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Dream Interpretations 21: Family Members

By Yona Williams    2/4/06

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You’re head has hit the pillow and off to dreamland you go, but then you awaken because you have had a dream regarding an uncle you haven’t seen in years. What can it mean? When dreaming of family members, you should focus on the sort of demeanor they are displaying. If they appear pleasant, then harmony and happiness is the theme, where a gloomy disposition refers to sadness and disappointment in the future. When random relatives appear, it represents family issues.


For a husband dreaming with the entrance of his wife, it may be a signal that unresolved issues may need clearing up. For women, a dream when her husband appears, deals with feeling towards the relationship, as well as the sort of feelings that are hidden within. If a woman dreams that she has a husband when she is not married, it is a symbol that you will encounter a strong commitment in the future.


As for siblings, if you see your brother within a dream, it signifies the type of relationship that you have with him. It is helpful to take a look at the focus of the dream; it may be referring to a quality that you may share with your brother. If you are upset with your brother in a dream, it may mean that you are holding represses feelings of anger towards your sibling that you are unwilling to display to him. When dreaming that you have a brother when you do not, it is a sign that you are really dreaming of a close friend. Brothers are also a symbol of religious beliefs and spirituality. When your sister appears in a dream, it refers to the relationship that you share with her. Paying attention to the aspects of the dream offers a glimpse into the main theme, whether it deal with sibling rivalry or a sense of protectiveness.


When you dream of your father, it is a representation of the sense of protection, as well as authority. It is a sign that you may need to be a bit more self-reliant. If your father is dead within your dream, it foretells that future business ventures need careful attention. The presence of a father-in-law within a dream suggests happy occasions with family and friends.


When mama appears in your dream, it is a representation of the nurturing characteristic that you may possess. Mothers are a sign of comfort, life and protection. When you are talking to your mother in a dream, it is a reference to a matter that is on your mind that needs attention. If you hear your mother call your name in a dream, it may be a sign that you are neglecting things that are your responsibility. You may also be heading down the wrong path in life. A crying mother in a dream signals an oncoming illness. The presence of a mother-in-law within a dream may refer to disagreements that need to be resolved. Additional dream interpretations can be found below:


Grandparents: Love, security, as well as wisdom and protection


Daughter: Refers to a feminine aspect in your life.


Daughter-in-law: Unexpected events within your life


Nephew: If presented in an unpleasant manner, it is a sign of illness or a business loss


Son: Potential and hope


Uncle: Refers to negative news in regards to a loved one.



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