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Mystery Surrounds Upcoming NASA Press Conference
Posted In: NASA Articles  11/14/10
By: Chris Capps

A press conference proposed by NASA on the tenth suggests that something incredible has been discovered in our cosmic neighborhood and will be announced via live television regarding a mysterious yet exceptional discovery made in our cosmic neighborhood.  Though the announcement is fairly unusual for NASA, whatever it is they are keeping a tight lid on it until the press conference tomorrow.  But what have they found?

The discovery no doubt will have to be big news, but why the secrecy until then?  And why unveil this alleged object live on television in such a controlled way?  Though many believe it could be significant to the field of astrophysics, others are suggesting it could be something quite a bit more.  Currently the speculation does not have enough of a base to warrant reproducing as anything more than pure speculation.  And yet there are those suggesting it could have something to do with an extraterrestrial presence in our vicinity.  Others believe this to be fairly unlikely.

It's unlikely NASA would call such a press conference if it had nothing more than a grainy photograph of an elliptical shape in the distance thought to be a UFO.  Such an object could easily be dismissed by skeptics as nothing more than a piece of random debris floating in space.  And with NASA's reputation as well as its tendency to err on the side of skepticism, this claim is neither accurate or ambitious enough to be considered fruitful.  With the funding crunch NASA has been in, their image to the public is very important, and taking a stance on UFOs without sufficient evidence would be next to political suicide.  Though this theory has been getting quite a bit of mileage, it doesn't seem likely in this case.  But there is another theory, that may prove even more Earth shaking.

The first clue to what this mysterious upcoming press conference could be regarding is in the fact that it will be regarding a discovery made by the Chandra X-Ray observatory.  The Chandra space observatory is a deep space X-Ray that detects planets and distant galaxies.  And recent discoveries have prompted Cristian Negureanu of UFO Digest to suggest that the discovery may be regarding a mysterious nearby object pelting Earth with cosmic rays.  Could an undiscovered planet be lurking somewhere within our system?  And yet another possibility is regarding recent data which could by now be confirmed that our sun is part of a massive binary system.

Will the world of astronomy be changed forever by this discovery?  We will have to wait and see.  And as we continue to wait for this secret announcement to be made public, we will be sure to bring you any further clues that come forward.  Needless to say, this hype preceding the announcement has come largely because NASA has diverged quite a bit from their traditional method of making announcements.  Why not specify what the press conference will be about?  We will have to wait and see.


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