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Witches' Herbs for Protection
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  6/18/11
By: Yona Williams

For many centuries, people have turned to an array of sources for protection – from amulets to good luck charms. A range of plants and herbs (some found right in your own backyard) has a history for being used by witches for protection and safeguarding spells. In this article, you will learn what sorts of herbs have a reputation for keeping evil thoughts, spirits, and people away.

When you wish to keep away unwanted spirits, try:

·    Burning a sage stick.

·    Planting holly around your home may help.

·    Some people will hang fennel in the doorways, while others carry fennel seeds in their pocket. Place the seeds in a small bag tied with black ribbon.

·    Hang St. Johns wort over doorways, or carry around in a small bag tied with black ribbon.

To keep evil spirits away, consider:

Placing a bag of cinquefoil under your pillow that has been, tied with a black ribbon. It is said to keep bad spirits away, as well as promote a good night's sleep.

For a safe home and family, try:

Planting a garden filled with known protection herbs that includes a variety of plants, flowers, and spices. The strongest level of protection comes when your garden includes marigold rose, bloodroot, mandrake, hazel carnation, cactus, basil, clove, aloe vera, raspberry, oak, parsley, mint, lily, mulberry, lilac, ivy, rosemary, thistle, willow, radish, mugwort, lavender, juniper, fennel, wolf’s bane, and snapdragon.

To break a hex, think:

Hydrangea is known for its protection powers and is often used in a variety of ways. Some place the flower around the house in a vase, grow in a garden, or carry around in a small bag. When some people feel as if a hex has been placed on them or they wish to end a string of bad luck, they will situate hydrangea around their house. To increase the level of protection, add seven drops of pure lavender essence to the water, which is then kept close to the bed.

To protect yourself from the evil of others, try:

Sprinkling wormwood around your home to send any hexes back to the originator. To carry wormwood on your person for protection, add to a small bag after anointing with rose essence.

To protect yourself from nightmares, consider:

·    Placing anise seeds in a bag, and tying with a white ribbon can help. Put the bag under your pillow to promote a restful night of sleep. The leaves of an anise plant serve as a method of protection when they've been scattered around a bedroom.

·    The leaves of the ash tree are associated with protecting against nightmares. Place the leaves under your pillow before you retire for the night.

·    Burning cedar incense as a way to protect you against bad dreams. Some say that if you tie a cedar branch to your bed, or place it under the bed, you will benefit from protection against evil forces and hexes.

·    Although it is deadly, a mandrake root placed next to the bed has a reputation for protecting people from harm.

·    Marigold placed under the pillow or next to the bed can be used as a method of protection.


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