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10/3/12- NASA Wants To Channel Pink Floyd And Go To The Dark Side Of The Moon  
NASA plans to expand its space exploration program to the dark side of the moon reports indicate. Well minus the Pink Floyd reference, NASA is so serious about this endeavor, that they hope to begin construction on the monumental space station on the moon by 2019. On the moon, they plan to build radio telescopes that will be able to hear and see farther than any other telescope in history. Perhaps this space station might discover what Pink Floyd's epic album discovered: our imaginations.
10/1/12- Approaching Comet Set To Outshine The Moon Next Year  
A newly discovered comet is set to come so close to the Earth that scientists believe that it will outshine the moon by the end of next year. While the comet doesn't have a trajectory that have it slamming into the earth, most people will still feel uneasy with the comet coming so close. And if history has shown us, every astrological event will have some people acting stranger than usual. But either way, next year will definitely be a sight for sore eyes.
9/28/12- NASA Team Currently Training To Deflect Future Oncoming Asteroid  
Like straight out of the apocalyptic movie "Armageddon," the Business Standard website is reporting that a highly specialized NASA team is currently being trained for a urgent mission to deflect an oncoming asteroid that is expected to collide with the Earth sometime in the 2020's. While information is scarce about the classified mission, this just might be man's last chance to stop a future extinction level event.
9/19/12- NASA Developing Real Life Warp Drive Within Our Lifetime!  
NASA scientists are starting to develop a real life warp drive like those seen in science fiction. This is no joke. Many NASA physicists say that the concept of traveling light years in the matter of days or weeks might not be that difficult after all. Twenty years ago, the chance of interstellar space travel would of been preposterous to mainstream scientists. Now, it seems that it's not only possible, it's also achievable.
9/8/12- Asteroid Apophis Just Might Ram Into Earth in 2036  
Astronomers believe that a 500 hundred meter long asteroid named Apophis will fly extremely close to the Earth in 2036. How close? It might be closer than some of our GPS satellites. What’s to say that the Earth’s magnetic field might grapple onto in this object and have it plunge into earth? Until then, astronomers, scientists, and world government’s are racing to make doomsday scenario plans in case of an extinction level event.
8/9/12- Scientists: Massive Solar Storm Imminent Within 2 Years  
Scientists expect a massive solar storm to head our way within the next 2 years. But this won't be your typical "I have trouble with my reception today" type of storm. This just might be your "I'll have no reception for a couple of years" type of storm.
6/24/12- Meteorite Water Furthers Potential for Mars Life  
Once upon a time astronomers believed the Earth to be the only planet capable of sustaining complex life for a number of reasons. One of the key reasons was the ample supply of water on our own planet. Now with evidence gathered from the red planet, there is ample evidence that Mars may have once had the same sort of water resources as our own planet located deep underground in the Martian mantle. Is this an indicator that life could have developed on Mars just like Earth?
6/23/12- What Life Might We Find in the 5th Spatial Dimension?  
Everything we understand about our own universe has to come from information gathered through the senses. And while the eyes and ears can have quite abstract concepts ferried to them, it's still impossible to actually observe these complex ideas in everyday life. We can only really observe analogies. So where we have come to understand the three spatial dimensions we exist in, quantum physicists for years have proposed there may be more. And just like the complexity of life is able to be sustained in three dimensions, would it be possible to sustain intelligent beings in more?
6/6/12- Sun Transit Turns Eyes Toward Venus  
One of several major rare astronomical events to happen this year occurred between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning calling astronomers and sky watchers out to take a look. Using special equipment to block the sun's powerful rays from overpowering the lens, astronomers observed the rare event, not scheduled to take place again for another century.
6/2/12- Former SETI Director: Aliens Won't Eat Us  
In a talk possibly directed at Hollywood, former SETI director has joined the chorus of scientists suggesting that visiting aliens would be unlikely to consider humans for their menus. The press release comes in the wake of decades of films and video games capitalizing on the idea of antagonistic aliens interested in the consumption of human flesh as their primary motivation for invading Earth.
5/23/12- Future of Private Space Flight Reboots  
After a "no-go" mere days ago at the launch pad, the private space industry is giving the industry another shot as they carry their dragon supply craft up into space. The trailblazing SpaceX company fired its shuttle from the Space Complex at Cape Canaveral and made its next foray into space without incident. The launch once again raises the question about government's role in space travel.
5/21/12- NASA Cautions About Asteroid Detection  
As the planet's first Annular Solar Eclipse in 18 years passes over us, NASA is still examining the findings of a recent survey of our immediate orbit. In the exploration, the space agency noted that there could be up to 4,700 potentially hazardous near Earth objects in our vicinity. Of these, only a fraction have been detected. The objects, zooming around our orbit in the space around the Earth could have very real consequences if they ever actually struck the planet, but how concerned are the experts?
4/23/12- Lyrid Meteor Shower: Are Sky Sounds Solved?  
The sounds being reported in California and Nevada are almost like the recent sky booms being heard all over the world in recent months with one exception. This time, objects were seen and even photographed and the phenomenon - at least for this case - turned out to be a deep space delivery compliments of the annual Lyrid Meteor Shower. Is this a clue to the recent phenomenon of unexplained sky sounds? Could the other incidents be connected to unscheduled constant meteor showers? And if so, why are more falling from the sky lately?
4/20/12- Device Could Provide Deep Space Medicine for Astronauts  
Space stations in the future may not depend on a stockpile of drugs from well stocked medical kits, but rather actually print "on-demand" chemicals for medical purposes. The latest development from scientists may allow future explorers the ability to design and print chemical bonds in a virtual 3D printer. And the limitations of the device don't end with Mars.
4/7/12- NASA ISS Desktop Photo Confirms UFO Disclosure NOW  
Apparently the ISS computer's desktop background is UFO's flying in space. And that image happens to be the logo for a pdf file named: The Importance Of Disclosure. Really- Direct From NASA. Unarguable. Is this the proof we been waiting for?
4/6/12- Is Interplanetary Housing Market on the Horizon?  
Mars isn't for sale. At least not yet. Technology and mineral needs may finally be pushing the human race to take steps into the further reaches of space, mining and then returning vast fortunes of minerals the likes of which our planet has not yet seen. But there's a problem. A 1967 treaty signed by the United States, the United Kingdom, and the former Soviet Union states explicitly that no human on Earth can lay claim to territory in outer space. But as this document remains on the books barring companies from heading out toward their own asteroids and mining the riches therein, the tides of change may soon be upon this treaty.
3/30/12- Aliens, Our Brothers and Sisters of Past Advanced Societies  
Mankind has gone from primitive, to modern to advanced many times before but we still have not learned our lessons. Currently, we live in a modern society with quite a bit of technology. However, in the future when scientists learn how to map the inside of a particle, they will discover that we are multi-dimensional beings and we will become an advanced society with advanced technology or other dimensional technology.
3/30/12- What is Truth and How Does the Universe Work?  
Truth explains who we are, where we came from and most importantly… where we are going. The universe is a perpetual motion multi-dimensional machine. There is nothing spiritual or mystical about other dimensions. Other dimensions are just the matter that exists between the particles we can detect. There are other dimensional planets but suns only exist in this dimension, the solar dimension, the dimension we live in.
3/30/12- What are Black Holes?  
Currently, the earth is orbiting down from low pressure into high pressure. It takes 12,000 years to complete this quarter cycle before we enter into the next cycle, which will take us once again… from relative low pressure to high, and we begin another 12,000 year cycle.
3/27/12- Mysterious Crashed Object Reported in Russia  
A mysterious object recovered from an isolated village in Siberia is sparking an investigation after it was gathered from the snows there. The object, which weighs around half a ton is being described as a UFO fragment. And as scientists at the Russian Space Agency scrutinize the strange object, they have drawn the conclusion that the expensive piece of equipment is likely not related to any known space technology. So what is it? And why is it made from some of the strongest alloys on the planet?
3/21/12- Asteroid Misses Earth to Return in 2013  
An asteroid only spotted after it had already passed by Earth is expected to return in 2013 to miss yet again. But with an object passing by so frequently and so closely as this object, many sky watchers are concerned that the object could soon be on a collision course with Earth. The asteroid is expected to pass so closely that it will be between Earth and most orbital satellites and could be seen using binoculars.
3/12/12- Solar Storm Cycle to Peak in 2013  
We may be facing another surge in solar storms as the sun arrives at the most tempestuous period of its eleven year cycle. Soon the sun could be hurtling huge electrically charged storms to Earth in waves the likes of which we haven't seen in years. And given recent trends in solar storms that may be saying something. Is the big one just around the corner?
2/19/12- Alien Organisms Recovered from Arctic Cryogenic Sleep  
When scientists first uncovered Herminiimonas glaciei, they knew they were already looking at something unique. The organism was cut off from all known life on Earth for over 120,000 years encapsulated in a layer of glacial ice. When the organism was brought back to labs to be studied, the scientists involved quickly realized they were making history - and possibly opening a window in on another world. It is also extremely resistant to a number of antibiotics.
2/18/12- Scientists Explore Space Claw, Orbital Lasers  
What sounds like a series of propositions for a villain from a James Bond movie may actually be the answer to one of the greatest conundrums facing the future of space travel. And now scientists are examining the possibility of several measures that could help solve one of the most pressing concerns regarding the future of all Earth's space programs. Why is NASA fielding explorations into massive space claws and lasers designed to shoot into the sky?
2/14/12- Is Space an Industry?  
With NASA's space shuttle program on indefinite hiatus and political pundits attempting to make a case for space travel in the future, some have turned to the numbers and asked if the numbers add up for space travel in the future. Is there big business in space? Are we looking at the end of an era of reaching for the stars to turn our attention to more terrestrial affairs? Or is the space race just beginning? There are a few space based industries we've no doubt heard of, and still more we haven't.
2/7/12- The O'Neill Cylinder - Humanity's Home Away from Home?  
Very few constructions proposed by scientists are nearly as ambitious as one project designed by a Physicist utilizing the help of his students. Gerard K. O’Neill’s proposal suggests something so large and so monumental that many scientists can’t imagine ever accomplishing it. Of course it should be noted that “impossible” is a word that scientists have a way of reinterpreting as time goes on.
1/30/12- Judge: UFO Hacker Extradition to be Resolved  
After ten years of battling the legal system to keep from being extradited to the US, a judge has ordered that the case of accused hacker Gary McKinnon be resolved either now or never with authorities either allowing him to be extradited or not. McKinnon, who is widely considered the most sought hacker in the world after hacking into NASA and Pentagon computers in 2001 and 2002 is currently wanted in the US for seven counts of hacking. His motivation, he says, was to uncover secrets on UFOs.
1/26/12- Incredible Near Miss Asteroid to Zoom Past Planet  
It's the scene in the disaster movie where the plot really starts rolling. At 4:30 in the morning a phone rings and a respected astronomer receives a call informing him that an asteroid is heading toward Earth. After a moment of talk, the astronomer looks dead into the distance and makes an expository appeal that this is "the big one." Only in the case of 2012 BX34, the phone call ended far less dramatically.
1/25/12- The Three Hard Science Aliens We Don't Want to Meet  
One of the most daunting tasks in both space travel and speculation merges the two in trying to accurately describe what an alien race would be like if we actually did meet them - explaining their complex system of travel as well as their ability to survive the long journey that would last years between the stars. And as our understanding of the scale of the universe around us becomes more concrete, so have the channels through which potential alien visitors have been described. And in doing, three different theoretical types of alien visitors have arisen that humanity may do well to avoid contacting.
1/23/12- Russian Photo of "Trilobyte" on Venus Surfaces  
The thick veil of Venus has been for years a barrier between inquiring minds and the surface of this planet hostile to human life. And even as eyes turned to scrutinize the surface of Mars, Venus has been seen as a planet far too inhospitable to ever host life - or at least life as we would understand it. But this shocking image retrieved from Russia's 1982 Venus mission suggests that the probe encountered something while on the surface that may give validity to recent claims that Venus may host life.
1/23/12- The Future of Yesterday - When Futurists Got it Wrong  
Even as 2012 arrives and uncertainty about the future abounds, technology is getting more incredible by the month. And yet even as the trend of broad strides toward high tech continues, there have been many attempts by the past to look into the future with open minds and open hearts. And as these hopeful images of the future past are played again, maybe we can get some idea of which technologies of today may be made manifest tomorrow - and which ones might be forever fantasy. Here are a few examples of how yesterdays prognosticators got it all wrong - and a few uncannily accurate predictions as well.
1/16/12- Putin Speculates Over Phobos Grunt Conspiracy  
The word grunt in Russian means ground. But when the ill fated Phobos Grunt was launched in December of 2011, no one knew how quickly the $163 million probe would be grounded permanently. But as speculation over the device's fate increases as it slowly spirals back to Earth, a few are questioning whether the Grunt could have been shot down or in some other way sabotaged. But what was Putin referring to when he said he knew there were powerful secret weapons that could have shot it down?
1/10/12- Universe Far More Planet Populated Than Previously Thought  
It has long been theorized that other stars could have planets just like our Sun, but it wasn't until a few years ago when astronomers began gathering evidence of extrasolar planets suggesting that the universe as we know it may be much more habitable than we once thought. And now a new analysis suggests that on average every star could have its own planets - and some among them may very well be like Earth. The analysis is yet another bridge in the gap between humanity and the populated but silent universe suggested by the Drake Equation.
12/15/11- NASA Develops Comet Slaying Space Harpoon  
The idea of harpooning a comet seems in some way similar to the story of Moby Dick and the Great White Whale. But as humanity's ambitions escalate to titanic proportions, a new development by NASA will make safe what would ordinarily be an extremely dangerous mission - the harpooning of an entire comet as it soars through space.
12/11/11- Daytime Lunar Eclipse: Don't Worry, Physics Isn't Broken  
Here's a brainteaser that left some sky-watchers scratching their heads when the moon suddenly and unexpectedly went black during the daytime in an impossible astronomical display. Why is it impossible to see a Lunar Eclipse during a perfectly cloudless day? Conventional wisdom suggests it's because Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon make a straight line. So what often overlooked law of physics made it possible for witnesses in the Rocky Mountains to see both the Sun and the Lunar Eclipse at the same time?
12/9/11- Why Are NASA's Moon Rocks Disappering?  
When we think of the amount of effort that went into capturing a tiny chunk of the moon, the wealth is quite a sight to see. The Apollo program resulted in hundreds of pounds of the tiny rocks being brought back to Earth for the public, but a significant number of them have gone missing - or have been outright stolen since then. NASA recently reported that it hopes to increase its inventory controls to afford better mastery over the samples returned to Earth after studying the rocks lost.
12/7/11- Military Unexpectedly Funds SETI Search  
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI as it is more commonly known is not used to suddenly getting unexpected attention from the military - at least not as far as we know. But recently the Air Force began expanding its surveillance program not only on Earth, but in space as well - and it seems particularly interested in the Allen Telescope Array, once a key component in the search for extraterrestrial signals from space. So why the sudden interest by the military?
11/30/11- Space Guns and Space Invaders  
In the 1961 episode of the Twilight Zone, "The Invaders" we came face to face with the difference size may play between humanity and extraterrestrials in a large way. Of course it wasn't the first time the idea that aliens may be extremely small (or extremely large compared to us) but it did become a cultural staple that suggested to us that our own understanding of even the most basic things could change significantly if we were to expand beyond our own world. And a few principles in energy and time travel suggest that future explorations into time and space may not be quite as big as we once thought.
11/28/11- Could NASA Exploration Endanger Alien Life?  
NASA explorations are generally thought to be about the best parts of what being human is all about. The thrill of discovery, cooperation, and the powerful image of humanity reaching beyond its humble beginnings to stretch out into the stars is only one of numerous important elements in the Mars story. And yet it seems like the exploration of distant planets may inadvertently destroy very simple alien life if it explores without caution a place like Titan. So far they have been careful with prospective alien ecosystems, but how will we explore a planet where any single point could secretly harbor alien life?
11/27/11- Nine Most Habitable Places Other Than Earth Labeled  
Scientists have developed a way of tracking the habitability of planets where life may exist outside of Earth. And so where science was once hoping to discover life on other worlds by chance, a new system that categorically evaluates each new prospective world studied according to a series of criteria and then assesses the likelihood of each world actually harboring life has been developed.
11/24/11- One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for AI  
In the 1960's a space race style competition was going on internationally with the ultimate realization when man first actually made it to the moon and set foot on its surface. After this, the cold war ended shortly afterward and as a result competitions like these have seemed lest urgent. Instead, the profit driven world of more terrestrial matters has supplanted the "less profitable" ventures such as space exploration. But there may soon be an upcoming race that will be both as profitable and as promising to mankind as the space race: the race of super computing. And it may have just as much of an effect on our lives as the race into the stars - without the same limitations.
11/24/11- Radioactive Pluto Could Have Liquid Ocean  
Life on Pluto, once thought to be virtually impossible, is now being discussed - possibly for the first time after a new model has come forward suggesting the planetoid may have vast liquid oceans beneath the surface ice heated by something scientists hadn't thought of before. And even if life doesn't become part of the final equation on Pluto, the very concept of a radiation heated world is enough to give a second look at what we once thought we knew about life on other worlds.
11/18/11- Russian Probe to Crash Back to Earth  
The Russian Probe, Phobos Grunt will be crashing back to Earth within the next two months - so say Russian scientists who are disappointed at the failure of their latest project. The probe was first launched last Wednesday destined for the Martian Moon Phobos. And it seems this is only one of several ill fated Russian probes heading toward the Martian Moon only to have their journey cut short. Is there a conspiracy in the works? Or is there a more logical explanation for this strange occurrence? With scientists racing against the clock to correct the error expected to destroy the Probe entirely, it's still not entirely clear what went wrong.
11/7/11- Great Possibility for Life on Titan  
Saturns Moon Titan has had a long journey in the constant consciousness of science since its discovery in 1655 by French Astronomer Christiaan Huygens. The mystery of Titan was comparable according to many astronomers to another astronomical body which has constantly evaded even the most penetrating scrutiny of science, Venus. And as astronomers look closer at this mysterious moon of water orbiting Saturn, it appears the case for life is quickly coming together. Not only may there be an ocean beneath the icy surface, there may actually be quite a bit more.
11/6/11- Martian Social Experiment Ends After 500 Days  
Can you imagine being stuck in a small box no larger than 1,500 square feet for a period of weeks? What about for over 500 days? That's precisely what volunteers just got finished doing in a study that lasted over a year attempting to watch the movements and actions of six volunteers to see if the isolation would give them a phenomenon known among astronauts as cabin fever or "space madness." The study was an attempt to get a deeper insight into the journey to Mars.
11/3/11- Universal Laws of Physics May be Replaced by "Local" Laws  
Physics, which has been considered a single set of rules designed to determine how the universe works in a given time span has revealed yet another possibility to surprise scientists. Not only were the ideas we previously had about the laws of physics thrown into question, scientists are wondering if we will ever fully understand what makes this universe tick as we look further out into it. And so scientists may have to once again revise the definition of what is possible.
10/30/11- Iran's Virtual Embassy - Are There Interplanetary Applications?  
Generally when we think about an embassy, we think about a group of humans who are transferred to another location and set up their own space within that country, which is to be respected as though it were the border to the country itself. But in times when an actual embassy becomes too dangerous or when the practical applications of actually living in another country are no longer practical an alternative may be necessary. And the US government has come up with a novel approach to the idea of diplomacy by making a "virtual embassy." But while the idea may seem odd for our own planet, it may be a brilliant solution to one of the problems of sovereignty and diplomacy on other worlds.
10/24/11- China Targets Moon  
In the long history of the Apollo program, there were a number of dreams proposed to launch mankind into the future- one of which would eventually be realized in time. The first human footprints on the moon helped a whole generation refine their dreams and what it meant to be human. But now a second trip to China is being proposed - this time by China - and it has some, like Billionaire Robert Bigelow concerned.
10/14/11- Debate Sparked Over Colonization and Exploration of Space  
It seems a goal of mankind's to gradually spread ourselves across the stars and become a space faring civilization. Whether we meet others on our journeys or not is of course part of the equation, but most of all our voyage through the heavens has for the most part been connected to our own planet. And now astronomers are debating which star system may be the most fruitful to visit first. While some suggest we may have finally closed the book on interstellar travel, still others are suggesting we may have yet to see just how far the human race could go.
10/4/11- NASA to Declare Lunar Forbidden Zones  
While it may not mean much to us in 2011, perhaps at some future date if the human race achieves that level of space travel pilots nearing the moon may hear the words broadcast over their ships' radios, "This is the Lunar patrol. You have been detected nearing the forbidden zone. Please turn back immediately." And the policy making that sci-fi sound-byte a reality is being enacted now according to the first land restriction to place certain areas of the moon "off-limits." And though it may not be enforceable now, the reasons for it are promising as they happen only at the forefront of a contest to put a robot on the Lunar surface from a privately funded organization. Of course it also raises some suspicion about why some areas would be considered "off limits" to begin with.

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