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Sacred Spaces: Enter the Wand & Invoking the Elements
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  5/22/09
By: Yona Williams

A wand is also a part of creating a sacred space, but you can always substitute with a knife or your own forefinger. You will hold your 'wand' and starting in the eastern direction, you will move clockwise around the room, creating what is known as a 'circle of light' in the air.

The 'Wand'

You should move outward in order to cover the entire room. The point is to raw energy from the earth that will travel throughout your feet, the trunk of your body, and down into your arms – ending where you are holding the 'wand.' After you have completed this circle, you can consider your sacred circle cast. A declaration of your final cast should be made; something along the lines of mentioned the power of the circle that you wish to conjure so that you will receive protection for the space between the worlds you may visit.

Invoking the Elements

After the circle is cast, invoking the elements is next. One way to approach this step is to imagine the candles are in the form of an angel, god, or goddess. Another method is to see the elements as pure energy. Whatever you decide, it is important to acknowledge the elements when you are building a circle. To invoke the elements, you should know that it doesn’t mean you are calling upon mighty forces to join you in the circle for however long you are inside, you are instead calling up their meaning to appear within yourself.

On the outside, you make note of their presence in all things. It is your task to symbolize and unify the presence of the elements while in the circle and make sure that you are assigning the proper direction to each. Declarations that you make inside the circle should be kept uncomplicated. Starting towards the east, welcome the element of air and then move clockwise to the other elements and directions. After welcoming each element, you should light the corresponding candle. An example of how to invoke the elements is to declare: 'In the east, the element of air, you are honored in this sacred circle.' After welcoming the outer elements, move on to the center and welcome the element of spirit.

Closing the Circle

After you have finished your ritual or spell, you should move around the circle in a counterclockwise manner in an attempt to close it. During this time, you will blow out the candles in a reverse order, starting with the earth and ending with the spirit.

·    When moving about the circle, it is suggested to move clockwise at all times. A few exceptions include casting that involves banishing spells.

·    It is frowned upon to walk through boundaries of the circle or to leave your sacred space during a ritual. This is why it is important to perform your spells when no distractions can interrupt your spiritual journey.

·    Staying focused and keeping your concentration will help contain the power that you have raised within the circle. This power should not be released until you are ready.


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