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Dream Interpretations 10: Vegetables
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  1/6/06
By: Yona Williams

Of all of the things you could dream of, vegetables are considered one of the least likely to appear as a main theme. But what do some of these colorful tastables represent or symbolize in a dream? Below you will find a few dream interpretations regarding vegetables, such as tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage. When you dream of vegetables, it may signify that you are in need of spiritual nourishment. It is also an indicator that you may be in need of a specific nutrient that can be found within that vegetable. Withered vegetables within a dream are a symbol of sadness.


When a dreamer focuses on cabbage within their dream, it may be a warning that you may be engaging in nonprofitable deals pertaining to real estate. If you are considering the purchase of property, you may want to hold off for a bit. If you are eating cabbage within a dream, you may encounter a disagreement with a family member in the future, while cooking cabbage refers to dental issues in the near future.


Similar to cabbage is the delicious salad filler, lettuce. When you see lettuce growing in your dream, it may mean that you are in for a blissful or pleasurable moment in the future. If you are eating lettuce in your dream, you may be feeling jealous tendencies towards a friend or lover. A major argument may ensue due to these feelings. If you are planting lettuce in a dream, you may be doing something within your life that may lead to an illness, or worse, premature death. Similar to this reference is the act of burying a head of lettuce within a dream, which signifies that you may create your own failure or downfall.


Tomatoes and potatoes sound the same, but refer to quite different dream interpretations. When you see potatoes in a dream, it is a symbol of being lazy or stupid. If you see or mash potatoes within a dream, you may have to make decisions referring to financial issues. Tomatoes in a dream refer to happiness within a relationship or harmony. If you are eating tomatoes in a dream, you may in for a future filled with good health.


Onions do make you cry when cutting them, but what do they signify within a dream? When you dream of onions, it usually means that you may experience a bit of jealousy, envy or spite from some of the success that you may be enjoying in your life. To eat an onion in a dream symbolizes that you will be able to face your obstacles and emerge triumphant. Cooked onions in a dream represent a minor gain regarding business to come in the future. If you are cutting onions in a dream, you may face your rivals and be able to deal with anything they may throw at you.


Below are a few other interpretations regarding dreams featuring vegetables:


Asparagus: Prosperous times


Corn: Growth and fertility


Carrot: Abundance


Mushroom: Unwise choices, vanity, as well as guilty pleasures


Radish: Good friends and successful business ventures


Turnips: Overcoming problems, compassions, wealth


Yam: Remembrance of family get-togethers


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