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Spirit Guides in Shamanism: Birds II
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  8/16/10
By: Yona Williams

With its showy appearance and soothing colors, the peacock is a mystical creature that serves as a symbol for inner wisdom. In this article, you will also learn more about bird spirit guides, such as the turkey, flamingo, toucan, and bald eagle.


Representing all aspects of beauty, the peacock also stands for immortality, dignity, self-confidence, and the ability to view the past, present, and future. The bird is also connected to the act of rising out of ashes.


Since the turkey is seen as a creature that sacrifices its life for a meal, the bird is often seen as a representation of sacrifice of self for a higher purpose. Some say that wild turkeys are smart, therefore if they get caught, one may assume that they allowed it to happen. The turkey can serve as a symbol of how we are all capable of sacrificing ourselves for someone else. Rather than be a martyr, the bird encourages people to allow themselves to make the proper choices when the opportunity arises. The bird also represents the understanding of gifts that are given away, the bounties of harvest, and a reminder to honor the Earth Mother.


The flamingo, which belongs to the crane family, encourages people to channel their emotions in such a way that one can maintain balance and movement. The pink color of the bird is also connected to matters of the heart and emotional energies. Flamingos are viewed as visionaries, which use the water to gain its power.


With an appreciation for their place in the world, the sparrow is a songbird that is looked upon as a common creature. However, the sparrow does not view itself in this way and will do all in its power to ensure that it survives. From the sparrow, we can learn how to make the most out of our self-worth. The bird is also linked to desire, fertility, understanding other races, finding new love in life, as well as to use the power of song.


The exotic and colorful look of the toucan has served as a tribal symbol for thousands of years and is often seen carved on the totem poles of various cultures. The large bill of the bird shows an intense desire to be seen and heard, which is used to encourage people to step out of the shadows and take the spotlight or attention. This can come in handy if you suffer a fear of public speaking, whereas the spirit of the animal can help clear and heal a blocked throat chakra. The bird is also known for its agility, ability to find peace in small place, dexterity, and the ability to move to and from the soul world.

The Bald Eagle

In North America, the bald eagle has a special place in the heart of Americans, but this isn’t the only place in the world worshipped and respected. The bald eagle has a majestic appearance that holds special significance in strong medicine. Since the eagle flies high and swoops in from above to catch its prey, the bird is often associated with a connection between earth and sky energies. The keen sight of the eagle also helps the creature locate its prey.

Spirit guides and teachers are often linked to the bald eagle, as well as a connection to higher truths. Other characteristics of the bald eagle to consider include swiftness, strength, courage, healing, and creation.


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