal is used for this practice, where someone looks deeply into the material and keeps an eye out for any visions that appear. The practice of scrying has a long history connected to the ancient Persians and Romans. Texts dating back to the 5th century mention scrying – offering suggestions for the types of stones to use, such as obsidian, quartz, and aquamarine.

During the process of scrying, the witch passes into a light trancelike state of awareness that makes it possible for certain messages to enter her subconscious (or the part of her being known as the "higher self"). Images develop in the stone, which can be interpreted into various messages.
In order to get the most out of this divination technique, crystals require proper preparation. Some recite prayers or incantations over it. Others wash the crystal in "special waters." Some wait until the moon enters a specific phase before performing the ritual. Sleeping with a crystal is another way to build a connection between the witch and the stone.

Before you can use a crystal for scrying, it is important to choose a nice-sized stone that has a good surface that promotes focus. It is said that gateway crystals are ideal for performing divination techniques. Genuine quartz crystal is highly recommended for scrying.

How to Scry

Place your chosen crystal on a dark cloth and situate it on a table that is in front of you. You may also use an altar. Some people will also hold their crystal in the palm of their hand. As you gaze into the crystal, you should have a question in mind that you start thinking about. Do not look at the surface of the stone, but instead, concentrate on a point within the crystal. Your vision should become blurred. Simply take deep breaths and continue looking into the crystal. If you are performing the ritual correctly, you should start to see clouds, colors or shapes.

Make a note of the things you see while scrying. Keep looking into the stone until images no longer appear. Afterwards, you can interpret some of the notes that you've made after the ritual. Using your instincts plays an important role during this process, as not everyone will get the same interpretations from the same images.

When you see clouds in the crystal, various colors mean different things. Black clouds suggest someone negative will occur in the future, while green clouds symbolize a good omen. The color blue represents joy and hope. Improved luck is seen in white clouds. If you see swirling clouds, it usually means that no definite answer is available at that time.

Overall, the technique takes time to master or feel comfortable using. It is not meant to give an in-depth explanation to the questions you ask, but to deliver insight.

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