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7/23/14- Mark of the Beast- Eating Dead Flesh!  
There is only one unforgivable sin which leads to death, and this is the same sin that the serpent beguiled Adam and Eve into committing in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of Death, Sin and Death were brought into the world. The Mark of the Beast will be a repeat of the same temptation which will bring death to the people who eat thereof.
7/16/14- Good Fruit Vs. Bad Fruit  
God wrote this message Very Clearly all around us. But men keep distorting it.
7/13/14- The Original Sin- Eating Death  
Sin and Death were brought Into The World By Eating Dead Animal Flesh. God Has Been Leading Us Back To Righteousness But Man's Hearts Have Been Hardened. God Sent Many Prophets To Bring Us This Message But Man Keeps Killing Them And Suppressing This Truth.
11/2/12- Worldwide Illuminati Network NOT Real Illuminati- Exposed  
A sub-par website recently popped up with it's Halloween debut press release claiming they are launching a Worldwide New-Age Pagan Network featuring 24 hour Internet TV and radio broadcasts with children programming etc. They even went as far as registering their company as "Illuminati Network LLC" to make them sound official. Some Youtubers along with many non-educated sites are running around blowing the horn, claiming that the "ILLUMINATI" is going public with it's New-Age agenda.. EXPOSED
7/31/12- Using Aventurine to Heal  
The knowledge of aventurine powers date back to the days of ancient Greeks when they sewed the gemstone into the clothes of warriors as a way of protection during times of battle. With a reputation to heal on all levels, aventurine is especially helpful for matters of the heart, lungs, and adrenal glands. In this article, you will learn more about the healing powers of aventurine.
7/31/12- A Collection of Powerful Crystals  
Some crystals and gemstones are used to decorate necklaces, bracelets and rings, and many are chosen for their color and beauty. However, others are more interested in tapping into the power and energy associated with certain crystals and gemstones, such as the ruby and amethyst.
3/30/12- Counting Wild Pigs  
The psyche yearns for order of some sort, as well as a desire to bring the unconscious into material reality. The myth of "Counting Wild Pigs" is an illustration, in metaphoric terms, of how disorder, confusing, and destruction, and be brought to greater order and control through simple accountability.
2/7/12- Biochemist Reveals Universal Life Theory  
In the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of the key questions surrounding the text is, “what is it all about?” Or more specifically, it is referred to at the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Now one biochemist has published a paper so controversial that it has been redacted in many official channels. His paper claims that he has figured out the meaning of everything, and unified every errant mystery of physics. There’s only one problem - no one is quite sure what it all means and the claims it makes are more than a little startling.
1/3/12- Mayan Elders Weigh in as 2012 Dawns  
For years civilization has been living in the shadow of some unknown event to take place on December 21st 2012 as the Mayan calendar comes to an end. Unlike previous doomsday prophecies which were made only a few years prior to the date coming to pass, the general consensus on the 2012 phenomenon is that the calendar has been around for thousands of years and is only now coming to an end. But with less than a year now left before the Mayan calendar ends, we are left asking ourselves if the modern interpretations are truly representative of what the calendar professes will happen. And so it stands to reason that we may want to hear what the current Mayan elders have to say about the whole thing.
11/5/11- Bridgewater Triangle Has Paranormal Phenomena of All Kinds  
The Bridgewater triangle has a bit of everything in it. Legends of Ghosts, UFOs, monsters, murders, mutants, and mysteries are scattered throughout the countryside of this place cut straight from the Twilight Zone and dropped right on Southeastern Massachusetts. And if stories of the legendary Thunderbird or the UFO sightings aren't enough to keep curiosity seekers coming back for more, the history of the place will be. It's said this area was even enough to inspire one of the world's most famous horror writers to begin his writing career.
11/3/11- The Future - A World of Technological Mystics?  
Are scientists and mystics forever destined to be distant from one another? Is there a time in our future when the two may walk side by side or even reside within the same organizations? And will there forever be conflict between the world of absolutes and the world of intuition? Taking into consideration a few of the long held beliefs on both sides, it seems they are destined to one day fuse.
10/31/11- Which Paranormal Phenomenon Is Most Widely Accepted?  
In popular culture there is a general consensus, or at least a reported general consensus that ghosts and the paranormal are one of those things that scientists scoff at. But representative groups of people in the past, such as those surveyed by the Gallup organization have indicated for decades that people are a bit more divided on the existence of paranormal things than is generally recognized. To look at a series of surveys taken over several years among individuals from various backgrounds it appears that there is one thing in particular the majority actually do believe in. Which one is it? The answer may surprise you.
8/10/11- Solar Events, Social Unrest, Financial Collapse - Cosmic or Conscious?  
It's difficult in times of uncertainty to truly grasp the big picture, but one of the strangest elements to it all is it's unfolding precisely as some had already predicted. Just as so many predicted, the world seems to be going through a massive transition. And while the mainstream media panics, not all of the changes have been exclusively bad with no possibility for positive change in the future. And amid it all, the Schumann Resonance - the force that has been often referred to as the "heart beat of the Earth" by scientists, has also started exhibiting some strange behaviors.
8/7/11- 2012 Ascension and Turbulence Not Exclusive to Western World  
The belief that 2012 will bring with it a time of considerable ascension and turbulence is not exclusively a western concept, although in the East the perception is less polarized in the west. Currently any prophecy about the future is being seen through the lens of an ever changing spiritual tradition, or series of spiritual traditions that have changed ever more dramatically as time goes on. If we think of 2012 as an exclusively western idea we miss the vast wealth of knowledge contributed from Eastern astrology as well.
7/16/11- What of the Other 11/11's Throughout History?  
With 11/11/2011 coming up in November of this year much energy has been gathered around this date as a period of spiritual awakening. And in the significance of this event some are suggesting it will be like nothing we have ever seen throughout mankind’s history. But still some skeptics suggest 11/11 is nothing more than another number. Looking back on the history of historically significant dates we can see they couldn’t be further from the truth.
7/8/11- Contact From Beyond the Grave Through Dreams  
The loss of a loved one is a very serious thing, and so when one passes beyond, it’s always good to hear a final message of assurance from that other side. Skeptics have often addressed this phenomenon by suggesting that dreams involving loved ones who are no longer with us are a sign of distress and come purely from the memory. But what if the truth was somewhere between that interpretation and the purely spiritual one?
7/6/11- Schools of Magick: Cherry Hill Seminary & More  
There are many different levels of education to pursue for people interested in learning about magick and other forms of spirituality. For people interested in continuing their studies in Pagan ministry, the Cherry Hill Seminary provides higher education and practical training. In this article, you will also learn about other opportunities.
7/5/11- Curses and Quantum Theory  
Have you ever been in a position where something seems to stop what you’re attempting to do no matter what? Have you ever been performing the simplest of tasks only to discover that somewhere something seems to be blocking that very simple act at every turn? It’s as if some force of the universe is not lining up with the rest of them and has placed obstacles at every turn to conform to its preconception of what reality should be. And as a result, the barrier seems to come from an almost spiritual realm.
7/5/11- Schools of Magick: Wicca & Wizardry  
Whether you'd like to learn about magick or a specific form of Wicca, you don’t have to rely on books and other resources. There are many different ways to study magick online – a handful of institutions have been established with this purpose in mind. In this article, you will learn about two online opportunities that focus on Wicca and wizardry.
6/25/11- Crystals and Divination  
When choosing crystals for healing or other reasons, it is important to listen to the attraction you may have to one stone over another. Choosing a crystal simply because of its size or physical appearance is not always the most advantageous approach. Listen carefully, as some say that certain crystals will speak out to you. In this article, you will learn about the connection crystals have to foretelling the future and divination.
6/25/11- Creatures of Consciousness: Inside the Cogitoverse  
In recent years with the rise of personal enhancement and interest in spirituality there has been an increased number of people who have alleged contact with entities while in a deep state of meditation. Often these reports go ignored by many - said to be mere figments of the person’s own imagination. While that may be the case sometimes, there is actually a long history of contact with beings of one form or another while in an altered state of consciousness.
6/18/11- Witches' Herbs for Protection  
For many centuries, people have turned to an array of sources for protection – from amulets to good luck charms. A range of plants and herbs (some found right in your own backyard) has a history for being used by witches for protection and safeguarding spells. In this article, you will learn what sorts of herbs have a reputation for keeping evil thoughts, spirits, and people away.
6/17/11- Immortality Through Photocopying - Does it Count?  
One of the theories of immortality that have been proposed in the past is that we simply take the consciousness of a person who is about to die and transfer it via computer into a memory bank where the entire personality of a person can reside for an indefinite period of time before it is “downloaded” into another human body. The idea behind this is that the identity of the person when combined with a specially grown human body will actually allow the person to become resurrected and essentially gain a sort of immortality. Of course it also leaves many questions.
6/12/11- The Spiritual Meaning of Birds: Species  
When you can identify with a certain type of bird, the meanings of the colors and actions are usually more accurate. Every bird species is thought to have its own personal message. Some birds will also possess a closer significance to certain individuals – making a variation in interpretations. With all other forms of divination, it is suggested to take into consideration your heart and spirit when analyzing the presence and potential message of a bird.
6/12/11- The Spiritual Meaning of Birds: Colors  
Ever since ancient times, birds have been viewed as messengers of the gods – serving as signs for people looking (and not looking) for answers in life. The spiritual meanings of birds depend on the species, appearance, habits, activity, and other characteristics of a sighting. The number of birds means something just as much as the unusual circumstances in which they appear. In this article, you will learn some of the signs associated with birds that you can use in your life.
6/11/11- Spiritual Spring Cleaning  
Just as people spring cleaning rejuvenates a home, there are ways to participate in a spiritual spring cleaning for yourself. This could prove a good way to get fresh energy into your life. In this article, you will learn about some techniques associated with a spiritual spring cleaning that incorporates the upkeep of your home.
6/7/11- Seeing Red Hacks Brain  
Research from psychologist Juliet Zhu of British Columbia Univerisity suggests that colors change more about our lives than we think. While blue is seen as a very relaxed color promoting creativity and free thinking, red is a color that has quite a different effect. The changes of these different colors are so strong that students given IQ tests while being primed with different colors show vastly different results. And these effects could be strong enough to alter how we perceive people wearing different colors of clothing.
6/4/11- The Volatile Definition of "Impossible"  
What we consider to be possible and impossible has remained a constant in our world for some time. Generally we accept the entire body of observed events possible while we consider the body of unobserved but speculated on events to be impossible. Ghosts suddenly rising up from the floor and having a conversation on the subject of renaissance architecture for instance is well in the realm of impossible while the turning on of a light as the unseen electrons excite the gases inside a fluorescent bulb are universally possible assuming the right circumstances surround it. But what if these forces that allow the bulb to turn on were to suddenly change? What if one night all over the world we were to redefine the parameters for impossible as it made itself readily apparent in the form of what could only be described as ghosts began swarming the planet?
5/28/11- Karma Scientifically Proven  
It seems the ancient practice of Karma, or doing good to others and finding good in your own life may have some scientific backing now as scientists uncover the ancient teachings of Karma and how they can actually cause real changes in peoples' lives for the better. Karma, it would seem, has been validated scientifically. But how will the study take the next step? Will kindness technology tell us the most efficient way to get the most out of doing good for others?
5/28/11- Experiment Suggests Existential 'Placebo'  
It's a question that many philosophy students ask themselves, and indeed everyone wonders at some point or another whether our lives are following some track of predestination or are in themselves completely free in the world. But it seems scientists may have evidence that could soon turn to a warning for those locking themselves into believing they have no free will.
5/22/11- Role of Fish in Dreams II  
Something as simple as a fish tank appearing in your dreams could be interpreted as a clue to unlocking some of your life's mysteries. Because of its religious, emotional and spiritual meanings, the fish is a common visitor to people in the middle of a deeps slumber. If you're wondering why that fish keeps swimming into your sleep, consider some of the following interpretations.
5/21/11- Role of Fish in Dreams I  
Fish often appear in dreams and because they can reach great depths in the places they live, the creatures are seen as a symbol of the deep layer of the unconscious. In this article, you will encounter some of the interpretations concerning the appearance of fish in a dream.
5/15/11- The Most Important Preparations for 2012  
When we look at the preparations that several individual believers in a coming cataclysmic event have made, several will chronicle the list of preparations they have been making by saying they have stockpiled different individual supplies. And yet this material element of any major shift to humanity leaves a vast hole in the very heart of the matter. At the end of 2012 as humanity enters a new age there may be a need for individuals to care for their families and prepare them, but there will be a whole new element that is all to often lost. And it is this preparation that is absolutely the most important.
5/13/11- Odd Religious Traditions II  
What we consider strange rituals of the death can be completely normal for cultures around the world. This article will highlight some of the different ways that a culture or ethnic group may deal with death – from the way the dead are buried to traditions in mourning.
5/12/11- Odd Religious Traditions I  
There is an ethnic group in Indonesia that follows a tradition of living with the dead. When a loved one dies, they wrap up the corpse and the body is kept in the house. Why would someone want to live with the dead? It is the belief that act will help preserve the soul of the deceased to make sure it stays intact until the body can be buried. Other religious traditions that we see as 'odd' are discussed in this article.
4/11/11- Breaching the Possibility of a Mirror Reality  
In film there's a popular notion that reality as we know it possesses an alternate "mirror" version of our planet on another frequency or in a parallel reality. And under the right circumstances, it generally holds that one could break into one another and suddenly the inhabitants of one could pass over either one way or both ways. Once again as we face this speculative possibility we have to ask ourselves, is this nothing more than fantasy made into reality? Or could we actually as with so many other elements of science fiction be facing a world where an invasion from a parallel space could actually become a reality? And if so, how might it happen?
4/7/11- Doctor Joseph F. Marra says quantum access key to wellness on new TV show  
Doctor of Nursing Practice Joseph F. Marra, whose applied quantum physics philosophy states there is more to healing than third dimensional medications and herbs, explores Transitioning Medicine on Age of Discovery, a new program produced in Vancouver and distributed via Ustream.tv that airs Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 7:00-9:00 pm PST, 10:00 pm-Midnight EST.
4/2/11- Witnesses Shocked to See Religious Statues Glowing, Talking, Moving  
Reports are filtering in from Malaysia through social media and independent news sites that a recent incident involved hundreds of witnesses standing in front of statues of Buddha and seeing the statues emit light, move their mouths, and even their fingers. The witnesses, unsure of what else to do, began documenting the phenomenon. This is certainly a strange one for the record books - and yet it has many concerned over the spiritual implications. The witnesses also reported seeing a strange bolt of energy floating into the statues before they started becoming animate.
3/8/11- Has the 13th Crystal Skull Been Discovered?  
The enigma of the crystal skulls has been around for some time, with each skull itself thought to possess limitless supernatural powers. But the common thread that ties all the skulls together is perhaps even more mystifying. According to the legend, collecting all thirteen crystal skulls in one spot will bring about the saving of the human race amidst a quickly unfolding Doomsday. Only twelve skulls had been discovered... until now.
3/2/11- The Nonsense Papers: The Power of Religion  
The article questions our existence and the need for religion in our daily lives. one must use their mind to ask the questions that we try to tackle everyday in order to find ourselves and our purpose in life.
1/24/11- love potions and astrology  
Love potions are one of the most famous ways to get the object of your romantic desire. History is full of incredible stories in both eastern and western cultures of the use of such potions.

In many of these stories, great magicians used love potions to get beautiful princesses and sometimes even celestial beings to fall in love with humans.

In this article,i will show you the link between astrology and love potions.
11/11/10- Clairvoyant Way to Block Negative Energy  
The clairvoyant knows there is much negative energy in the world today and he works on blocking the bad vibrations as much as he can. Our psychic friend uses common sense.
11/11/10- How To Protect Yourself With A Psychic Shield  
Negative psychic energy from other people as well as from spirits may surround you and become attached to your own energy field. These psychic attacks can drain you and affect every aspect of your life. Learn three easy steps to create a psychic shield and how to use it to protect against the consequences of negative energy.
11/1/10- An Electric Trip Down Memory Lane  
A recent paper published in the Journal of Neural Engineering suggests that electrical shocks can and could one day affect the human brain in ways far beyond what we currently understand as possible. The journal states that through the use of electrical currents we can relive past memories that once were thought impossible to retrieve. The study has potential to open up research for post trauma patients and open a new industry for memory recollection and reliving.
9/22/10- Healing with Jasper  
Jasper is a variety of quartz that is often viewed as the ultimate nurturer of healing crystals. People have used the crystal for support during times of stress, as it is known to promote calm and wholeness. In this article, you will learn about the different kinds of healing power that various colors of jasper possess.
9/21/10- A Collection of Healing Stones and Crystals  
Healing with stones and crystals involve specimens that represent every shade of the rainbow. From the deep blue color of lapis lazuli to the green shades of peridot, different objects are said to possess powers in healing and magic. In this article, you will learn more about lapis lazuli, peridot, sandstone, and apatite.
9/21/10- The Problem with Psychic Global Prediction  
How many predictions have we heard in our lives that seemed so entirely plausible, authoritative, well researched, or simply believable that we inevitably found ourselves swayed to believe them despite the fact that no real evidence accompanied them? What is it about prediction about massive global events that draws us near? And when have predictions about the paranormal (particularly of a religious or extraterrestrial nature) simply turned out to be entirely false?
9/20/10- Healing Stones and Crystals: Turquoise and Fluorite  
Turquoise is a popular material used in creating eye-catching jewelry, but the mineral is also important to people who use crystals and stones for healing rituals. In this article, you will learn how turquoise is used, as well as fluorite – a mineral known for its cleansing abilities.
9/20/10- Healing Stones and Crystals: Aventurine and Amber  
If you're looking for a bit of good luck or wish to take advantage of a strong healer, you may want to consider the use of stones and crystals for healing. In this article, you will learn more about aventurine (a mineral with a shiny appearance) and amber (which can have connections to the ancient past).
9/19/10- Healing Stones and Crystals: Malachite and Citrine  
If you're interested in healing with stones and crystals, it's important to become familiar with the selections that can help you achieve your goals. If you're favorite color is green or yellow, you're interested in chasing nightmares away, or wish to run a successful business, you may want to explore the healing and magic powers of citrine and malachite.

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