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Watching TV With His Wife: Crazy, Or 'Spirit Contact'?
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  9/22/09
By: Afterlife Phil G

Many people when they experience the loss of a loved one claim to feel the presence of their spirit near them, especially at favourite places or times. Such as George [Iowa, USA] who wrote to me about his recently departed wife. Their evenings would consist of sitting in front of the TV watching whatever is on. His sense of loss is naturally immense, but lessened somewhat by the feeling she is still around.

This is a very common event, experienced by the majority of the population, even if only momentarily. Have you ever been at a funeral, and you can just 'feel' a presence? Perhaps not clearly, or visions etc, but a sense you're not alone? Perhaps that's why even hardened sceptics, at funerals, can be heard to mutter a final goodbye, even if they don't believe in life after death. But if so, why talk to someone who's not there?

Those who are totally closed to the concept of spirit contact will dismiss my words as taking advantage of the weak minded. Believe what you will, I certainly won't change your mind. But if you have suffered the loss of a loved one, you know the feeling. Life is such a short experience. I sometimes think it would be so much easier to cope with a loss, if we all had a date printed on our wrists so we'd know when our time was up. We could plan our lives so much better, and everyone else would be prepared for the worst. But alas, "life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get.."

Whether you've lost someone through accident, ill health, or aggression, makes no difference. At the funeral, you can feel their presence. As time goes on, you feel it less, and if you struggle with the concept of life after death, you will gradually let the feeling go. Or perhaps you will seek out those who claim to be able to talk to the dead. But even if you do, it's never enough, or they're never good enough. How can it be enough? You want them back, to share what's going on in your life, be part of your joys and sorrows, and help you make decisions. But you CAN do all this.

Firstly, I want you to revisit your thinking when your loved one passed away. You felt them near. WHAT DID YOU DO? You TALKED to them didn't you. You said a few words. Mentioned happy times, told them you loved them, wished they were still here, and more. So what happened? Did you almost imagine they were with you, beside you, hearing you, perhaps even imagine for a moment they were 'talking' back to you in your head? Could you 'see' them? In your mind, you could imagine they were standing near you, and your thoughts were totally on this image or feeling, to the point of blanking out all other thoughts and sounds around you?

Then you have already experienced spirit contact. The difference between what you've felt before and how to know it's real, is a simple matter of persevering, and finding a way to confirm it. So for George, who sits with his wife watching TV and wonders if it's real, I say: Talk to her as if she's with you. Just like you did at her funeral. Tell her what's going on in your life. Share.

AS YOU DO THIS, you will 'feel' a 2-way conversation in your head. This is clearly illustrated in the films "Sleepless in Seattle" and "PS I love you". The only step left is to confirm. Just ask for something to show it's real. A thought, image, word, feeling, smell - something will pop into your head which will allow you to confirm it wasn't an accident, and over the next few hours or days, you will be presented with confirmation based on that thought.

The next step, as you keep doing this, is to gradually feel the difference, in your mind, between your own thoughts and those that are coming into your head from 'no-where' - your departed loved one. It won't take too many attempts to recognize the difference.

If you'd like to visit my website on spirit contact (, I have more information, a book, CD and YouTube video to help you. So to George, and all those who deeply miss someone and suspect they were, or are around, believe they are, continue talking to them as if they are, and then ask for proof you're not imagining it.
Take care - Phil G


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