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Meditation Tools: All About Essential Oils
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  1/31/09
By: Yona Williams

Whether you allow aromatherapy practices to treat a medical concern or you'd rather be carried away to another place that provides soothing relief and the perfect opportunity for meditation – essential oils can help you accomplish your goals. In this article, we will learn a bit about how essential oils work.

When you hear the word 'oil,' you might think of the kind that you use to grease your cooking pans and fry your chicken, but these oils are much different and are used in various ways. Essential oils are concentrated essences. They weigh much lighter than water. They are also highly flammable and can catch on fire when brought too close to fire. Other features of essential oils include:

• They evaporate quickly, meaning if left in the open – the air will certainly absorb the oils.

• To increase their effectiveness, essential oils are often mixed with other ingredients.

• Due to their level of concentration, essential oils are often measured in drops.

An essence is known as a natural living substance that is captured from a plant or flower that is then saved for a later use. In order to gather the essence of a plant, a rather delicate process is used. The petals used to create essential oils are chosen because of their quality. Not every petal is worthy of a batch of oil. The petals are also picked at a certain time of the day. If these measures are not followed, then the final product will suffer and the effectiveness of the oil is affected. This becomes important to those interested in aromatherapy, as the therapeutic powers of the oils need to be in their purest form and at their maximum level so that one knows the kinds of effects to expect when used.

When extracting essential oils, many different sources deliver the substances that will help you in your meditation efforts. Oils are extracted from petals, leaves, nut kernels, bark, seeds, stalks, flower heads, and resins from trees. Many people enjoy the flirty scents of essential oils, while others simply want to take advantage of the meditative journey they will enter once they allow certain scents to ease their body and mind. Popular uses of essential oils include rubbing all over the body and pouring into a bath for a luxuriating soak.

Another difference between the kinds of oil we cook with and the kind that we use during meditation sessions is that essential oils have the ability to penetrate the skin more effectively. This is due to a small molecular structure that allows the oils to do much more than just lie on the surface of the skin. Because of the properties that essential oils possess, they have become a welcomed addition in the world of alternative medicine.


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