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11/5/12- MTV Really Stands For Masonic TV  
The MTV Studio is an Old Masonic Building- MTV Hung Their Sign Directly Under The Masonic Emblem, and MTV Installed The "MASONIC TEMPLE" Sign AFTER They Setup Shop!
10/5/12- 5,000 Year Old Vimana Flying Machine Discovered In Afghanistan  
Reports are coming out that an ancient flying machine called a "vimana" has been discovered entrapped in a "time well" in Afghanistan. The most disturbing part of this news is that the American soldiers who discovered it suddenly disappeared when removing it. Could these machines be the remarkable flying ships described an ancient India folklore? And could there be a connection to something even extraterrestrial?
9/10/12- Russian River Mysteriously Begins to Boil  
A river in Russian has mysteriously started to boil and evaporate in front of the local residents very eyes. While authorities are searching for an explanation as to why this is happening, people remain perplexed by the phenomenon. With rivers turning in red in China and now rivers turning into steam in Russia, people begin to ask if these incidents are related.
9/9/12- Largest River in China Mysteriously Turns Red  
The Yangtze River in China has mysteriously turned red and leaving officials baffled. Many thinks its pollution but they have had pollution before but it never produced results like this. While scientists are left with a more questions than answers, people wonder could this be a sign?
8/31/12- Mexican Documentary Will Disclose Mayan Extraterrestrial Connection  
The Mexican government is cooperating with a film crew that is set to disclose that the Mayan people were in contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life. By allowing access to secret Mayan rooms and artifacts, never displayed to the world, the documentary will present probably the most controversial evidence about alien life. But despite an attempt made by a woman to steal the footage, the documentary is still moving as scheduled to be released by the end of 2012. But will this evidence bring us one step closer to the truth or will it move us one step closer to our end?
8/24/12- Brain Eating Amoeba That Kills 99% of Cases Found In Tap Water  
An amoeba that has been found in everyday tap water that can kill you with ease. Two people have died from this amoeba just by simply using neti pots filled with their faucet water. Only 1 in every 123 survive. How can you know if your water has it? You can't.
8/24/12- The New Aids  
Researchers have identified a new mysterious disease that has the same attributes as the disease AIDS. It's an autoimmune disease that leaves the body unable to defend itself from germs and other harmful affects to the body. But so far this disease seems to only effect Asian people and its not caused by a virus. But the question remains, what is it?
8/24/12- Parasite Might Be Responsible For Suicides  
People with a particular parasite might be more prone to taking their own life. Recent studies has linked a once thought of harmless parasite to cause subtle brain changes that might lead to suicide attempts. Do you have this parasite?
8/24/12- Baltic Sea Anomaly: UFO or Natural Phenomenon  
Deep sea divers have visited the underwater anomaly that resembles a UFO in the Baltic Sea and have revealed a very detail description of the object. With features that include a staircase and a runway, could this Millennium Falcon looking object be the real deal? Or is this UFO simply a natural phenomenon?
8/10/12- Edgar Cayce's Obama Prophecy  
Renowned 20th century psychic Edgar Cayce is known for some remarkable predictions. He foresaw the stock market crash of 1929, World War II, and even our advancements in medical technology. Now, a prediction about President Obama has been released. And it's not good.
6/18/12- Electro-Sensitivity - An Anachronistic Nightmare  
Technology has made the world a much easier place in some ways. Where once we had to travel by foot to get very far, or communicate via written letter now we have a world of information available to us with the click of a button. It's impossible to ignore this world of high technology even if it seems at times to be more trouble than it's worth. But what if you suffered from a condition that made technology not only difficult to live with, but actually harmful to your health? What if you realized one day that you would have to live by candlelight in conditions very similar to the 1800's simply because you could not medically be around technology? This is the basic premise of a controversial disease known as ES or Electro-sensitivity.
6/14/12- Lungs Discovered on LA Sidewalk  
A mysterious mass of tissue discovered in a sidewalk in Southern California has authorities scratching their heads. The mysterious tissue, originally thought to possibly be a pair of human lungs was discovered on a back sidewalk on Sunday night. The lungs were reported to police and they've been trying to figure out where they came from ever since. And believe it or not, mysterious cases of the spontaneous appearance of remains are not entirely unheard of.
6/14/12- Unidentified Blue Figure in UK  
In a case of extreme bizarreness, the UK is beset by an unknown figure dressed entirely in blue from head to toe. The figure, which has yet to be identified beyond simple witness descriptions is refusing to show his face after several incidents. The figure described is completely shrouded in what appears to be a blue "morphsuit," like those used in film and theater productions and follows people, but has not been apprehended by police or identified. As a result, several of the witnesses are refusing to return to May Hill where the figure was first spotted until the whole ordeal is sorted out.
6/2/12- The Singing Colossi of Memnon  
Some of the greatest mysteries of the known world surround objects whose history is not fully known. As the sands of time whip around ancient statues, causing the edges to become worn and cracks to appear on their gaunt soon featureless faces, so too do the stories of their origin become difficult to determine with any accuracy. Historical accounts become worn out and soon unrecognizable from their originals. Only the stories of what others saw in their presence remain. Ruins, like the history surrounding them, soon become what they were crafted from originally - sand and dust. But some say there are certain statues in Egypt that not only stand up to the ravages of time, but will once in a great while even tell their own story to those fortunate enough to gain their favor.
5/12/12- The Long Lost Treasure of Cocos Island  
The idea of pirate gold is still alive with us today even as legends of the findings are lost to antiquity. The idea that somewhere beneath the waves or buried on an obscure island a mountain of gold could be hiding is something that has taken pirate lore from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island all the way to the modern Pirates of the Caribbean series still plundering the box office. But the real treasure is still said to be out there, and the legendary gold rumored to be on one island would make even top paid Hollywood actors take a second look.
5/12/12- A Curious Roman Artifact  
The wealth of archaeological artifacts left behind by the Roman Empire throughout the world has answered many questions burning about the ancient civilization. From the writings of Livius Andronicus to the philosophical musings of stoic philosophers like Seneca the Younger, the limits of Roman conquest and innovation was an unparalleled story of early civilization for centuries. And yet some of the artifacts left behind leave more questions than answers. Among some of the strangest unexplained Roman Artifacts are the Roman dodecahedrons.
5/7/12- Authorities Stumped by Cattle Mutilation  
Authorities are looking for answers after a cow was discovered with some unusual markings dead in a field. After examining the cow closer, it has been determined that this may be a genuine case of cattle mutilation, and the multitude of suspects are as vast as the mystery surrounding the case. And it has a few details in common with other cattle mutilations of its kind.
5/7/12- May 8th, the Anniversary of Intercontinental Mystery  
The history of Aviation is full of unsolved disappearances, mysteries, and unexplained occurrences. But rivaling the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and the Lindbergh Baby is one other name, itself eclipsed by the others. It's the story of The White Bird. And it's impossible to refer to this legendary plane without invoking a sort of wonder about its fate and a single core question. Was Charles Lindbergh really the first to cross the Atlantic?
5/5/12- Billionaire to Build Titanic II Despite Curse Concerns  
Arguably one of the unexpected single tragedies of the 20th century was the sinking of the Titanic where some 1,514 people lost their lives. The liner is often said to be the centerpiece of a tremendous curse that has appeared time and time again whenever the name Titanic is invoked in a similar fashion. And now one Billionaire is promising to create controversy by reigniting the age old mystery of the Titanic by building its sequel. The ship is expected to be crossing oceans by 2016. But will it share the same curse that has followed the name?
4/20/12- Ganesh Materializes Near Museum  
When you hear that a god has suddenly appeared in your neighborhood, it may be tempting to assume that the sky will soon be splitting open, trumpets will sound from the heavens, or at the very least some form of mana will begin raining from the sky. What visitors at the Oakville Museum in Ontario saw, however, was quite different. A statue of Ganesh suddenly appeared without explanation, and visitors have been confused ever since over its meaning.
4/17/12- India Politicians Offer Reward for Vampire Capture  
Vampires have been hitting the mainstream in a big way for decades now, securing themselves a position in our hearts and our minds. But while the vampires of yore share very little in common with the pop culture representations of a few of the more contemporary franchises, one city is having trouble with a disturbing new breed of vampire that locals say are stalking their streets. As a result, local politicians are offering a $2,000 reward for anyone who can capture one of the creatures.
4/17/12- The Curious "Hundredth Monkey" Effect  
The hundredth monkey effect is a theory that suggests after a certain number of animals learn a given behavior, the effect spreads regardless of whether or not the creatures communicate from one another. Is there a form of universal animal telepathy that allows the transmission of information from one population to another? Or is that whole idea just bananas? Curiously, when it was first proposed it was soon spotted in other species.
4/15/12- Unidentified Submerged Object Under London Bridge  
What is it? That's what experts have been asking ever since 2010 when the object was first identified with sonar as an unexplained hulk resting beneath the waves near the London Bridge. Fearing the object could be a sunken submarine from World War II, they have advised no divers to dip beneath the waves to explore what it might be. But as crews attempt to distinguish just what it might be, others are expressing an understandable level of curiosity.
3/8/08- The Coffins That Kept Moving: Barbados Tomb Mystery  
In a family crypt on the island of Barbados, coffins belonging to members of the Chase family were rearranged several times. Who, or what was responsible?
3/7/08- Mystery of Japanese Balloon Bombs In World War II  
When General Jimmy Doolittle led his B-25 bombers in a sneak raid over Japan in early 1942, he set into motion a chain of events that resulted in one of the most bizarre stories of World War II: the Japanese attempt to attack the United States by bomb-carrying balloons, floating across the Pacific Ocean and into history.
3/1/08- Nineteenth Century Mormons Had A Secret Code. What Were They Hiding?  
The Journal of Mormon History recently published an investigation into the story that "Big Foot" is really Cain, the murderous second son of Adam and Eve. The evidence of this was covered up within documents written using a secret code developed on the order of Brigham Young.
2/28/08- What Lies At The Bottom Of The Oak Island Money Pit?  
Will we ever know? Since 1795 6 lives have been lost and millions of dollars have been spent trying to find out,
and we still don't know! There is talk of a curse.
2/24/08- Mysteries Of 2012 - The Aztec Calendar  
It is the year 1507, and in the great island city of Tenochtitlán, capital of the entire Mexican empire, cloaked in darkness the astronomer-priests anxiously watch the heavens waiting for a signal, but from whom?
2/24/08- Classic Mystery Legend: The Disappearance of David Lang  
One minute he was standing in an open field, on which there was short grass but no trees, stones, or fences. The next minute he was simply gone...
2/24/08- Did The CIA Put A Halt To This Movie?  
20th Century Fox paid significant money for the rights to this vehicle for Jane Fonda, yet never produced the movie. Why?
Can you say: MK-ULTRA?
2/18/08- Are They Alive? The Mystery Of Sky Fish  
Although they have been captured on video many times, no one really knows what they are. Moreover, you can easily videotape them yourself. They are the mysterious Rods.
2/17/08- Uri Geller: Real, Fake, Or Military Weapon?  
When you hear the name "Uri Geller," you may think "fake." Many people do. Your government, however, apparently thought otherwise, at least for a while...
2/16/08- Cursed Gems  
People often talk about the positive powers of crystals and gemstones, but there’s a darker side to some of these stones.
2/12/08- What Exactly Will Happen In 2012?  
The Norwegian government is building more and more underground bases and bunkers. When asked why, they simply say that this "is for the protection of the people of Norway". When aked when they are due to be finished, they reply “before 2011”. What are they up to? Could it be 2012 preparation?
2/11/08- The Mystery of Sir Francis Drake's Drum  
The Englishman Sir Francis Drake, was a man of many talents, his naval career extended from an apprenticeship on a coastal vessel to the rank of admiral during the invasion by the Spanish Armada. During his life he was an explorer, a knight, and the first Englishman to see the Pacific ocean. He also seemes to keep himself busy defending England AFTER death...
2/11/08- The Mystery of The Toynbee Tiles  
As an urban mystery, the Toynbee tiles have fascinated fans of street art for more than 25 years. The tiles, more than 100 of them can be found on dozens of city streets across the United States and in three South American countries. They present a riddle that may never be solved.
2/8/08- Did This Book Predict The Titanic Disaster?  
A man sits down to write a novel about an ocean liner that sinks after striking an iceberg near midnight on a cold April morning while crossing the dark north Atlantic. Sounds like a case of bold-faced plagerism until you realize the story was written 14 years BEFORE the sinking of the Titanic!

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